How To Get Facebook Care Reaction Emoji – New Emoji Roll Out

How To Get Facebook Care Reaction Emoji – New Emoji Roll Out

Facebook Care Emoji Tricks

Recently Facebook Roll Out New Reaction Emoji Called “Take Care” Learn the full articles and get full ideas about the topic.

Facebook is the largest global social community. There are 3 billion registered users on Facebook & daily approximately 50 million posts or videos and photos uploading on Facebook.

Facebook gives the right to people to do reaction and comment on every post as determined to creator privacy. There are so many types of reaction emoji on Facebook such as Like, Ha Ha, Angry, Wow, and take care 👍😆😠😯 🤗. Recently Facebook has introduced new Emoji that Called Care Reaction. Let’s know the details about this Emoji and also know how to get this Care Emoji On Facebook permanently.

Tricks To Get Care Emoji On Facebook 🤗

How To Get Facebook Care Reaction Emoji

Now the whole world is suffering in the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Till now more than 3 million people have infected with this virus and 2lakh people die. To save people from spreading this virus all countries’ governments and companies are taking so many essential steps. India announced 21 days Lockdown to the whole nation and later extended it to more than 19 days. This type of Facebook has tried to create awareness between people to stay at home and take care of yourself. For making this message too important Facebook recently added a new reaction Emoji called Take Care Emoji.

More tricks as you like:-

Care Emoji Update

Currently, this Emoji is not available for all users and not for all posts. This emoji is not available in the old Facebook App but you can still use this on Facebook Web Application. If you want this Care Emoji on your Facebook account then update your Facebook App to the latest version. Somewhere it’s not available for all users and all posts. If you want to access this Emoji on your Facebook account then follow our tricks to get it.

Note this trick for those who can’t get it after updating their App to latest version. If you have already get it then don’t try this.

  1. Update Your Facebook App & Check The Emoji Is available or not
  2. If Care Reaction Emoji is not showing to you then do next step
  3. Now open Chrome or any Browsers on PC. If you have not PC then try it on desktop mode.
  4. Go to & login to your account.
  5. Now you will see Care Emoji in Facebook web application
  6. Give take care reaction on any Facebook post and go back to Facebook App
  7. Now check you have got it in your account.
  8. If you don’t get after following this step then try by clearing Facebook App data.


Care emoji is the launch for messaging people to save from Corona Virus infection. There is no update yet is facebook keep this Emoji for a longer time. This emoji for all Facebook users and currently it’s available in the Facebook web version. If you are App user then update your Facebook App.

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