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What is Booyah! App, How To Download Booyah For Android, Win Free Rewards From Booyah App.

Booyah! App is a gushing platform developed by Garena. It lets enjoyers host Free Fire live streams on major gushing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. It is a free app where people can watch their favorite streamers and chat with other people.Besides  to its free streaming privileges, users can also upload video clips of their gameplays or mobile game contents and share them openly for everyone to watch.This Booyah App also provides a few in-game rewards for users who complete regular and Limited-Time Tasks in the app.The ‘Watch Clips to Win’ rewards players with Loot Crates and Diamonds just by watching video clips in the app.

Free Fire has a ton of cool gun skins in the shop. Players can get  most of these through the Lucky Royale spin. Things  in the shop normally cost Diamonds, a currency that is hard to obtain for free. Fortunately, there is an current  event where you can receive loot crates and diamonds just by using the Booyah! App.


What Is Booyah! App?

BOOYAH! is a fully-featured streaming platform built absolutely to broadcast games right from your smartphone. Offering users all the required tools to both broadcast and enjoy the very best in content created by a knowledge  of their favorite streamers; this platform was designed with mobile gaming at heart.

Size16 MB
Developers111dots Studio
Downloads50 Million+
Official Download LinkDownload
Rating4.4 Star

Actually, the platform backing BOOYAH! launch  to offer the maximum possible number of convenient features to address the specific requirements of both mobile content creators and their audience. Just like in Twitch, BOOYAH! offers you the chance to create short clips to display your top moments from any livestream you publish on BOOYAH! These magazines can only be selected by the streamers themselves or requested by their viewers — adding a certain dose of pizzazz that other channels tend to lack, given that it stops any quality content from falling through the cracks, lost forever — bringing the best in show to the frontline.

One of the most unique features in BOOYAH! is the seamlessly perfect enlargement  of all of its functions when it comes down to broadcasting live content. The appallingly low resource consumption in terms of your system and the uber-efficient use of user browsing data makes for long, fluid games without causing any collateral lag or slowdowns at the time of gameplay.

Thanks to a feed file so that feels a lot like Twitter, BOOYAH! is the ideal  highlight reel of your best streams. Really, this function adds a nice touch in that it aids in announcing smaller channels that would otherwise need  a huge amount of digging to reach.

Top features of BOOYAH!

Booyah App Features

Short gaming videos (clips). Pull  down to see exciting game moments shared by our community! Upload your own clip and share enjoyment  with viewers from all over the world!

Livestream to major streaming platforms (Facebook, YouTube). You can recast  your favourite game and chat with your viewers from all platforms at the same time, without any fee or membership!

Highlights. After your livestream finishes, our app will generate highlights with key moments where you contact with intense fight, adventure and emotions!

Play and record your cheerful  game moments with your friends on social networks with a touch.Play and record your games simultaneously, you are just moments away from becoming the next gaming star!

Be a part of the latest changes in sharing your gameplay! Be it divine  moments, epic comebacks, or funny fails, BOOYAH! helps you capture them all.

How To Cast Free Fire Live Gameplay On Booyah App?

Recently, there is a limited-time event where you earn free diamonds and loot crates by simply watching video clips using the app for a minimum of 10 minutes. The event runs from Jan. 14 until Jan. 17, 2021. Don’t neglect this opportunity of earning some in-game goodies by simply watching video clips.  

Below is how you can download the app and start earning some in-game goodies;

Step 1: Make an account and bind your Garena account to the App. This is important so it can trace your Free Fire account and send the rewards you receive.

Step 2: In the main menu, click  on the ‘Task Center’ to view all accessible tasks you can complete.

Step 3: Complete Tasks to Earn prizes:

There are two different  types of tasks, Daily and Limited – Time tasks. Limited – Time tasks usually give the best rewards but make sure to finish them before they vanish.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Watch Clips to Win’ event.

Step 5: Complete Tasks Before They Expire

The app will take you to a section where you can watch short video clips surrendered by other users and popular streamers.Only watch some of these videos for 10 minutes so you can demand the rewards.

After observing videos for 10 minutes, you can head back to the Limited-Time events tab and claim your free rewards.

 Garena gives rewards for players who watch videos on the Booyah! App, this won’t be the last either, so make sure you keep the app useful in case more events like these happen in the future.

How to stream live tournaments & matches on Booyah App.?

Garena recently launched their Booyah app, which is an absolute streaming platform for streamers to broadcast their gameplay live. Further, the developers have also added a new event, which gives players rewards for watching streams on the Booyah app.

Players will receive free Booyah tickets while watching streams, which can be transformed into gifts to reward the streamers. After dispatching gifts, Diamonds will be automatically added to players’ accounts.

Complete Event Details

From 21st April to 26th April, players will accept  free drops after watching streams on the Booyah app. The drops can be deal further for Diamonds, which are a rare and expensive currency in Free Fire.

Additionally, Diamonds can also be earned by rewarding the streamers with prizes.

  • Download the Booyah app from the Google Play store.
  • Link your Booyah account with Free Fire.
  • Watch the particular streams and collect free Booyah tickets from under the chat section.
  • Purchase gifts with these free tickets and reward the streamers.
  • Upon spending 500 Booyah Tickets, 10 Diamonds will be adjoined into your account.

Apart from, players also get prizes upon watching the streams live, chatting, following channels and sending out gifts. The over long  you watch the stream, the more tickets you will get.

Enlargement  on the tasks of the event, Garena quoted in the game:

This is a golden opportunity  to get free Diamonds just by watching streams for a few hours. Besides, it’s not compulsory to watch a single stream; players can watch separate  broadcasts. The app will sum up the total number of tickets you’ve earned, but make sure to check whether the drops are authorized  on the streams.

Garena has partnered with only a few streamers right now, but viewers can also collect drops in the future by watching their favorite ones once the growth  phase is complete.

BOOYAH! provides The Total Gaming Tournament, an invitational tournament with BOOYAH! All the Streamers and Free Fire Partners and Pro Teams, with a prize pool of INR 2,00,000 and featuring Total Gaming Ajju Bhai himself as the host.

Booyah App Collaboration Event

This is the first ever collaboration on BOOYAH! presenting the top streamers from India and Nepal, and the pro teams that qualified as finalists in the BOOYAH! Sports tournament  Invitational held on 23 November on the BOOYAH! platform.

The Total Video game competition  starts on 12 December at 11 AM and goes on with weekends till 26 December. With a total of 36 teams competing in the tournament, the format is 6 squad matches across 3 sets of qualifiers where the top 3 teams in each group will move forward to the Grand Finals. Teams who are in 4th – 7th position  will have another shot at qualifying for the finals by playing on the Play-Ins Day to be held on 20 December.

The tournament will feature  Total Gaming Ajju Bhai, India’s largest Free Fire gaming content creator, who will be the host for all five days of the event. The participants include a very powerful  mix of Streamers and pro teams with streamers such as Lokesh Gamer, Sooneeta, Gaming Subrata, Boss Official, Game Flame, Casual Gaming and pro teams such as  4 Unknown , Total Gaming eSports and UG Empire to name a few.

How to download or Install Booyah App on Android?

You can swiftly download BOOYAH! App in your Android tapping the below download button. You would be taken to the official app download page of the Play Store where you can download the app.

Booyah App Download For Android

How to download Booyah App on iOS?

You can swiftly download BOOYAH! Live iPhone / iPad app here by tapping the below download button. You would be taken to the official app download page of itunes store or App Store where you can download the app.

It is FREE to download and you can download it from the App Store. As the app is already issued, you can purchase directly from the store

It is completely Illicit  to use an app (BOOYAH! Live), while it is banned in your country. But, you can access it for special reasons such as closing an account or getting your content / money from the app. You can use the VPN of another country and access it. We firmly recommend not to use it with VPN as it may invite legal issues.

If you would like to enter  BOOYAH! Live using a VPN for any  reason, you may try one of a few listed VPNs below. These are top VPN services and are tried and used by millions of users across the world. Also they’re easy, faster and provide full support and security while using them.

1. ExpressVPN

2. NordVPN

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