PUBG Mobile Ant Man Trick: How To Become Ant-man

On PUBG Mobile 1.4.0 Ignition update it announced the Ant Man event. In this PUBG Mobile Ant-Man Event, you can reduce your size to Ant-man. This will help to hide from the enemy & it makes you win the match easily. You can play this event on Classic Mode This event mode is available on Erangle Map in Classic Mode. On the map, you will see the Ignition lab building, in which you apply the trick to become Ant-Man.

PUBG was launched in India on 23 March 2017. Right after getting launched, many gamers became fond of it due to its feature as a mobile game. Almost 90% of children started playing PUBG in their vacations/lockdown. Then slowly most of the players became Pro Players of PUBG to excel in their game.

Due to some reasons, It got banned in India around the month of September 2020. Still, those who were using the app were able to play their game. Soon after It got banned, “Battlegrounds mobile India” was launched on 2 July 2021. Some very great features were added in PUBG for players to enjoy their game more and excel in the field. One such feature was becoming an “Antman”.


What Is An Ant-Man In PUBG?

Ant man is the transformation of an individual character into the size of an ant. In simple words, you as a player can decrease your size into an ant and kill as many players in your game.

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There are a few steps to follow and certain points you should take care of while you become an Antman.

Let’s get to the steps first…

How To Become An Antman In PUBG?

Step-1: First open your PUBG app, and get into the game.

Step-2: Once you land down after a few seconds, search for a bike. The bike is the main thing which you can’t miss.

Step-3: Once you got the bike. Drive it until you reach a transformer. It might look like this

PUBG Mobile Ant Man Event

Step-4: Once you get your bike in, park your bike “Straight” on that blue circle.

Step-5: When you enter into the circle click on the option of Transform.

Step-6: Now you have to be on your bike for 0.1 or 0.2 seconds.

Step-7: Do not get off your bike. Continue riding it and you can see that you transformed into an Antman.

Step-8: You can enjoy killing other players while being an Antman throughout the game, even in the red zone.

The Antman Trick In PUBG Mobile

Firstly, to get a bike for getting your avatar transformed into an ant-man. While you transform your character remember that it is compulsory for you to be on your bike. Remember that It might be different for some players to transform themselves because some get drinks, while some use pans too. If still you won’t get transformed into an Ant-man, try clicking two or three times on the option.

Once you slip off your bike, there are many hunters out there waiting for you. After you transform into an Ant man your screen will appear small too, so make sure to Zoom out first as soon as you transform your avatar.


  • Is It compulsory to get a bike first for becoming an Antman?

 Yes, you cannot skip this part because once you transform your avatar into an Ant-Man you’ve to kill players while riding on the bike itself.

  • How much time will it take to become an Antman?

 It takes a few seconds.

  • What are the benefits after transforming into an Antman?

 You can kill the players who are not ant man’s easily, without getting yourself killed.

  • Can an Antman kill another Antman?

 The answer is yes. It happens If you kill them three or four times.


Antman is a great feature for transforming the avatar of any player into a very small size. Carefully read every step mentioned above to become an Antman in your game. Every player should experience this trick at least once to excel in their performance. Well, what are you doing here now? Follow the steps and enjoy playing.

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