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Legacy Credit Card Login Guide – How To Login Legacy Card

If you are interested to know essential details about Legacy Credit Card Login then stay connected with this article. Here in this article we provide the details how to register for Legacy Credit Card login details & Login guides.

What is a Legacy Card?

First National Bank offers the Legacy Visa Credit card. It is an unsecured card that means you don’t have to deposit in advance to use this card.

This card offers a reward program (Prime Club Membership); you need to take the monthly membership to get this, which is a paid program. The cost for the membership is $4.95 per month.

Pros and Cons of Legacy Credit Card

If you have a question that the ‘Legacy Card is right for you or not?’ Have a look over these pros and cons that may help you to decide.


Legacy Visa offers a rewards program.

One can easily qualify for a credit limit as big as $1,500.

Legacy Visa offers an online account management system, which is easy to handle.


Cards holders should pay 29.9% interest, which is significantly higher than other cards.

The Legacy card’s annual fee is $75, which is much higher than other credit cards. Along with this, the monthly charge of $4.95, which is $60 for a year, is added up. So, together it will cost you around $135 annually to maintain this card. 

Here’s a tip for you, ‘If you won’t travel more often or don’t use the credit card much, this card is not for you’.

How to Apply for the Legacy Credit Card?

This card can only be applied through an Invitation. So, it would be best if you had an invitation before applying it. Usually, the invitations are sent by the bank to your mail.

Applying is very simple and easy but getting an invitation is difficult. Anyways, let’s assume that you have got the invitation and code along with it, now to apply for a Legacy Credit card you need to go through these following steps.

Step-1: Visiting the First National Website

After getting the invitation code, you need to visit the First National Credit Card website. Here you can see a button saying ‘Accept Online’, click on that.

Step-2: Entering the Code

After clicking the Accept Online button, you will be redirected to a new window, where you need to enter the invitation code. Along with this, you need to enter the Access code, which you have got along with the invitation.

Note: The first bank calls the invitation code as ‘Reservation Number’.

Step-3: Filling and Submitting the Application

After submitting both the codes, the system will take you to the Application filling process. Here you need to fill the details stated in the Application form, including personal information, address, and income.

After filling all the required fields, you need to submit this form and wait for the First National Bank’s approval.

After getting your Legacy card, it’s time to login in online to your Legacy Credit Card Account.

How to Login to Legacy Credit Card Account?

Here, I am placing you with some steps to help you understand the Legacy Credit Card Account’s login process.

Legacy Credit Card Login

Step-1: Visiting the First National Website

Visit the First National Credit Card website. Here you can see a button saying ‘Accept Login’, click on that.

Step-2: Entering your Credentials

After this, the system will redirect you to a cardmember services page, asking for your Username and Password.

And if you don’t have an account, you can click on the ‘register new user’ button.

Step-3: Accessing the Account

Once you have entered credentials, you can access your account.

Here you can pay your bill, enrol in autopay, and view your balance.

By these simple steps, one can quickly login into the Legacy Credit Card Account and make fair use of it!


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