10 Best Ways To Check Your Credit Score For Free

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If you ever need a loan it is always best to check your credit score and make sure that you are eligible for the loan. It may be CIBIL, or Equifax, or Experian, or any other credit score, it was always difficult to know the exact credit score.

But, with the advances in the internet, it’s made very easy! You can check your credit score on the go with some apps and websites. A few of those are listed below, and you can always make use of them to know your credit score (CIBIL, or Equifax, or Experian).

Before knowing about credit score checking apps and websites, let’s know more about credit scores. If you know what a credit score is, you can skip the section below and move to the 7 best apps and websites to check your credit score.



What Exactly is Credit Score and How is it Calculated?

A credit score is something that is given to you depending on your ability to return the loan amount for a certain bank or financial firm. Simply put, the credit score is nothing but marks you get out of 900 for repaying your loans on time.

The credit score is usually calculated for 900, and a score of 670+ is considered to be good, and many banks prefer candidates who have scored more than 670. 

It is pretty important for banks and other such loan granting firms to check your credit source because they need to confirm that you can really pay the money back in time, and you are genuine in terms of the loan.

For this credit score is considered as the main criteria to grant loans to any individual (including you).

Who Calculates Credit Score?

There are many bureaus (or you can say companies) in India that keep track of your credit score. And from these around 4 bureaus namely: Equifax, CIBIL, Experian, and Highmark are quite famous. These companies play a major role in calculating your credit score. 

Which Companies to Consider for Credit Score?

All the above-mentioned companies are believed to be the best, and from these four CIBIL is trusted and encouraged by many people and banks too.

The credit score calculated by these companies is almost the same, thus there is no such recommendation from my side. However, it’s best to consider CIBIL as most people ask for this (including banks and finance firms).

How and Where to Check Your Credit Score on the Go?

As said credit scores are given by different companies so I have listed the best possible ways to find your credit score as per the particular company.

This has a list of some famous apps and websites that can help you check your credit score. Please follow the steps carefully so that you won’t make any mistakes.

Find Your CIBIL Credit Score Online

The 1st one on our list is CIBIL. Here are some options to check your CIBIL credit score.. Your email ID, PAN number, and mobile number which is mapped with any bank account are required to check the report. Do follow the below methods to get your credit score for free

1. Check Free CIBIL Credit Score With Paytm App

Paytm is probably the best app to make transactions on the go. Paytm has recently introduced a feature where you can check your CIBIL credit score for free. Here are the steps to follow for doing so, 

  1. Login to the Paytm app and tap on the ‘show more’ icon on the home screen.
  2. Select ‘free credit score’ in the featured section
  3. Enter your PAN Card number and date of birth (if required). If you are a new customer, you will be sent an OTP to verify your profile.

This allows you to quickly examine your credit score without incurring any further fees. You may also view your CIBIL Credit Report and the Credit Education section by selecting ‘All Loan and Credit Card Accounts.’

2. Use LazyPay App To Check Free CIBIL Report

LazyPay is a well-known app that works similar to Paytm, this also comes in handy in checking your CIBIL credit score. Here’s what to do:-

Free CIBIL Score Through Lazypay App
  1. Open the LazyPay app.
  2. Go to the LazyPay Credit Shield.
  3. Now click on ‘Check for Free’.
  4. Enter your details like PAN, etc.
  5. Now click on Activate and it’s done.

This will activate the shield and you can always check your score by visiting the same section of the app.

3. Know Your CIBIL Score For Free With HDFC Bank

Many banks offer free credit score checking options. HDFC offers a portal where you can check your credit score by just entering your info. It’s quite simple to do. Just go with the instructions below.

Check Free CIBIL Score With HDFC Bank
  1. For HDFC bank go to the link and click on ‘Get a Free Credit Score’.
  2. Fill out the provided form that requires your necessary information such as name, contact number, email address, and click continue.
  3. Fill out the additional details about you including your PAN number. To move ahead, ensure that your PAN information is entered accurately.
  4. Answer all the questions correctly about your loans and credit cards, based on which your CIBIL score will be calculated, and your completed credit report is generated.

Find Your Equifax Credit Score Online

Many people also prefer Equifax. So, here are some options to check your Equifax credit score.

4. Check Free Equifax Score Online

You can check your Equifax credit score on the Equifax website itself. Follow the below steps to know your credit score.

  1. Download and fill in the Credit Report Request Form available on the Equifax website. Alternatively, you may request the form by regular email.
  2. Self-attest your identity and address proof (as per the list of accepted documents).
  3. Attach DD with requisite payment for Credit Information Report or credit score.
  4. Send the documents (by regular post, speed post, or courier) to the address mentioned on the Equifax website.

5. CreditMantri To Check Free Equifax Report

CreditMantri is another website where you can check your Equifax credit score for free. Below are the steps for the same.

  1. Visit the official CIBIL website via CreditMantri.
  2. You have to register on the website and create an account, you can do this using your email address and mobile number.
  3. Once you have created your account, you have to complete your profile by entering your PAN number, date of birth, address and other personal details
  4. You will then be required to authenticate your account through the OTP sent to your mobile number.
  5. Once the account has been verified and authenticated, you can go to the ‘Get Your Free Credit Report’ option to get your credit score and credit report. 

Know-How To Find Your Experian Credit Score Online For Free?

Experian is also an option. You can check your Experian credit score from these websites and apps.

6. CRED App

Check Free Experian Credit Report With Cred App

Many of you might have heard about the CRED app, especially during the IPL this got pretty famous. This is a credit card bill payment app which also offers you many features, and credit score checking is one of those. CRED only offers Experian credit score checking.

Upon becoming a member, you can check and refresh your credit score with a single click. CRED then proceeds to acquire your updated credit score through a soft inquiry. 

On CRED, you can access your credit score data anytime without any extra charges. As a member, this helps you keep regular checks on your credit score and re-evaluate your spending patterns to maintain a healthy credit status.

7. Experian Official Site

As said Equifax has a credit score checking feature, so does Experian. All you need to do is visit their website and go through the instructions it shows on your screen. For a better understanding here’s what to do:-

  1. Click on this link, or else visit the official Experian website and go to credit check.
  2. Now enter the details it asked you for, and wait for the OTP.
  3. After you received the OTP, please type and press Get Credit Report.
  4. That’s it, you should get your credit score.

Please enter the details without any mistakes. Make sure they are as per your PAN and Aadhaar card.

8. BharatPe To Check Free Experian Report

Just like Paytm and Lazypay, the BharatPe app has an option to check your credit score. And BharathPe gives you the Experian credit score.

Check Free Experian Credit Score
  1. Open your BharatPe App.
  2. Click on the More option and select ‘Credit Score’.
  3. Now check your name given as per the PAN card and enter your PIN Code.
  4. Click on the submit button and this will give you your Experian credit score.

Find Your CRIF High Mark Credit Score Online

Finally, we have the CRIF High Mark. You can check the CRIF credit score from these websites.

9. CRIF High Mark

CRIF High Mark themselves gives users an option to check their credit score on their own website. You can follow the below steps to know your credit score. 

According to the RBI guidelines, credit bureaus must show individuals a free credit report once a year. One can find out about their CRIF score and credit report through the online portal offered by CRIF High Mark where one can apply for the same.

Once the required information is provided, the CRIF credit score and report will be emailed to the concerned person. It is an efficient process online and if one wants a hard copy via post that is also an option after providing the address as mentioned while providing proof of the same.

10. PaisaBazaar

PaisaBazaar is pretty famous for its banking services, and it also offers a credit score checking portal to almost all types of credit cardholders. Here’s how to check your CRIF High Mark using PaisaBazaar.

  1. Open Paisa Bazaar app and click on get free credit score
  2. Enter personal details such as full name, DOB, PAN, etc. and verify using OTP authentication.
  3. Click on the ‘Get Your Credit Score’ button.

On successful submission, you will be redirected to a new page where your credit score will be displayed. You can download the credit report and use DDMMYYYY as the password for the protected report.


That ends our post! I have tried to list all the possible options to check your credit score be it CIBIL, or Equifax, or Experian, or the CRIF the above websites and apps should help you with that.

Before checking your credit score and entering your details, please make sure that you are at the right and genuine website or app. Because there are many incidents where people land on fake and scam sites or apps, and you know better what happens when a scammer gets hold of your info.

Be wise while checking your credit score, and never give your info or credentials to anyone. We are not responsible for any of your losses, this is just an informative post to help you. Protecting your details is in your hands!

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