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With the growing interest of gamers towards online gaming. Server loada and speeds are essential factors. Especially when you are playing big tournaments that demand no interruption and delays on the network, the lagging or low performance can push you back from gaming’s current environment. To avoid low performance and provide the best gaming experience, Free Fire has finally released a new note patch OB29 update. In this update, they upgrade to an advanced server where you can experience god-level gameplay. In this update, you will get new features, Chrono Character, new weapons, and rewards. This update is offering free Christian Ronaldo “Chrono Character” without spending any diamonds or using Free Fire Redeem Code.


What Is Free Fire Advance?

The advance server is like a beta testing version in which you will play or try the newest features before released in Free Fire. In this OB29 advance game, you can find a bug and report them to Free Fire Developer teams for fixing. You will get a reliable game performance and speed with this FF advance server. To access this OB31 advance server, you need an activation code, which will be provided by Free Fire for limited users who have registered for it. If you want to Free Fire advance server activation code, then register now. The registration process is now open on the official page of Garena Free Fire Advance Sever.

The game Free fire is very active and popular among the online gaming community. It’s the most downloaded battle game yet on the internet. Everyone is trying to be the best, apart from playing well. Many things should be perfect. One of them is the server. A low-performance server simply causes the lagging, shuttering, or drop of frames. These kinds of servers lack several technical issues. They can many times make you frustrate if there is high traffic on your server. To tackle this issue. The Free fire team has come up with a solution.

Garena Free Fire OB34 Advance Server Release: Download Link & Features

They have come up with their most-awaited OB31 advance servers. Free Fire Advance Server is available to download on its official website. It is capable of much more performance and juice also contains a wide range of in-gaming elements as in Character, Pets & Skins. Free Fire Advance Server APK file is accessible on the official website of the server. To access FF Advance Server OB34, you must have to complete the registration & activation process. An activation code is required to complete the registration. The activation code will be sent to your phone number & email id filled at join time.

This means there will be no lags and any drop even if you encounter an issue, bug, or performance problem. You are also allowed to write your suggestions to their feedback team. They will use the feedback to improve the experience of online gaming.

Free Fire Advance Server OB25 Update Download
Pre-register for the Garena Free Fire OB29 Advance Server RegistrationLogin
Most Update Date2nd April 2022
FF OB28 Advance Server APK Download LinkClick Here
Official Website

A large population of online gamers faces server problem. This Advanced server may prove to be a breakthrough in online game playing. The free fire team is the first to fire this technology. By doing this, they are creating a wholesome experience for users.

The server was the foremost issue that was meant to be resolved. And the new advanced servers do that job perfectly. Also, if there is an issue, they are there to embrace our feedbacks. This is not the stop. The gaming community will try to make the best gaming performance online in the coming years. The old-fashioned server will be a thing of the past. Welcome to the world of Advance servers!

What Is Advance Server OB34 In Free Fire?

Free Fire has total of 9 servers all over the world and that are used for gamers combined. The new FF advance servers have much more performance and bandwidth which lets users have less worry about hardware or software and focus on the game. Use can smoothly play the game without having any lag issues. This improves the overall user experience.

Features of the FF Advance OB34 servers

  1. Users can available upcoming update before officially released
  2. Players can find & report the bug to Free Fire Developer team using the Advance server
  3. You can access new Character, Event & other new features before release
  4. The new server comes with a new weapon known as Vector Akimbo.
  5. Updated damage and recoil of power buff of the assault rifle M4A1.
  6. Updated damage and rate of recoil for SMG 90.
  7. Features like a pet, emotes, character, and more.
  8. Feedback option for bugs and glitches.

How To Register For The OB34 Advance Server?

The registration option for FF advance servers is not available at all times. However, you can choose to join the beta program and become one of the first to get your hands on it. Try to do it fast because only limited slots are available for the beta release. Follow the steps to download OB29 Free Fire APK and OBB.

  1. Go to the official page of the Free Fire advance server and login with your Facebook account. Click here
  2. You will automatically land on the download page of the Free Fire advance server.
  3. Install the apk, and you are good to go with the latest server of free fire in the world.

How To Download FF Advance Server OB34 APK

Free Fire Advance Server is program where survivor can try newest features that not release yet. Player also report the bug to developer that Free Fire devos will fixed the server issue. In free fire advance server you can access upcoming season & upcoming in-gaming items & character for free.

Although Free Fire Advance Server is apart from Free Fire original app. You could download this app from official FF Advance Server Site. In order to download this app you have to complete the registration process first. The registration option for FF Advance Server is available after 12.00 AM. Let’s know how to download FF Advance Server OB29 APK step by step.

  1. First of all open this link, you will land on the Advance Server Registration page
  2. Now click on the “Login Facebook” option
  3. Once you successfully like logged to FF Advance Server the APK Download for FF OB32 will be appear
  4. Now click on download option to start downloading
  5. Once download is complete, install Apk and setup games file to start the game

The Update has made free fire much more advanced and new. The users will have a good time playing and exploring the new and updated features of the game. Having said that. The update has made gamers forget other games for some time!


Q1. What Is Free Fire Advance Server?

Free Fire Advance Server is like a Beta version where you can access advance & upcoming features before officially release. That allow you to report bug & play match very smoothly.

Q2. How to Download FF Advance Server?

To download Advance Server you have to complete the registration process. For registration, you can go to the official link Once you complete the registration process the download link will be available shortly.

 Q3. How to Join Advance Server?

To join Free Fire OB31 Advance Server you must have to register first. You can only register with Facebook account. Registration time is not available for all time. Just try after 12.00 AM everyday to register your account with OB31 advance server.

Q4. Is Any Activation Key Is Required For Advance Server?

No,you don’t need any key to access this. You have to complete only registration process to access it.

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