Google Pay Go India Celebrate Diwali Event Quiz Answers

Google Pay Go India Celebrate Diwali Event Quiz Answers

Go India Diwali Event:- Google pay new event Celebrate Diwali in any Go India city has finally coming today. This event available from 13th November to 15th November 2020. You can earn ₹20 -₹100 cashback, Tickets & KM during this event. In this event you can celebrate Diwali at all city.

Celebrate Diwali In Any Go India City | Go India Diwali Event

Celebrate Diwali In Any Go India City is a Google Pay Event. In which you can earn ₹20-₹100 cashback in your bank account, Go India tickets & KM by giving event quiz. Back to back Google Pay offering such hilarious Go India event. Just few days ago they started Mumbai Quiz Event & Jaipur Quiz Event. In those events you have to answers 5 questions to win₹100 scratch card, City Tickets & KM. But this you can participate in this by visiting any Go India City. Once you visit any City In Go India the Diwali Celebrate Start Event option will be available there.

Google Pay Go India Diwali Event

Google pay go india diwali event is a quiz event like previous all event. But in this event you start it at any city of Go India. Previous events are held in particular city this city you celebrate it at any city. Collect any city ticket visit it & start this Diwali. Gives Diwali Event quiz answers to Win ₹100 cashback in your bank account.

How To Participate In Go India Diwali Event

Join Google Go India Diwali Event To Win ₹20-₹100 Scratch Card, City Ticket & KM. Visit any Go India City To Start This Event. Follow the procedure to Join Diwali Quiz Event.

  1. Open Google Pay App (Update It If Old version you are using)
  2. Click on Go India icon
  3. In Go India Offer page you will see a Diwali event logo there
  4. Tab on it & click on visit any city which ticket you have
  5. Once you visit any city the Diwali Celebrate Start Event Option will be appear
  6. Again click on Diwali Event Icon there you will get Start Event Option
  7. Tab on it, Diwali Celebrate Quiz will started earlier
  8. Answer the 5 questions of this event and win exciting prizes

How To Collect City Ticket To Join This Diwali Quiz Event

In this Diwali Celebarte Quiz Answers Event you don’t need to go any specific city. You can start this event by visiting any Go India city. This diwali quiz event is not available for a perticular City. Just collect any random city ticket of Go India and join Go India Diwali Event.

  1. Share Ticket or Map With Friends For 5 Time and Get 5 Tickers
  2. Make Prepaid Mobile Recharge of ₹10 or Above
  3. Also, You Can Bill Payment or DTH Recharge Of ₹100 or Above Amount
  4. Make Payment By Scan & Pay by Scanning Google Merchant QR Code
  5. Purchase Google Pay Code of ₹30 Or More
  6. Buy Digital Gold of ₹100 or Above

Google Pay Go India Celebrate Diwali Event Quiz Answers

Diwali Event Quiz Answers will update shortly once the event is started. Refresh the page to get answers.

Diwali Answers:-

  1. Bhai Dhooj
  2. None Of Them
  3. All are fornms of rangoli
  4. All Of Them
  5. Rangoli
  6. Applying Gulal On Friend


I hope you all get Google Pay Go India Diwali Event Questions Answers all. Give all correct answersto 5 quiz of this event to win ₹20-₹100. Collect Any Go India City Ticket & Visit it to unlock this event. Celebrate Diwali Event Quiz In this Go India City & Win amazing Cashback. Thanks for reading our post.


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