Coronavirus 1st Case In Odisha –  COVID19 Patient Of Odisha

Coronavirus 1st Case In Odisha – COVID19 Patient Of Odisha

1st Coronavirus Infected Person Has Confirmed In Odisha

Odisha COVID-19:- Coronavirus in Odisha, The First COVID-19 or Coronavirus Infection Case In Odisha. A 31years young man has confirmed COVID-19 positive today at Odisha State’s Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar. Corona Virus or COVID19 is most terrifying virus of world. It has no good retaliation has discovered yet. So many country has frustrated with economy crisis, trade & treatment crisis due to Coronavirus. WHO has announced world emergency for Coronavirus. Till now 1,75,000+ people are infected in this Corona Virus of whole world. Total death case of Corona Virus is 6,700+ till now as report of Worldmeter. Totaly 67,000+ People has recovered from this critical deases. Now active infected peoples numbers are 85,000+.

Be alert from Corona Virus. Don’t Goto out from home for maximum times. Don’t Goto gathering places. Don’t eat meat or Nonveg food. Regularly used to wash your hands & clean up everything you use. Use mask when you go outside. For more tips, tricks & offer related information visit our site SasteDeal.Com daily.

Total Infected Graph Of CoronaVirus

Coronavirus total number of infected in world

Total Death Case Of Corona Virus

Total death in COVID19

Coronavirus In Odisha, Bhubaneswar

The first Coronavirus Case Of Odisha State has been confirmed On 16th March 2020 at State Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar. The man has in medical condition from 13th March. On 15th march before midnight Medical Associate Doctor has said man has no sign of COVID19. But after midnight with full test of Coronavirus Doctor has confirmed the man is infected in Coronavirus.

Before the best knowing Person Founder Of MindTree Company Subroto Bagachi has confirmed he is Infected in CoronaVirus. Subroto Bagachi is Odisha Born Person Now living in Banglore l. He is the first person of Odisha who has infected in Coronavirus. Subroto Bagachi is an Indian Entrepreneur & owner of Banglore based company MindTree.

The 31 years old young man from Odisha has been infected with Corona. He is now under treatment at the Capital Hospital Bhubaneswar. The man recently returned from Italy some days ago & stays some days in New Delhi before come to Bhubaneswar.


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