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As we know Google Pay has launched a Diwali special offer called “Go India Game“. In this game, you will earn cashback up to ₹101-₹501 by visiting 30 cities in India as we consider in our previous post. But the good news is they are releasing Go India Hyderabad Event today. If you have a Hyderabad ticket you will earn an extra ₹100 by visit it. You also earn a bonus reward as in scratch card up to ₹100, a rare Ticket & Kilometres KM. This event has been started on 4th November 2020 Today. You just have to visit Hyderabad City & participating in the Charminar quiz event. If you give 5 correct answers to the quiz then you will get a Charminar scratch card up to ₹100. Let’s know How to collect Hyderabad ticket & answer to Charminar event.

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Go India Hyderabad Quiz Event

Google Pay Go India Hyderabad Event Answers

As we discussed in the previous introduction Google Pay has arranged Hyderabad Event on 4th November. If you visit Hyderabad city on 4th November then you will be participating in this event. In this event, they will ask you 5 questions about Hyderabad & Google Pay. If you give 5 correct answers then you will earn a scratch card up to ₹100. Otherwise, you will get Ticket & KM for Go Indian Map visit. This event is also known as Hyderabad Charminar visiting & shopping event or Quiz Event. To participate in this event you must have Hyderabad Ticket or available Kilometres KM. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Hyderabad ticket. In this post, I will share how you can get a Hyderabad ticket. To know the Hyderabad event answers continue to read this article at the end.

How to Participate in Hyderabad Event

To participate in the Hyderabad Quiz event you must have a Hyderabad ticket. If you don’t have a Hyderabad city ticket then comment on your request link we will send you. Let’s know how to join the Google Pay Hyderabad event.

Google Pay Hyderabad Quiz Answers
  1. First of all, open your Google Pay App. (Open)
  2. Tab on Go India offer icon
  3. You will see Hyderabad Event on Go India Page
  4. Just click on the visit Hyderabad link
  5. The map will be arriving you at in Hyderabad
  6. Once you arrived in Hyderabad, you will see the Charminar quiz event
  7. Start the quiz and give correct answers to 5 questions
  8. If your answers come 100% correct you will earn a scratch card otherwise you will get KM or Tickets

How to get Hyderabad Ticket

Trick To Get Hyderabad Ticket

There are so many ways to collect City Ticket for the Go India offer. We already published it in our previous post you can check here. There is no specific option to collect a Hyderabad ticket. Tickets are coming randomly from Google Pay by performing multiple tasks. If you need only a Hyderabad ticket then use our below guides.

  • Ask your friends to give you a Hyderabad ticket. If they have an extra Hyderabad ticket they can help you.
  • Comment your Ticket link below we will send you must if we have more ticket available
  • Join our Telegram Channel to get Hyderabad Ticket. Every day we giveaway 50+ tickets.

Hyderabad Event Quiz Answers

Get Google Pay Hyderabad event answers. We have posted all Go India Hyderabad quiz answers in this article below check now.

Currently we don’t have any quiz update. Please wait we will update it as soon as possible before 12PM.

1. Which Of The Following Is Not A Hyderabadi specialty cuisine ?

Ans: Daal Baati Churma

2. Which Of The Following Are Referred To As Twin Cities ?

Ans: Secunderabad And Hyderabad

3. What Is Money Or Gifts Given To Younger Members on the occasion Of Eid Called ?

Ans: Eidi

4. On The Bank Of Which River Is Hyderabad Situated ?

Ans: Musi

5. What is Hyderabad’s Film City Called ?

Ans: Ramoji Film City

6. You receive a call on the eve of Eid stating that you have won an Rs.10 lakh ‘festive lottery’. You just need to scan a QR code, enter your UPI PIN within the next 2 hours to claim it what you should?

Ans: Never Open Google Pay Or Enter UPI to receive Money

7. Charminar Literally Means?

Ans: Four towers


Ans: Navi

9. The Famous Lake In Hyderabad Is Called ?

Ans: Hussain Sagar Lake

10. Which Of the following is a dance form of Andra Pradesh & Telangana ?

Ans: Kuchipudi


Ans: Do not tell upi


Thanks for reading our post. We hope you get 100% satisfaction in this post. We covered all the details easily to get Hyderabad Ticket & crack to the Hyderabad Event Charminar quiz. To get more updates on Google Pay offer or Go India join our Telegram Channel or follow us on Facebook.

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