Mafia City Redeem Codes April 2023 – Mafia Redemption Code

Mafia City Redeem Codes 2023, Mafia City Reward Redemption Code, How To Redeem Mafia City Code

Mafia City (war of underworld) was firstly introduced on March 30, 2017. The one who plays this game has to become a powerful leader in the end through robbing,  collecting, pawnbrokers, etc. It is played by many users on Androids and IOS.

The players who play this game have to conquer the area and train troops. Using Mafia City Redeem Code makes it easier for them to redemption awards. Players who use these Mafia City Redemption codes can boost their progress in the game and claim anything in rewards.


What Is Mafia City Redemption Code?

Redeeming a code gives you rewards to excel in the game. However, the Mafia City Codes are issued on different platforms by developers. Especially, they update more Mafia City Redemption Rewards Code on holidays, vacations, special occasions or other celebrations.

Mafia City Redeem Codes 2023

To make it easy for you, in this article we have come up with a list of codes you can use with expired codes. Every person can easily excel in the game by using these Mafia City reward codes from time to time.

How To Use the Mafia City Redeem Code?

How To Use Mafia City Redeem Code?
  1. Install the game from the Play Store/AppStore.
  2. Tap on the profile icon which you see at the upper-left icon of the screen.
  3. You can see the menu appear, click on settings.
  4. In the settings, tap on redemption codes.
  5. The code redemption will appear on your screen.
  6. On the text bar area enter the code you want to redeem and claim the reward.

New Mafia City Redeem Codes 1st April 2023

Usually, mafia codes are premium, but here is a list of the latest free premium codes.

Note:- All these listed codes have an expiration period, kindly use them before the expiration date.

  • HLXJTX – Redeem this code for 100 gold, 5 red wine, and 1 lightning operation
  • FMBZJZ – Redeem this code for 50 minutes construction boost, Training boost of 50 minutes, and 50 minutes speed boost
  • XKFWZB – Redeem this code for 100 gold, 5 red wine, and 1 stardust
  • VPZXVD – Redeem this code for 900 VIP points and VIP for 1 day

Till now there are no new codes available for the month of August.

Expired Mafia City Redemption Codes

7X8RW2 – Redeem this code and get free Cash & Gold!

GURCSZ – Redeem this code and get free Cash & Gold!

CFOLGZ – Redeem this code and get free Cash & Gold!

BYPKDF – Redeem this code and get free Cash & Gold!

UEIOSV – Redeem this code and get free Cash & Gold!

HX60Z2 – Redeem this code and get free Cash & Gold!

O2JV0R – Redeem this code and get free Cash & Gold!

041CAD – Redeem this code and get free Cash & Gold!

How to get the update for Mafia City’s new Codes?

Mafia developers update their codes on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, reddit, youtube,discord and Twitter. You should check all their social media platforms because they might not upload the same code for every platform.

On the search bar of discord, you can type “codes” and see what other players have posted as there are many people nowadays active on discord.

Mafia City is more active as well on Reddit. Check their pages, follow other players to get more updates of new codes. It is suggested to use the codes which mafioso posts rather than using any random one.

YouTubers who are recognized game players also give updates about new codes on their youtube channel when the developers ask them to give them as their promotion.

Also, check twitch. Twitch streamers more often do give away to give codes to their fans.

What if Mafia City Redeem Code Doesn’t Work?

Always do check the expiry date before entering the code so that you don’t face any issues later. Be careful while entering the code letter by letter without any error. Even after the code doesn’t work then it can be invalid.


1. Why are there no new codes?

Codes are issued/updated by mafia developers on special occasions or on vacations. You can follow them on different social media platforms to keep yourself updated about new codes.

2. How to use free Redeem codes for Mafia City?

The process is simple. Tap on the profile icon then from the menu chooses settings. After getting into the settings menu, click on the Redeem code option. On their text bar type the code you want to redeem and claim rewards.

3. How to check the expiry date of Mafia City’s new code?

Usually, the developers do mention its expiry date along with the codes given. So make sure you read and check everything properly.

4. What are leader levels in Mafia City Game?

Leader levels are there to help you boost up your power in Mafia city on each level.

Note: Codes mentioned in the article might not work for all people. Keep checking our articles to get new updates about the codes as our team will keep checking their official platforms for codes.


Hope the above article might have helped Mafia City players to progress in their game and redeem awards.

Also, remember that If no code works properly, then you can attempt their premiere feature which guarantees rewards.

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