List of Top 10+ Scary Roblox Games You Must Try in 2023

Roblox Scary Games 2023: The all-in-one game developing and playing platform for all sorts of gaming freaks. Roblox is a type of open community gaming platform, and it is believed to be the best of its class.

As said, Roblox has many games to offer, there is no doubt that it has horror, scary, and nightmare theme-related games. Our post will be related to the best scary Roblox games of all time. Despite its beautiful and colorful appearance, Roblox features a plethora of terrible horror games to play, and our exhaustive list will help you locate the scariest games to play on Roblox.

While many of them are still family-friendly and appropriate for people of all ages, there is a handful that is rather disturbing and intense, thus are also not suitable for younger children.


Top 10 Scary Roblox Games in 2023

This list has both solo and multiplayer games, pick the one as per your need. We will be updating the list every now and then, so please stay updated.

10 best scary Roblox Games

#01. Survive The Killer

Survive The Killer, as the name suggests this game revolves around getting saved from a killer. Players will enter a time-based round and one of them is selected as a killer, and the other players have to escape from the killer as he tries to kill them. 

In each game, the killer is changed and the game will be repeated till everyone is killed or the time’s up. The killer needs to kill every survivor to win the game, and this has to be done before the time ends.

The most lovable feature of the game is that the killer gets to select the iconic slasher they want. It has many iconic killer slashers like Jason, Slenderman, and many others.

#02. Bakon

Bakon is another survival game similar to Survive The Killer. Here the players will enter Bakon’s house as his friends. But when they enter the house Bakon turns into a monster and tries to kill all of them. 

The players need to escape Bakon’s house to survive the game, and they will be doing this by running through different levels and finding the escape keys. Keys are hidden here and there and players should explore them once they do, the new door will open. 

The last key is white in color, once the players found it they are free to escape the house.

#03. Flee The Facility

This is an escape game designed by the A.W Apps team. This game involves teamwork and strategic analysis. Players will be placed in a facility that has two exits, and they should make it through the exit in 15 mins to survive the game.

There will be 3 to 4 rounds where players need to select the type of map before each round where they can play. 4 to 5 players are allowed in a game and one of them is made the beast from whom the other should escape.

The survivors will be hacking computers placed in the facility, and the beast will be searching for them. If all the survivors escaped the facility then they are claimed winners, or if the beast hunts them down he is claimed the winner.

#04. Poppy Playtime [Story]

This is a horror game based on the actual Puppy Playtime game. Players will be entering a spooky toy factory after a long time as they heard that their friends are missing. But this is where they come across the danger.

They will come across the horrifying toys which came alive to hunt them down. Players have to find a special yellow flower to end this spooky and horrifying rampage of toys. This is how they will escape the game alive.

#05. Finders Keepers

This is an investigative game where the players need to investigate a case of a missing family due to a demonic invention to their house. A player must investigate the house of the family to find clues about the missing family.

These clues will be in the form of disks. But the scary part is whenever you come across a disk a horrifying demon will appear. The best part of the game is the background sounds that make the game really breathtaking. 

#06. Dead Silence

Have you watched the supernatural horror movie Dead Silence? If you have, then you better know what exactly happens. But for those who don’t have an idea about this, the game is completely based on the movie Dead Silence.

As a player, one must investigate the disappearance of Mary Shaw who lives in a town hunting the locals. The sound effects are so remarkable that you will definitely get scared.

Dead Silence is probably believed to be the best horrifying game on Roblox available these days, this is really worth a try.

#07. Geisha

Geisha is a single-player game, if you are someone who loves playing games alone then Geisha is probably the best scary Roblox game for you. 

The story revolves around something like this, you reach home after a few days and find that there is no one home. But the scary part is you won’t feel alone. You will be having a feeling that there is someone who’s watching and following you.

The scary background music and the sounds of your footsteps on the wooden floor won’t let you sleep at night.

#08. The Mimic

The Mimic is one of the scariest Roblox games of all time, this is believed to be based on the Japanese stories. One can play this game alone or join others to play. However, playing it alone is best to experience the thrill.

This may be played with up to ten people, and with eerie audio effects, lighting, and jump scares, this genuinely terrifying environment will take away your sleep.

The game has about 4 chapters which are placed in the high school where you as a player would search for your missing friends.

#09. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a pretty popular scary game on Roblox these days. As the name suggests the players need to solve the mystery of murders.

In each round players should solve a new murder mystery and a Sheriff will be helping them in the process. A group of 12 players will enter the round along with the Sheriff and they need to solve the case, Sheriff will be the one who’s gonna eliminate the murderer.

The game requires quick decisions and problem-solving abilities. This might not sound that scary but it sure will raise your heartbeat.

#10. Breaking Point

This was actually banned on Roblox as it seemed to be more horrific than expected. However, it made a comeback in no time. Breaking Point is a bit like a mystery-solving game where players take turns randomly to eliminate each other.

This continues until only two players are left, and after that, these two should face a knife duel and the survivor will be claimed as the winner. Might sound normal, but the design and sounds play the main part.

Bonus: List of Some Other Scary Roblox Games

Here are some extra bonus scary Roblox games for you,

  • Alone In A Dark House
  • Piggy
  • The Maze
  • Zombie Attack
  • The Haunted Imperial Hotel
  • The Mirror
  • Deepwoken

Although these games couldn’t make our top 10 list, all these are worth a try and some are really scary. 

Here are some frequently asked questions by users worldwide regarding scary Roblox games.

01. What are some of the best Scary Roblox Games?

Ans. There are many scary games in Roblox, and the above list has the best scary Roblox games of all time. From there, we recommend Bakon, Geisha, Breaking Point, and Dead Silence as the scariest games.

02. Which is the no.1 scary game on Roblox?

Ans. For now, the breaking point is believed to be the best scary game of all time on Roblox. And why won’t it be? This game has many sound effects that are breathtaking and the game was also banned once from Roblox as it is scarier than expected.

03. Which is the most horrific game of Roblox in 2022?

Ans. Many players are saying that Dead Silence is the most horrific and thrilling game of Roblox in 2022. The game is based on the eerie horror film Dead Silence, players must investigate the disappearance of Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist who haunts the surrounding town.


So that ends our list of best scary Roblox games. We strongly believe that these games are worth trying. Hope that you will try them and feel the thrill and horrific nature of the game. If you want to know more about Roblox games, you can subscribe to our newsletter or bookmark our page.

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