Pet Master Free Spin Links April 2023 – How To Get Free Spins?

Pet Master Free Spin Lists 2023, Get Free Spins Link For Pet Master, Today Working Spin Links For PetMaster

The makers of coin master Moon Active are the inventors of Pet master. This game is much similar to that of coin master but here the theme is pet and here you build a pet camp rather than a village. It has some new features like dice which are not available in coin master and this feature also makes the game more interesting. You can upgrade the village using coins, gold, and goodies.

Which you can get for free if you will spin slots. So here in this article, we will be providing you free spins to get gold, coins, and goodies. Don’t be afraid that it might be a scam.


What is Pet Master Spins?

These free spins are provided by the developer only so you don’t need to worry anything about risk. But these free spins are only available for a few days some are available for 3 days only. Actually, validity is every time different so you need to keep an eye on it every time. Keep in mind that you can only use the free spin link once if you try to use it for the second time a message that you have already used will pop up on the screen and if you try to open an expired gift then a message will appear that the gift has ended. So be careful and check while using free spins.

There are many ways in which you can get free spins. You can buy spin coins and dice chances using your real money from the store. But why should you spend your hard-earned money on buying this if you can get them for free? Read the following article completely so that you don’t miss any of the methods to get a free spin for Pet Master.

Latest Update:- 1st April 2023

Pet Master Free Spin Link 2022
RewardsCollect Links
50 SpinsCollect
100 Free Pet Master Spin Collect
Free 25 SpinsCollect
Pet Master 20 SpinsCollect

Different Ways to Get Pet Master Free Spin

We tried to collect a variety of ways by which you can get free spins for Pet Master to get golds, coins, or goodies. Bookmark our page so that you can get updates for every free spin and coin. Do not use any hack or illegal way because this may lead to any data losses or you may also lose your account.

Normal Spin:

The first way is obviously the normal way to get free spins. The free spins can help you get everything you need in a game for smooth gameplay. You will get five spins after every hour.  So, make sure you don’t waste any of the spins. Put a reminder on your phone to look into the game regularly to use these Pet Master Free Spins.

Invite your friends into the game:

In this game, you can also see who else from your friend circle plays the game and you can connect with them using Facebook. Even you can invite your gang to play this game. You just need to invite your friends into the game and you can earn free spins or even some other rewards. Make sure they join using your referral link only or else you will not get anything. You can get up to 90 spins.

Participate in Events:

You can consider this as one of the best ways to get free spins. Different event has different challenges. Some events may ask you to match three-event tokens in the slot machine, and if you are able to do so within the given limit of time then it will provide you rewards and maybe some free spins. Make sure to participate in these events since a lot of them are being conducted by Pet Master.

Complete Card Sets and Albums:

Try spending extra cash of yours in unlocking cards or trade excess cards if you have with your friends within the game to speed up the process. You can get up to 100 spins for a complete card set, isn’t it a good way to get free spins. And card set completion is not that difficult also. Sometimes you may be asked to get a Royal card in order to complete the set and the trick to get it is by building villages during the rush events. And if you are able to complete a full album then you can get free spins.

Roll the Dices:

You can get a free dice every 6 hours and up to 6 in maximum. Just like a mini-board game, you need to roll the dice and you will get coins, spins, and gifts as gifts. You will get gifts once you land in the right spot. Dices are even provided as rewards in village rush events. To get more spins try to save dice more than 6 or up to 6. The dices which you will win in the event have no maximum count. Play these dices during Golden airdrop events to get more spins. This mini-game is really fun. You can explore more bonuses when you try to hunt for more spins. This game doesn’t guarantee you provide you free pet master spin when you win because other rewards like chests, coins, and golds are also there on the list. But you can always try your luck.

During Raid:

In this game, you can raid and attack your friends. You will have to choose any one safe locker out of three which will appear for the raid. Out of 3, you will get coins, spins, or card sets from any one box. The other two boxes will be empty. If you find an empty box when you open it for the first time then the raid will get targeted on the same person again unless you win any gift. If you want free spins but you got a card set then don’t worry you can use this card set to get free spins. But in case to raid, you will have to raid the person it shows you don’t have any other choices.

Complete Village:

On the top right corner of the game page, you will see options like leader board, village news, gifts, or settings. In village news, you can know which friend of yours has raided your village. In the village list, you can find out in which village you are and in which village you will go next in the next step. There are about 160 villages and more villages will be added as well. By achieving a certain village level, you can receive free spins, and not only free spins but you can receive “Village Rush” as a reward. You can get up to 25 spins or 2 million coins by completing one village.

How to Redeem Pet Master Free Spins?

Now you have got free spins by using any of the above methods. The spins are generated in the form of links.

Follow the steps given below to redeem Free spins:

1. Click on the given link for a spin.

2. The game will open.

3. Once you have successfully claimed the spin, you can see the rewards that you own on the screen.

Below is the list of Spins that you can use in Pet Master


We hope this article was helpful for you to get the free spins that you wished for. Do give us feedback about what you think about the article. Share this article with your friends or on social media. So that you can help them as well to save their money by getting free spins without the hard-earned money.

If you have any queries or doubts let us know in the comments.

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