How To Get Green Flame Draco M1014 Skin in Garena Free Fire

One of the most popular battle royale games is Garena Free Fire. Many new elements have been added to the game by the officials in order to make it more interesting and appealing. It contains several parts for supplying things, skins, and bundles via events, as well as spinning certain specific gaming wheels.

And now, Free Fire (FF) has received its fifth evolutionary skin, which is the skin of the M1014 Shotgun. The new Evo skin is part of the newest ‘Faded Wheel Event,’ which runs from May 8 through June 6, 2021. The ‘Faded Wheel event’ may be found in the game’s ‘Luck Royale’ area.

Free Fire M1014 Green Flame Draco Skin
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‘Blue Flame Draco AK,’ the first Evo skin, was introduced in October 2020. Later skins included ‘UMP – Booyah Day,’ ‘Megalodon Alpha Scar,’ ‘Predatory Cobra MP40,’ and now ‘M1014 – Green Flame Draco.’ The new Evo skin’s name hints that it’s comparable to the first-ever skin, which was of AK with the Blue Flame.

The current ‘Faded Wheel event,’ also known as the ‘Green Flame Draco M1014 Faded Wheel,‘ requires you to spend diamonds to obtain the M1014’s evolving skin in June 2021. To receive the prizes in Faded Wheel, you must spin the wheel, just like in the other parts of the Luck Royale.

This article will show you how to get the Green Flame Draco M1014 skin in Free Fire step by step. But, before going into that, let’s have a sneak peek at the new Draco M1014 skin features.

Green Flame Draco M1014 Skin Features

Here are 7 notable features of Draco M1014 Skin,

  • Specialized killfeed is included.
  • From level 1 through level 7, upgrades are available.
  • Damage resistance has been improved.
  • Has an exclusive emote.
  • The rate of firing has been doubled.
  • Reloading speed has been slowed.
  • This also has both Kill and Hit effects.

How To Get Green Flame Draco M1014 Skin in Garena Free Fire?

The Green Flame Draco M1014 skin can be found in Luck Royale’s Faded Wheel area (May 8th – June 6th).

To get it, you should this 5 steps guide outlined below:

Step-1: When the usual Free Fire loading menu appears, press the “Luck Royale” area on the left of the screen.

Step-2: On the bottom left-hand side of the screen, select the Faded Wheel option.

Step-3: You can use diamonds to enter the draw. Prizes that have previously been won will not be given out again. Each consecutive draw will need the use of more diamonds. Though, the first spin is free.

Step-4: Before the drawing, you can choose two unwanted prizes (excluding the grand prize) and push confirm in the centre of the wheel to delete them.

Step-5: After spinning the wheel, the total number of drawings will exceed a certain threshold, and players will be able to collect their additional reward

Remember that on the eighth spin, gamers will receive the M1014 Green Flame Draco skin. And each total draw or spin costs: 0, 9, 19, 29, 39, 69, 99, 199, 499 diamonds.

Players must verify that they have adequate diamond top-ups in their account before starting the spins. To obtain all 8 items from the Green Flame Draco M1014 Faded Wheel event, you’ll need 962 diamonds. So, before the Faded Wheel event closes on June 6, 2021, try to obtain your Green Flame Draco M1014 Evo skin.

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