How To Download Instagram Story With Music

Now Instagram is a very much interesting application for us. Everyone uses Instagram for entertainment. On Instagram though we can easily know about social news, post, advertising, and so many things. But how do we download the Instagram story with music ? stories are one of the very interesting and coolest features. With a few clicks, we can add filters to our photos with trending music, gits, etc to create something new and amazing and share it with the world. The best part is we can see the story for 24 hours. But when we want to save the story we can’t find the option to do it. then we want to download Instagram story saver for story download.

Instagram Story Saver

If your account is public then you can install another application to download your story with music by logging into your account. if you have a private account then you should have a login to your account and then download your story with music.
How the application will use :
Ig Story download
Then download the Instagram story saver
Then stories IG
With story saver :
It works for only public accounts. For a private account, you should download the story saver app from the play store. How to download story saver
● go to from your browser and also from the play store.
● in the search bar put your name that handles my account.
● then verify the captcha and click the download option.
● it will show stories on Instagram that you will be given in the main account.
● you can tap on the “ save as video “ option to download.
● then show a popup option for download.
● tap to download, and it will be saved in your gallery.

With stories IG

This method is useful for the public account. You should download the video so fast . also you can download the highlights available on your Instagram account.
● go to from your browser to download.
● in the search bar enter the name that handles my account.
● then you see the available stories and highlights in your account.
● then click on the save video option.
● then show a popup option for download.
● tap on the download option, then you can see your gallery.

Archiving stories

When you enable to archive stories option, your story will be downloaded automatically into your android set.
● open the Instagram app on your device.
● then go to the settings and then privacy.
● tap on the Instagram story that you have given.
● save to archive option.
So whenever upload a story, it will be downloaded automatically. If you are unable to find it, it will be stored in your archived section.

Sharing a post or highlight

When you have put a story on your Instagram page, also you can add this story to highlights. And it will stay forever until you manually remove that. Here are some steps,
● first go to your uploaded story
● tap the 3 dots available in the story option.
● then you can add to your highlighter and can share it as the story.

How to save an Instagram story with music in an iPhone gallery?

When your account will be private you should log in with your ID to save your story. You can download your story within 24 hours, otherwise, it will disappear.
● first go to your iPhone, and navigate to safari.
● then navigate to story saver.
● in the search box, paste your story URL.
● then tap to download.

How to save an Instagram story with music in the gallery on your android?

● go to chrome and then open the story saver.
● now go to your story that you will be given within 24 hours, then tap 3 dots and copy the URL.
● paste the link in chrome and download it.

How to save an Instagram story with music in the gallery without posting this?

You can also download the Instagram story without posting it. you can save the video, but for one time due to the copyrights on music, Instagram doesn’t allow users to download the video with music.
● add your story to your Instagram account.
● editing stuff on your story.
● right corner, you can see the 3 dots option.
● click on it and save the story.

Download Instagram stories with music using third-party websites :

In also native way, you can also save Instagram stories with music using third–party online services. When you will use this process our account should public to use any of the services.

StorySaver . net

● in story saver. net first you will enter your username. After that click on download to receive all your Instagram stories.
● next, scroll down to find your recent post-Instagram story. click on “save as video” and then the story will save in your device with music.
● if you want to save some older story, then you click on your highlights and save the story.


You can also use Snapinsta to download the story quickly, With the music. but in this process, your account has to be public.
●open your Instagram story, then click on the three dots menu and copy the URL.
● then go to the browser and open Snapinsta. The app then moves to the “ Instagram story download” tab.
● now paste the link here to download.
● then the story downloaded it will save on your devices.


Try the above method to use save the Instagram story with music. Some methods won’t work for private accounts, they will work only on public accounts .you can also install the same free applications to save the video. And also use third-party applications to download the Instagram story. It is also useful for us.


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