Free Fire Max OB34 Update Download

Free Fire Max Update OB34 APK Download

It’s high time for all the Free Fire lovers. The most awaited free fire max OB34 update has been delivered by the developers. After the success of the Garena Free Fire OB33 update, the players were eager to uncover every new change and the invigorating highlight of the OB34 update i.e. named Rampage. The issues perceived previously have been corrected. The FF Max OB34 patch feature add-ons like new events, maps, modes, optimization, Character reworks and adjustments, Clash Squad changes, and many other features will blow your mind.

The Garena Free Fire developers have released the APK file for the update on their website. Also, you can download the latest OB34 Free Fire Max update from the play store or iOS store. Continue reading to go through a complete detailed guide of the patch notes and how to download the latest update.

Free Fire Max Update OB34

Free Fire Max OB34 APK Download

The excitement level for the new update among the players to enjoy the new update is to the next level. Moreover, the players are having a new spirit and energy within to acquire the benefits of each new update.

Changes in Characters:

The existing characters are shaped in a better way. You can find a new and updated version of each of them. In addition to this new character: Kenta has been introduced, which you should definitely check out.

Headshot damage of Limelight has been reduced by 30 percent, players must have a spectator to activate this. However, the damage to the character’s limb has been enhanced.

This character’s ability will get an extra element. The improvement in this character will help you to activate it as easily as having one of your friends revive you. Moreover, players will no longer lose Hp and can move or walk on the field while self recovering.

Optimization of the movement speed measurement has been corrected so that the D-Bee capability will work well with all weapons. It has been increased to 20 percent with the new update.

Along with the great improvement of Wolfrahh, Dimitri and D-Bee the Garena Free Fire game developer also made some changes in Alok, Skyler, Steffie, Chrono, Kenta, Xayne, Clu, Wukong, Misha, and Nairi.

New weapon in FF Max OB34 Update

The most exciting part is here, in addition to all-new feature updates a new weapon has been introduced in this update of Free Fire max.
M24 is the recent weapon, it is a light sniper rifle. Subsequently, allows you to snipe adversaries from afar because of its exceptional mobility and quick shooting rate.

Weapon NameM24
Base Damage88
Rate Of Fire0.8
Magazine 15

Major Changes In Clash Squad:

Map Balancing Adjustments:

In order to balance the win rates and percentage in some of the maps, changes have been made to spawn points and covers. To get fair gameplay. Which will simultaneously increase the gaming experience.

Nurek Dam, the location of the containers on one aspect has been adjusted.

Removed Foundation
The spawn spots have been shifted slightly so that the distance of the ships from both sides is equal.

Through Fusion the two spawn points have been adjusted so that elevated areas on both sides are equally spaced from the high section.

Armor Upgrades:

The Lv. 2 can be easily upgraded to Lv. 3 by simply using the upgrade button with only 600 CS Cash. Hence, the cash which you will save can be used to buy better weapons in the future.
Moreover, you can improve your helmet to lv. 3 from the CS Store.

Free Fire Max OB34 Update rewards:

In this update grab on rewards like gun skin, magic cube token, vouchers and more.

  1. Magic Cube
    The developers are offering magic cubes, a great in-game item with the game, that players can claim for free. However, players simply need to perform certain simple tasks to earn this and add this reward to their inventory.
    You can get Moonlight Ballad, Enchanted Fable, Verdict Iron face, Judgement Iron face, The Era of Gold, Berserker, and many more items in the magic cube bundles.
  2. Free gun skins
    M4A1 – Glacier Netherworld
    UMP – Zebra Papercut
    M60 – Volcanic Whirlwind
    You can claim anyone out of these gun skins just after you complete your login process.
  3. Vouchers
    After successful login, Garena is offering three voucher rewards 2x Weapon Royale vouchers, 2x Diamond Royale vouchers, and 2x Incubator vouchers.
    Login any day between May 25 to 29 in Free Fire MAX to become eligible for these rewards. Once you have collected all these, players can use them on 30 June 2022.

Other key enhanced features of OB34 update of Free Fire Max:

There are tons of updates in OB34 out of which some important and interesting features are:

  1. Optimization of Rank System.
  2. Bomb squad- a new mode will be launched in June in which 5 v 5 modes can be played only.
  3. The New Link system will allow players to access new characters by completing certain small and easy tasks.
  4. Background details have been updated slightly.
  5. Players can run in-game missions in BR mode and can earn various rewards and credit points simultaneously.
  6. Players can create a zombie mode with a new map in their craft land custom room.
  7. This season to balance the weapon mechanism several adjustments are made on VSS, Kar 98K, and Scar.
  8. Ranks will not be reduced for the players eliminated by cheats.
  9. Weapons will swap automatically when running out of ammo.
  10. Now players can access the party screen simply with the invite button.

How to Download Garena Free Fire Max OB34 Update Apk File?

The best, safe and fastest way to update and play Free Fire max is through the google play store or iOS store. You should prefer downloading the Apk file only if you face any problem doing that. Follow the steps below to download the Free Fire OB34 Apk file perfectly. Moreover, make sure you are connected to a good wifi connection.

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of Garena Free Fire Max i.e.
  2. Click on the Download Apk button
  3. Once downloaded open your phone settings.
  4. Head on to Safety and Privacy.
  5. Now click install apps from unknown sources.
  6. Look for the downloaded apk file and click ok install.
  7. Following installation, allow the app to automatically update.
  8. Lastly login with your I’d and enjoy.

Final words:

The file size of the Free Fire MAX OB34 update is around 600-700 MB so make sure you are connected to a good internet connection while downloading and updating.

Last but not least we hope this article was helpful to you, we have tried to cover all the important features of the latest OB34 update of Garena Free Fire. The developers of Garena free fire max have eliminated many previous issues and added brand new features in this OB34 update. Grab on all the special rewards before the time is over. Stay tuned to get the future updates of Garena Free Fire OB34 straight delivered to you.


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