5 Best Ways to Check Your Internet Speed

How to check your Internet speed, 5 easiest methods for Internet Speed test, best Speedtest sites & app to check your Internet speed.

These days the internet is presently a significant piece of life. Since the pandemic had hit the world the vast majority of the authority works are done from home. So a decent internet connection is essential to do every one of the works. In short, we all need a decent and quick internet connection. You may think the internet speed which your connection supplier vowed to give will be something similar all through constantly. Then, at that point, you are off-base, the speed of the internet continues to change. From time to time it goes up and down.

In case you are downloading a film or a significant document. Furthermore, it is setting aside away a lot of time to get downloaded. Then, at that point, you may consider checking your internet speed. So that you can estimate the time it will take for the document to get downloaded. There are a large number of explanations for which you might need to check your internet speed. Like if your web is slacking, or while watching a series or stream it’s buffering, or in all likelihood, you might feel curious to know about your web speed for no reason in particular. There are many various ways which you will find. But finding perfect and genuine internet speed reading ways is important.

Ookla app is a very popular application to know your mobile’s internet speed. But in this article, we will mention some good ways so that you won’t need to download any app and you can check it easily. Read the article completely, we have mentioned 5 different and popular ways to check your internet speed. We have also mentioned the steps to follow.


5 Different Ways to Check the Speed of the Internet

5 best ways to check your internet speed

There are not only apps available to check the speed but there are many other ways too, which will help you to check the internet speed of jio, check internet speed of vi or check the internet speed of upload for free.

1. Check the internet speed through Speedcheck.org

We can say this is the best ever way to check your internet speed. You won’t need to download any application or any other difficult process. This is one of those best websites to check network speed or internet speed. Now check your internet speed through the most accurate tool. You can check whether you are getting the required speed limit for what you are paying.

This website has been trusted by over 19 M users. It is completely safe and doesn’t manipulate any of your personal data inside your device. It is a completely free network speed test website. So follow the steps below to check your internet speed through Speedcheck.

  1. Open the website https://www.speedcheck.org/
  2. Read the policy and then click on Agree.
  3. Then you click on start now to start the speed test.
  4. Within a few seconds you will get your complete results.

After the speed test, you will receive the following information

  • Latency
  • Download speed
  • Upload Speed
  • IP address
  • Network or Connection Provider
  • Security

You will easily get all the information regarding your network in just one click.

2. Check the speed of internet on the Google Speed test

If you are a regular Google user and want to check through the Google website, then all you need to do is type speed test or internet speed test and you will be brought into the page where you can get brief information of download speed, upload speed, inactivity, and server area in the test outcomes in a simple manner. The UI is perfect and moderate, something clients have generally expected from Google.

Steps to check internet speed through Google Speed Test:

  1. In the Google search bar type Google speed test or Internet speed test.
  2. Then on the top of the search results you will see ‘Internet Speed Test
  3. Click on ‘RUN SPEED‘ Text
  4. Then on a new page you will see Google calculating the results.
  5. It will hardly take 30 seconds to show the results. And then you will be able to see your download speed, upload speed, latency, and server location.

Google Stadia Speedtest – WEBSITE

3. Check Internet Speed On Smart Phone Status Bar

Normally those who use smartphones know that in the status bar one can see time, battery level, sim card inserted, and much other information. The best thing is that you can add another feature as well that is you can even view your speed of the internet in it. Every time whenever you will be using your smartphone you can easily and anytime view your internet connectivity.

In some smartphones, the feature has been already enabled but in some, it needs to be done manually. So we are mentioning some common steps so that you can enable them easily. But one thing is that here you can only see the download speed. More options are not available.

Steps to View Internet Speed in Status Bar of Android Phone:

  1. Go to device settings.
  2. Click on Notification settings.
  3. Then go to the status bar.
  4. Lastly enable speed meter notification.

After you enable the feature. The internet speed meter notification will begin to show up on your gadget’s status bar.

4. Check Internet Speed on Windows PC

Not only on Smartphones but the internet is also needed on your PC. Checking the connection speed is valuable to decide whether the connector is working as per its specialized details, and it can assist you with diagnosing execution issues.

In case you’re overhauling your network access to a quicker level, knowing the most extreme speed of the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connector can assist with affirming whether you’ll exploit all the data transfer capacity. And to check the internet speed in your windows we are giving you two different ways, the one which you won’t use.

Steps to check Networks speed in Windows 11 through Settings:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Then click on Network and Internet.
  3. Go to Status.
  4. Select View Your Network Properties.
  5. Then under the Properties Section you can find your network adapter (wifi or ethernet)
  6. Then in the Link speed (Receive/Transmit) option you can Determine the connection speed.

Steps to check the Internet Speed in Windows using the control panel:

  1. Open control panel.
  2. Then select Network and Internet.
  3. Then click on Network and Internet.
  4. On the left panel click on Change adapter settings.
  5. On the network adapter, double click.
  6. Then you can see the network connection or internet speed in the Speed part.

Now you will have a clear understanding of your connection speed for the Ethernet or Wi-Fi adapter connected to the network.

5. Internet Speed check Using Chrome Extension.

Check internet speed through chrome extension can be one of the fastest ways. Through this, you can easily check your internet connection speed through the toolbar very quickly. You won’t need to change or close your current functioning tab in Google Chrome.

Final Words:

So now since you know how to check your internet speed, you can easily check it at any time. We hope the above 5 ways will be enough for you to get whatever information you need regarding your internet or network.

We will update this page if any other good and simple way come up to check the network connection. If you are having any doubts or queries then do let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to give your feedback regarding this article on the best ways to check your internet connectivity.

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