How to Get McLaren P1 Helios Car Skin In Garena Free Fire

Free Fire McLaren P1 Helios Skin Event:- Tricks to get Garena FF McLaren P1 Helios Skin without diamond top up.

The long-awaited McLaren Top-Up Event from Free Fire is nowhere. Garena has sent out the Free Fire OB29 Redeem Code update to all of its users following a lengthy maintenance stoppage. The game publisher revealed all of the improvements coming to the game in the update.

The current edition, like previous upgrades, adds in-game skins, awards, and emotes for players. The makers have added a special Free Fire McLaren P1 Helios car skin, as well as a new ‘Win and Chill’, emote this time around.

To obtain the car skin, players must first top up 200 diamonds in order to unlock and play with it. The emote Win and chill requires a 500 diamond top-up. This is one of the nicest events one could wish for, and you can also utilise those diamonds for other purposes, since they are given as free gifts as part of the top-up event.

These may be obtained during the battle royale top-up event. According to rumors, the McLaren crossover was created in partnership with the British Supercar manufacturer. Here’s how to get the McLaren P1 Helios car skin and ‘Win and Chill’ emote in Free Fire.

The McLaren Top Up Event began on June 8th at 12.30 pm and will end on June 15th, 2021 at 11.59 pm. The top-up event is currently accessible in the game’s events area, and it includes:

1. McLaren P1 Helios Car Skin

The McLaren P1 Helios is a skin that increases the acceleration of any car and is offered as part of the McLaren Top-Up Event. This covering will also help to protect your car from harm. You can try Garena FF Rewards Code to get McLaren & other car skins.

2. Win and Chill Emote

Along with the McLaren P1 Helios vehicle skin, a new emote called Win and Chill is included.

How to Get McLaren P1 Helios Skin for Car and Win and Chill Emote

Trick To Get McLaren Car Skin In Free Fire

While the event is ongoing in Free Fire, users must purchase the required diamonds. To obtain the emote, users must pay a total of 500 diamonds and 200 diamonds in order to obtain the car skin.

After you’ve completed the top-up, follow these steps to claim these items.

Step-1: Start the Free Fire game on your smartphone.

Step-2: On the main screen, click the calendar icon on the right.

Step-3: Navigate to the news tab and select the ‘McLaren Top Up event’ option.

Step-4: To enter the event, click the ‘Go To’ button.

Step-5: Now, choose the prize based on the quantity of diamonds in your account.

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