How To Use Jio TV Web Version For Free

        Jio TV Web:- Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, doing the business as Jio, is an Indian Telecommunications company.

          Jio TV is one of the applications by Reliance Jio which enables Jio customers to view their favorite and interesting TV channels and programs either on Jio phone. Else on any other smartphones and tablets. There is a fabulous feature that enables customers to pause and play a live program, another mind-blowing feature available in the Jio tv app through which customers can catch up on shows telecast over the last seven.

           The Jio TV Web version is one of the finest services provided by Reliance Jio. In India more than millions of people are enjoying the services and day by day Reliance Jio has increased their users because of its fabulous features. These amazing features enable users to watch their favorite channels on their laptops and PC via the internet. The JioTV Web Version comes with a package of 500 channels including 60 HD channels.

             Reliance Jio has made his finest network in telecom and it provides entertainment apps like JioTV, Jio Cinema, and more. It supports different languages like English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi and more. Reliance Jio has launched the JioTV web version. In the following post we guide you how to play JioTV on your PC and laptops using the Jio web version.


What Is The Jio TV Web Version?

Jio TV Web: How To Use Jio TV On PC & Laptop

               JioTV web version is one of the most admired and widely favored services for the live streaming of the TV channels launched by Reliance Jio. JioTV comes with a package of Limitless features and even non-jio users also can get access with Jio ID and password. Hence, you can start horizonless entertainment on your PC and laptops using the JioTV web version as it provides 500 channels and 60+HD channels with multiple languages. Not only this Reliance Jio also launched many apps based on communication and entertainment. Initially, JioTV was designed only for android and iOS devices, now everyone knows they can access their favorite programs on PC and laptops using the JioTV web version. It is completely free of cost.

Note:- Currently Jio TV Web is unavailable. You can go for Jio TV App for Mobile & Tablet. Download Jio TV App enjoy 600+ wide range TV Channels across languages & genres.

How To Open Jio TV Web Version?

       Reliance Jio has officially announced that the JioTV is available as the web version. This feature enabled users to watch their favorite programs on PC and laptops.

       Visiting the official website on your system, login with your ID and password, you can access it. Jio expanded its network in India so without a jio sim you also get access to the JioTV web version for free of cost anywhere in the world.

Steps To Open Jio TV Web Version

           With the help of the Jio web page we can watch our favorite programs and movies on the big screen in any live channel.

Just follow the below steps to open the JioTV web version on your PC.

Jio tv web login setup guide
  • Go to web page using your browser. You can use any type of browser which ensures your safety.
  • After getting into web page login using Jio ID and password. Jio users have a unique Jio ID and password. Enter to access.
  • If you don’t have any password and Jio ID you guys can enter your Jio number. You will get an OTP via message on the same number which you have provided.
  • After successfully completing the login process you can select your language and entertain by watching your favorite programs
  • If you are a non-Jio user you can get a Jio ID and password from any Jio user. Otherwise, you can also buy your sim card and enter your phone number to access the JioTV web version.


  1. JioTV web version can get accessed by non-jio users?

Yes, why not they get login with any other Jio ID and password. Else they can get their own jio sim card through which they can access to enjoy their favorite programs on the big screen.

  • Can we login via jio number?

Obviously, yes you can after entering your phone number you’ll get an OTP via SMS then enter it. Then you can access the JioTV web version.

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