Google Pay Fan Wall Get ₹600 Cashback – T20 World Cup Event Offer

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Google Pay, is the one of the most trusted sources to transact and receive money in India. It has now crores of customers with it. Its easy process and interesting offers are something the users like the most. Google Pay is known for giving exciting Event offers. In the past we get benefits of Go India, Rangoli & New Year 2020 etc event offers. However, currently, Google pay has launched a new T20 World Cup Event Offer “Fan Wall Offer” . In this offer you can earn up to ₹600 by collecting Fan Wall.

You all might be remembering Google Pay’s Go India offer. Almost everyone was in a hurry to complete the map. Similarly, google pay bought a new offer for its customers which is Google Pay Fan Wall. So build your Fan Wall and grab cash backs.


Google Pay Fan Wall ICC T20 World Cup Event Offer

Currently, everyone is in the craze for the ICC T20 World Cup, and Google pay used the cricket season in their offer and dragged customers’ attraction towards them. This offer is completely based on Cricket types of equipment. All you will get is Cashback up to rupees ₹600. Everyone is utilizing the offer then why are you waiting to jump on and grab the cash backs.

Google Pay Fan Wall T20 World Cup Event Offer

We have already seen offers like the Google Go India offer, Google Pay Gully cricket offer, Google Pay i-care offer. However, let’s explore what does the Google Pay Fan wall offer has.
So, read the article completely. We will explain to you everything in detail and how to easily complete the steps to receive the cashback.

What is Google Pay Fan Wall Offer?

Google pay fan wall, is a reward or Cashback-based program that is a cricket game-related campaign. It is valid till 30 October 2021,11:59 pm. So, don’t be late, you only have a few days left. In this offer, you will have to complete 6 tasks, which are 6 steps of the transaction. Once you will complete the task you will receive 1 scratch card which will offer cashback from Rs.20-300 and 1 ticket in which you will either get a flat ₹300 or else Better luck next time. But we wish you all Best of luck to get ₹300 on the second ticket.

Below we have mentioned all the steps that you need to complete and the rewards that you will get. So, don’t miss a single line. Read completely.

How to Earn Cashback worth ₹600 from Google Pay Fan Wall Event Offer ?

As we have already mentioned that you will have to complete some steps and tasks to earn the cashback. So below we are mentioning some steps, follow them accordingly and Enjoy!!!

  1. Download the Google Pay app and use our referral code 8m0vl2 and you will get a flat ₹21 on your first successful transaction.
  2. If you are already a user then you can see the Fan Wall option on the homepage. If you can’t see then update the app and after that, you will surely find it.
  3. Click on the Fan Wall icon.
  4. Once you have clicked you will see the complete offer details. For you, we will also mention the steps and tasks below.
  5. Here you will also see the banner of Fan wall, where you can see some cricket equipment.
  6. The tasks mainly direct you to do some transaction tasks. After every successful task, you will get a sticker related to the cricket equipment.

Collect all the stickers, enjoy the scratch card and lucky draw ticket.


  1. To get the first five stickers you will have to make a minimum transaction of ₹50 but to get the 6th sticker the minimum transaction amount is ₹1000.
  2. Check the app updates and make sure you have the latest update of the app.
  3. Offer is strictly available to individual accounts and with those who have linked bank account with Google pay.
  4. Moreover, before making any transaction always keep in mind the terms and conditions.
  5. The money will be added directly to the bank account.

What are the 6 tasks to complete to earn Cashback from Fan Wall Offer?

We were talking for a long in this article about the 6 tasks that you need to complete, then you might be wondering what are those tasks. So following are the steps to complete the Fan Wall by collecting the stamps and enjoying the rewards.

How to collect all payment & build fan wall in Google Pay
  1. 1st Stamp- Recharge your mobile with any plan. Minimum transaction ₹50.
  2. 2nd Stamp- Make an online payment to any merchant with a minimum of ₹50.
  3. 3rd Stamp- Pay a bill. Minimum transaction ₹50.
  4. 4th Stamp- Make payment to any merchant by scanning their QR code.
  5. 5th Stamp- Send money to your friend with a minimum of ₹50.
  6. 6th Stamp- Make Bank transfer with a minimum of ₹1000.

What is the Google Pay Fan Wall Rewards?

Once you will complete the 6 steps of transactions you will receive two rewards that are:

  1. One scratch card – ₹20-₹300
  2. One ticket – Either flat ₹300 or Better Luck next time.


  1. total 10% of the customer will recieve 300 and 90% will receive better luck next time. So, if you will start late then you may get into those 90% of customers. So, do it fast and bag your seat in the 10% batch.
  2. On the first scratch card, you will get cashback from ₹20 to ₹300.
  3. Google Pay utilizes the accompanying fixed chances to decide rewards uncovered in the procured tickets.

Final Words:

Don’t you think this Google Pay Fan Wall offer is cool enough to get some good cash backs? All you need to do is follow some simple rules to complete the given 6 tasks and win scratch cards and tickets worth ₹600. The offer is available for a limited time so don’t waste your time and start collecting the stamps. Hurry up and build your fan Wall.
We hope this article will provide you with all the information regarding Google pay fan Wall Rewards/ Google pay Fan Wall Cash backs/ Google pay Fan Wall offers. Share this article with your friends and let them grab this offer as well. Bookmark this page to know about any updates regarding this offer.

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