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Procreate Alternatives For Android & Windows:- A digital artist always searches for a better app to make his art look great. Though previously artists express their art through pen and paper they are mostly replaced by digital apps. Many drawing and editing apps have evolved among which procreate is the famous one.

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This reduces the workload of an artist to carry multiple tools from one place to another. But this app is not accessible for everyone as it is an exclusive app for iPads. People or artists who use android phones or computers can’t use this. But there are some other apps by which people can express their art.

Let’s have a closer look over some of the apps that can be used as alternatives to procreate.


What Is Procreate?

Before looking into the alternatives let us see which features had made this app so popular. This app is found to be useful for both professional artists as well as beginners because it contains almost all types of tools that are used by the artist to make his art perfect and realistic.

This was developed by savage interactive, a tech startup in Tasmania, Australia. This app can either be purchased on app store or from its official website which is applicable on Mac and Windows.

It provides more than 200 brushes and makes the experience similar to that of art on paper.

Unfortunately there is no Procreate available for android users. But 85% mobiles are androids. So this made many android developers to have alternatives for procreate. Here’s a list of such apps that can replace Procreate.

Procreate Official Website Link:- https://procreate.art/

Top 10 Best Procreate Alternatives 2023

10 Best Pro Create Alternatives - Download Procreate Alternative For Android

If you want to Procreate an alternative, then look at the best 10 alternatives of Procreate for Android. You can try these alternatives on Windows, PC & IOS also. Let’s explorer the top alternative of Procreate app. This list has all the best available apps out there at Play Store. Hope these might be helpful. So let’s dig into the list..!

1 . Concepts

This alternative to procreate seems to be helpful for doodlers who are very much interested in creating storyboards and cartoons. This app has a good and neat interface and has a good and adequate set of brushes, pencils and pens which help you to Express your art heartfully.

This has an advanced layering mechanism which provides the artist a complete control over their art.


  • It has a tool wheel which helps in easy selection of brushes and paints.
  • Vector based sketching.
  • Good layering system.
  • Supports drag and drop gesture.


  •   Poor collection of fonts.

2 . Autodesk Sketchbook

This has a wide range of creative tools and intuitive interface. This is the best alternative for procreate. The main feature that has made procreate the best is its intuitive interface which helps an artist to sketch their imagination with a great piece of mind.

This Autodesk sketchbook is easily available on Android and windows hence you can happily use this app to create great and realistic designs.


  • It has an intuitive interface.
  • Easy handling of large canvases.
  • Availability of pro tools.


  • It may feel sluggish to export large canvas.

3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch or Illustrator

This has a best competition against procreate. It has a giant library of brushes, pencils and other equipment which are helpful for painters or artists to improve their art.

It has a smooth and glossy interface and is easy to use & good feature of merging and stocking up multiple layers in their artwork.


  • It has a great range of brush customization.
  • Free version of this app is available
  • Addition of multiple drawing layers is possible.


  • Learning takes more time.
  • No super intuitive interface.

4. ArtRage

Many artists show their interest in oil and water painting. This ArtRage is highly preferred for these classical artwork. The designing of tools and UI is made in the way that it looks like ProCreate for android.

While ProCreate puts its efforts on providing tools for modern looking arts this ArtRage provides a wide range of tools for classical artwork.

If you are interested in classical artwork then ArtRage can be proved to be a better substitute for ProCreate.


  • Good for watercolor and oil painting.
  • Option of storing your favourite settings.
  • Compatible with S – Pen.
  • Presence of special effect tools like glitter tube and gloop pen.


  • No proper user interface.

5 . ArtFlow

Many artists use apple pencils for their art which is the best feature of procreate. If you need a stylus art you can blindly choose this app as it totally supports the apple pencil gestures. This provides a great control over your design, drawing or sketch.

As this ArtFlow provides stylus pressure support it can be used as an alternative to procreate. It also has a palm rejection feature that helps in reducing accidental panning and zooming while drawing.

Another feature which allows it to compete with procreate is GPU accelerated paint engine i.e, it has a  smooth performance on your android device. It also provides an option of exporting files in multiple formats like PNG, JPG and PSD.


  • Stylus supporting.
  • GPU accelerated paint engine.
  • Presence of palm rejection feature.
  • Supports large canvases.


  • Poor layering feature.

6. Papercolor

Papercolor is one of best alternative of Procreate app. If you wanna improve your drawing skills then no doubt paper color is the best app other than procreate. It has a good intuitive UI & provides a good experience of doodling and learning the art of drawing. It gives you a feeling of drawing on a paper.

That has the best feature i.e, base map which helps you to learn drawing. Overall, papercolor is the best alternative to ProCreate.


  • Has a descent colour library.
  • Base map feature.
  • Experience of realistic drawing and doodling.
  • Has a lot of paint styles.


  • No availability of high end drawing tools.

7. Medibang Paint – Make Art

If you are looking for a ProCreate alternative which is easy to use, Medibang paint is very much useful. This doesn’t have more features but it provides sufficient tools, brushes and fonts to create amazing arts. It is more useful for kid artists rather than professionals.


  • Super intuitive interface.
  • Has a minimalistic look.
  • Benefit of easy file transfer among different devices.


  • Limited features available.
  • Improvement of precision.

8. Ibis Paint X

This another procreate alternative has a variety of creating tools which let you craft attracting pictures or graphics on your android device. It has a great tool library with more than 2000 options of brushes, paints and fonts.

High precision and good quality of brushes make it more adorable to kids as well as professional artists. Ibis paint x also offers you to add many layers just as procreate. Tone curve, gradation map and clouds helps in providing a great appearance to your designs.

It also has an amazing feature of recording your artwork which can be shared to your loved ones. Hence it is totally a great app which can be used in place of procreate.


  • Has stroke stabilization features.
  • Tone curve and gradation map feature.
  • Facility of recording the artwork.
  • Option of adding various layers.


  • Poor availability of pro – grade filters.

9. Drawing Desk

This is a satisfactory app for drawing, sketching and doodling. As this is easy to use it is loved by kids as well as adults. It offers more than 1000 coloring papers so that you can enjoy your artwork without worrying about the papers.

The attractive colour palette that offers you various themes and colours make the drawing desk a best alternative to procreate. It also provides a good toolset and effects.


  • More than 1000 coloring papers.
  • Attractive colour palette.
  • Good set of tools and magical effects.


  • Only limited fonts available.
  • Second – rate filters.

10. Tayasui Sketches

This app is used for doodling and sketching and is admirable to the artists who are Interested in making their arts simple. It has a well functioning performance due to its lightweight. Offers a option of brush editor which helps you manage the brush size and its opacity. It has a great drawing precision when compared to many top drawing apps.


  • Brush editor feature.
  • Best app for doodling lovers.
  • Great drawing precision.


  • Limited features available.

We hope this was helpful. This is the list tested and recommended by our team. If you find any of your favorites missing, please feel free to tell us in the comment section below.  


1. Is There A Procreate For Android?

Unfortunately it is made only for iPads but its alternatives can be used on your android devices.

2. Can You Get Procreate On A Samsung Mobile?

Actually No. But Samsung S pen can be included instead of this as it provides more sensitivity as that of Apple pencil. This can be used as a best procreate alternative if you are a samsung or android user.

3. How Do I Download Procreate On Android?

First download the procreate.apk on your device.
Then allow the third party apps on your device.
Locate your file manager or browser location.
Procreate is now installed on your device. Have fun!

4. Is Best 10 Procreate Alternatives For Android Are Free To Download?

Yes, you can download those Procreate alternatives for android free from Google Play Store.

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