12 Best Site To Watch Free Anime Videos Online

Best Free Anime Website:- The craze of animated movies and shows has increased over time. Youngsters nowadays, specifically today’s generation love watching Asian animes. The Animes which are the talk of every mouth nowadays are mainly Japanese animes. And if you came here, then probably you must be wondering how and where can you watch animes for free..!

Have some patience, you’re gonna get the complete solution to this. Let’s get into the topic now. But, why have these animes become a sort of trend now?


How To Watch Free Anime Online?

The reason it’s getting so popular among people is because of the themes and genres. The ideas of these animes grow along with the developing society. The love for science fiction elements in these animes and fantastical characters makes it more unique and addictive to watch. There are a variety of genres for different types of people. Surely, everyone has their own taste when it comes to watching any content. Some people like adventure, some like mysteries, some people just want to watch science fiction, some like fantasies, some like fantasy mixed with mystery and suspense, and others like romance and comedy. And there are a lot of animes for each of these genres.

How To Watch Free Anime Online?

Another reason for its popularity is the storyline. The creators and writers use perfect outlines of stories to create an addictive series. A person’s brain can’t take half-completed things normally. These creators use it to their advantage by ending one episode at a cliffhanger making the viewer continue watching it to the next and then the next. Thus, they get them addicted to the story of the series till the end. And when the story completes there’s a release of dopamine which relaxes the brain thus giving us satisfaction. Such talents…!

12 Best Website To Watch Free Anime Online

But nothing comes for free, isn’t it? Especially in this world, where there’s stress everywhere, all we want is some time to relax and enjoy our favorite show. But when we go to a site or app and see that we need to pay for watching it, it just straightly is a buzzkill… making us feel worse. Students, who are already under stress for their career, and when they don’t even earn, experience this, they get even more frustrated. After a long day, when we just want to relax, no one wants to experience these things. But, but, but….. we are going to give you a solution to this problem of yours. Here, today.

We have listed the top 12 such sites where you can watch anime for free. These animes have a large collection of animes, and some of them also allow offline downloads. To know in detail, read the whole article, make sure to not miss out on anything.

1. Crunchyroll – Watch Free Anime Online

Crunchyroll is one of the largest anime sites used in the world by lots of anime fans. If you ask any anime lover, they will suggest this site for sure. It has unlimited free streaming for animes and dramas. You can also watch mangas here for free. It is really user-friendly with some ads in the free version.

2. Gogoanime.io

This site is available for free worldwide and is the most easy-to-use site. You will find this site to be very well organized. It has hundreds of animes in its original versions with subtitles and also dubbed versions. The most amazing feature this site has is FREE downloading. Yes, you can download animes to your device for free here.

3. Chia-anime

chia-anime offers all types of animes for you. You can get both old and new animes here. The highlight feature of this site is that it downloads really fast compared to other sites. You can watch animes like Black Clover, Tonikaku Kawaii, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and many more …!

4. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is a site with a lot of free animes allowing free streaming at HD quality. It has all the updated and new animes available online. This site has a very responsive and mobile-friendly design.  It has very few ads thus is reliable. You can watch animes at 780p and 1080p. It has Naruto Shippuuden in its original and also dubbed version, One Piece, Boku no Hero Academia, Tokyo Revengers, Jujutsu Kaisen, and so on.

5. VIZ – Watch Free Anime Online

You can download this from the Google store for free. Viz media provides a number of animes, manga, graphic novels, and so on. This app also allows you to create and post your own manga creations. How amazing is that…! You can watch Bleach, K: Missing Kings, Blame, Pokemon, Naruto, Blood: The last vampire, Fatal Fury and, many such animes here and can read hundreds and thousands of mangas.

6. MyAnimeList To Watch Free Anime Online

MyAnimeList has the largest database here. Thus making it to our top 12 list. Not only that but many amazing features are on the go. You can create a list of animes, you watched or want to watch, and so on. You can write blogs on animes and mangas, and share your thoughts and ideas on them. You can also form groups and clubs with other people of the same interest and discuss with them. This is one of the coolest features to ever be on a site.

7. Soul Anime

Soul anime has more than 4000 animes on it. It is one of the largest and well-known sites when it comes to anime. It allows downloads and has all the updated and new animes too. It has a search bar where you can get any anime want. Finally, a place which has so many animes, allows downloads and also with free streaming… what else do we need.

8. AnimeTake.Tv

Anime take has genre-based searching for animes, which provides animes of your taste to your fingertips. It also has alphabetically organized animes, if you’re up for some exploring. One con it has is too many ads. If you don’t want too many pop-ups and ads, better to avoid this site. They have a huge collection of animes and you can also keep a track of what you’ve watched and till when.  

9. MidNight.Pulp

MidNight.Pulp – if you’re into science fiction and horror animes, this is the perfect place for you. Here you can get all the rare and old animes too, which is such an amazing thing. But, you have to log in every time you exit this site, which can be a bit annoying to some people. But, if you’re ready to deal with that, this is one of the best sites out there. This site has some of the best animes such as Beelzebub, Storm Rider, 07-Ghost, Demon Lord Dante, Soul Hunter, Fatal Fury, and many more.

10. Animedao.com

Animedao.com has a good interface. You can stream animes such as Elf Academy, One Piece, Boruto, Case Closed, Attack On Titan, and so on. But the demerit is, that it doesn’t allow downloads.

11. Masteranime

Masteranime – this has a large database of animes where you can watch anime in HD quality. It also has an online community for anime-loving people, where you can interact with people with the same interests as yours.  

12. AnimeFrenzy

AnimeFrenzy – this site allows you to watch all the new and latest animes available online. They have a large database with the genre of the animes shown beside it, which will really help you get an overall idea. It can be used on your mobile phone. The most awesome thing on this site is that they don’t have ads. And a plus feature where you can chat with other anime lovers. And all these for free.


These were the top 12 sites on our list. So, what are you waiting for, go and check out these sites and enjoy your experience of free anime streaming online and download your favorites to your device for later offline watching? If you have any other such free site for watching anime online on your list, comment them down.

We hope, you got all this amazing information. Thank you for reading. Also, check out our other articles for such insightful information and facts. Till then, keep watching animes…!

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