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How To Get Free G Coins In PUBG Mobile – Free AG Coins In BGMI

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PUBG is played in every home by teenagers around the world. Every year PUBG comes with its new update and high rewards for players to excel in their game. It is estimated that during lockdown the percentage of PUBG players compared to normal days has increased enormously. Since then PUBG has become everyone’s favorite mode of leisure time.

According to the research in recent years, PUBG successfully beat other popular games such as Garena Free Fire, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Knives Out.

Every PUBG player keeps himself updated on the new features in the game to improve their gaming skills. Such as looting, Ammunition, Sharing resources, graphics, voice chat, third-person view, red zone and blue zone, gyroscope, elite communicator, royal pass making in-game purchases, and planning attacks.

To make in-game purchases, you should know,

  • What is AG currency?
  • Significance of AG currency/G coins
  • How to get G coins for free?
  • How to use your G coins?

What Is AG Currency?

How to get free g coins in PUBG?

AG currency lets you buy the latest body outfits for your avatar, weapons, and skin sets. When you head towards the shopping session you will find outfits whose prices are mentioned in the form of AG coins.

Don’t panic if you don’t have silver coins, rather you can use AG coins to buy the new outfits.

You will be given different missions through which you can earn your AG coins by completing them. To participate in a mission you should keep yourself updated about the upcoming events in which each player will be assigned a task, after completing which you can earn your AG coins for free.

3 Best Ways to Earn Free G Coins in PUBG Mobile

Some interesting topics:-

1. Events

  1. Install PUBG Mobile application in your Android.
  2. Go to settings, tap on the language option then Chinese.
  3. Restart your game.
  4. Now wait for the menu to appear on your screen.
  5. Click on the “News-Banner event” section.
  6. After you click on the banner, now participate in the events and redeem daily to get your free AG coins, Skin crates and coupons by finishing the assigned tasks given to you.

2. Elite Communicator

They have the feature of radio messages. Every player will get a radio message in their chats. Suppose you send 30 messages in the chats channel, you’ll be able to complete the mission of Elite communicator and get your free 100 AG coins along with achievement points.

Don’t forget to try this easy to go method.

3. Missions

  • Bullseye Mission: This method is based on your maximum shooting range. You can earn a maximum of 79-75 points while performing at your shooting range. You can improve your shooting skills as well get up to 200 free AG coins with few achievement points.
  • Scrambler ll Mission: This mission also counts in one of the easy ways to get your free AG coins in PUBG. To get AG coins through this mission, you need to win 5 matches (after playing in Bluehole mode).
  • Desert Tourists Mission: This mission will let you earn 150 free AG coins after successfully completing it. Remember that you have to complete this mission in classic mode. Their mission list will include:
  1. Use cocktails : For one time
  2. Use energy drinks: For one time
  3. Make headshots
  4. Engulf 8 drinks from vending machine

Significance of Free AG OR G Coins in PUBG Mobile & BGMI

Before the addition of AG coins in PUBG, only two currencies were known: Silver fragments and UC. And so, after introducing AG coins, the price of cosmetics and new body outfits have been converted from UC (Unknown Cash) to AG (Ace Gold).

Let me acknowledge that 400 AG coins are worth 30UC. You can use this currency to alternate UC and buy the latest outfits on the shopping menu.

Every event you participate in rewards players with AG coins instead of silver coins. After getting your free AG coins, you can move towards a shopping session in the game.

How to Use AG Currency or G Coins in PUBG Mobile?

  1. Open the game store.
  2. Tap on the redeem option which appears as second next to BP.
  3. Select the skin you are willing to buy.
  4. Select AG currency then go ahead to purchase it.


1. Can we really get AG coins in PUBG for free?

Yes, by participating in events, and following the major steps you can earn up to 500 AG coins along with a few achievement points

2. What are PUBG Mobile AG coins useful for?

You can use AG currency to buy new skins, outfits, and skin crafts to excel your performance in the game.

3. Which events can help us to get free PUBG G or AG coins?

Events appear daily at the “News-Banner” in which you can participate and redeem your AG coins daily for free.

4. Does it charge money to participate in missions or events?

No, they don’t charge money for participation in missions or events. You can do it by yourself by keeping updated about upcoming missions.

5. What are the differences between UC and AG?

UC is unknown cash and AG coins are Ace gold. UC is used to buy Royal pass whereas AG coins are used to buy skin sets and vouchers.

6. Are Challenges also free of cost to get AG coins?

No, to participate in challenges players need to pay at least 10UC. But if you’re a new player you can attempt to play a challenge free of cost and redeem up to 100 battle coins.

7. Can I buy Royale Pass-through AG coins?

No, technically it’s not possible. The PUBG Mobile Royale Pass can be only purchased through UC. AG coins are used for purchasing only skin sets.

8. What are the expiration dates for events?

Events and missions usually last for 3 months. So make sure that you get your free G coins within one month of the launched events.


By the end of this article, I hope you are clear with the steps following which you can get your AG coins for free. As a PUBG player, you must keep yourself updated about the upcoming events, through which you can redeem your AG coins.


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