20 Best Hair Loss Treatments

20 Best Ways To Control Hair Loss – How To Reduce & Control

How To Control Hair Loss, 20 Best Treatments To Protect From Hair Fall Problems, What Are The Main Reasons For Hair Loss.

There are many things you can do to stop your hair fall. However, it is also dependent on the reason for your hair loss. Excessive hair loss can be a big problem, especially for women. It may be because of stress and don’t taking care of your hair. Anxiety is harmful to one’s health overall. This is not only causing health diseases but leads to rapid hair loss. People commonly lose about 100 hairs per day.

Although everyone’s hair breaks daily, due to stress, hair loss happens rapidly. Due to this, the remaining hair of the head also becomes weak. If you experience more sudden loss, loss in patches, you may have to see your doctor. You can use home remedies for your hair.

These are some ways to control hair loss:

How To Control Hair Loss

#1 Apply the egg on your hair to control from Hair Fall
An egg is one of the best remedies for hair loss. Eggs provide condition and moisture to the hair, due to which the hair doesn’t become dry. Beat the egg well and apply about half a cup of the egg mixture on the hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. After that, wash the hair with cold water.

#2 Use Baking soda to protect Hair Loss
Another easy beauty tip for beautiful and long hair and control hair loss is baking soda therapy. Make a mixture by mixing 3 teaspoons of baking soda with a little water after shampooing, wash thoroughly with this combination. After this, wash your hair with water. With the help of this therapy, excess shampoo and styling products will be removed from the hair.

#3 Don’t use hot water
Do not use hot water to wash your hair because hot water makes hair Dry, which removes the natural oil present in the hair and hair starts falling. Therefore, to wash your hair, use water slightly warmer than your body temperature.

#4 Use fewer chemical products
Bleach, straightener, dye and many types of chemicals on the hair make them weak. Because of which they become the biggest reason for hair breakage. To save your hair, use only less chemical products.

#5 Use onion juice
Onion juice contains sulphur content. It helps in hair growth by promoting the production of collagen present in the tissue. Utilize the juice to your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. After half an hour, wash the hair by mild shampoo In roughly 87 percent of the cases, the juice appeared to encourage growth.

#6 Curd
Curd is a very effective home remedy to stop hair fall. Curd is good for your hair since it nourishes it. Curd should be applied to the hair at least 30 minutes before washing. Apply this paste on the hair before taking a bath and wash the hair after 30 minutes. Your hair fall will decrease.

#7 Coconut oil
Coconut oil is used in many types of hair products. Coconut oil can be useful in reducing hair damage. It’s quite mild and can provide deep nourishment to the hair. It can also reduce the risk of hair loss or breakage. Coconut oil may help prevent hair damage from Ultraviolet (UV) light exposure.

#8 Aloe vera
Along with health and skin, aloe vera can also be beneficial for hair. Hair fall and hair growth might both benefit from it. This could be used as a hair loss treatment. It can help maintain hair health and prevent hair loss. It can also help with scalp issues including itching and peeling.

#9 Vitamin for hair loss
Vitamins are not only for health but also for your hair. Vitamin encouraged healthy production of serum in the scalp. Vitamin E improves blood flow in the scalp, allowing hair to stay healthy. Vitamin b helps to maintain its healthy colour.

#10 Amla
One of the causes of hair damage is a vitamin C shortage. Consuming amla will strengthen the hair and help you to control the hair loss. It assists in the promotion of quicker hair growth, the maintenance of a clean scalp, and the prevention of early balding.
You could also make a combination with lime juice and amla powder.

#11 Stress
However, stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss and health concerns. It has the potential to alter hair growth and cause early ageing. Regularly practising meditation has been shown to be a great stress reliever.

#12 Combing wet hair
Never comb your wet hair. It will increase hair damage. When our fibres are moist, they are more brittle and likely to break. It’s crucial to include a wide-toothed comb and allow your hair to dry completely before style.

#13 Wearing tight hairstyles
Do not tie your hair tightly and also not tie your hair tight while sleeping. Pulling your hair too tight from the roots causes damage. Hence, it should be avoided. Your hair has a life cycle that includes growing, relaxing, and falling.

#14 Yoga
Yoga may help with hair loss induced by anxiety. Try some stress-relieving yoga poses to prevent hair loss. Shoulder stand, kneeling pose, downward-facing dog, forward bend, camel pose and fish pose. You can also find the poses on YouTube.

#15 Mediterranean diet
A diet containing raw vegetables and fresh herbs like the Mediterranean diet may reduce the risk of female pattern baldness and male pattern baldness or slow its onset.
Best results were observed when people consumed high amounts of these foods such as basil, salad, parsley.

#16 Medical Treatments

There are some medical treatments used like laser therapy that will make you grow. This treatment can be taken by people who have the problem of hair loss due to genetic conditions.

#17 Scalp Massage

Give your scalp a massage from any type of oil because massaging the scalp will keep your hair follicles active and will reduce the problem of hair loss. Also, massaging your scalp will make you more relaxed.

#18 Stay Hydrated

You might be thinking what is the relation between staying hydrated and the problem of hair loss. Yes, it has a very important relation with it. You should drink at least 4 to 8 glasses of water every day to keep yourself hydrated as that will make your hair grow healthy.

#19 Avoid smoking and reduce alcohol

Avoid smoking and reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages because smoking cigarettes reduces the amount of blood. And due to the reduction of blood, it does not flow properly to the scalp and hence causes hair fall.

#20 Keep your head sweat-free

As men had to wear helmets in summer or you can say women had to wear helmets so that causes sweat to your scalp. This can be one of the reasons for the reduction in hair growth. You can try to use some dandruff-free shampoos and the shampoos with neem which will keep your head cool and sweat-free. Also, you can tie a scarf or a cotton cloth before wearing a helmet so that the sweat would be absorbed by the cloth.


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