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PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0 [Global] Update : Download APK + OBB

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update APK Download, PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 APK Download Link, How To Download PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 APK+OBB

Tencent has launched a worldwide upgrade for the new PUBG Mobile edition. This update, known as the PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 Beta version, added a lot of new content to the game.

PUBG Mobile’s latest beta testing began last week, and the game’s creators have made the current beta update available for download and play for any user who is interested in trying the beta version.

To access it, gamers will require an Invitation Code/Binding Code. Registered players can notify the creators of any issues or malfunctions they discover in the beta edition.

PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 Beta Global Version For Android

The PUBG Mobile beta update is issued to test new planned features and improvements in the game, as well as to get feedback on any feature or to fix issues. Those who notify the errors will receive the in-game rewards. If you wish to get more rewards then try PUBG Mobile Redeem Code, it will give you awesome rewards for free.

PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 beta APK + OBB Download

The PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 beta update includes a fresh event called matrix arena, a new mode of transportation on Erangel called ‘Hyperlines,’ an Anti-Gravity Motorcycle arrangement called ‘Air Conveyor,’ as well as more.

All New Updated Features of PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 Beta

The following is a comprehensive list of changes to the PUBG Mobile 1.5.0 Beta. However, check out the post where you able to download PUBG Mobile 1.4.0 APK Global Version in India.

1. Air Conveyor Launcher:

Air Conveyor Launchers can be seen in and around various cities. Control the flight path and send it into the skies for long-distance transfers or surprise strikes.

2. Anti-Gravity Motorcycle: 

Along with the latest update, a new transportation vehicle dubbed the Anti-Gravity Motorcycle is added to PUBG Mobile. This bike will be able to levitate in mid-air, floating at a low height over both land and water.

3. Binoculars:

These Binoculars can assist you in spotting and marking adversaries from a long distance. However, it will help to inspect any players from long distance.

4. Erangel Transit System:

This is the major draw that this patch notice will have. The Erangel Transit System is based on Hyperlines, which allow players to travel quickly from one location to another.

5. Prior Air Summoning Device:

 In city sites a Prior Air Summoning Device can be used to summon a Prior Air drone for an airdrop.

6. Protection and Patrol Robot: 

This is a special robotic dog that may be discovered in various cities and can be used to search the whole city for high-quality battle materials.

7. New Game Mode (Matrix Arena):

Though nothing is known about this game mode at the moment, one thing is certain: it’ll be a futuristic event with its own playable mode in Classic matches.

8. New MG3 Light Machine Gun:

 This weapon has a unique firing mode and a rate of fire that can be changed to 660 or 990 r / min, allowing for both reliable continuous shooting and quick strafing. It uses 7.62mm ammo.

9. New Throwable and Consumable: 

To improve the handling of Throwables/Consumables, new Throwable and Consumable wheels have been added: To open the wheel and switch or use objects, you can swipe the Consumable/Throwable symbol. And In the settings menu, you may enable the Quick Throw functionality.

10. Remaining Ammo Indicator:

 When a mag is nearly empty, the number representing your remaining bullets changes color:  If you have 25% of your ammunition left – Yellow. And if you only have 10% of your ammunition left – Red.

11. Victory Snaps:

 Following a victory in classic game mode, players can engage in a ‘Photo Mode.’ They will be able to select whether to hide or reveal their squad information, and the best aspect is that after finishing, players will be able to share their images.

As you have understood the features, let’s get to the interesting part of this topic. How to download the new beta version of PUBG mobile? But before that here are some prerequisites to look after before installing PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0 Apk.

4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Downloading PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0 Apk

  1. Should have enough space for the download (722.49 MB), it is always recommended to have double the space than the Apk.
  2. Have a stable network connection, better to use WiFi.
  3. Check your mobiles compatibility with the download (minimum is Android 4.3+).
  4. You should be at least 12years old to use this Apk.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0 Update Apk on my Android Device?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0 Apk. Follow the instructions carefully and enjoy the play!

Download for Android (Credits:

  • Step-1: Download the Apk file from the URL provided above.
  • Step-2: If it hasn’t already been enabled, activate the “Install from Unknown Sources” option.
  • Step-3: Install the APK file.
  • Step-4: After the in-game patches have been completed, launch PUBG Mobile
  • Step-5: A dialogue window will popup, requesting the gamers to input the invitation code.
  • Step-6: After inputting the code, click the yellow button.
  • Step-7: And there you go…! Have fun!

Are you an iOS user? And want to play PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0? Don’t worry we have a solution for you too…!

How to Download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0 Update Apk on my iOS Device (iPhone)?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for iOS / iPad / Apple users to get PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0 Apk.

Download for iOS (Credits:

  • Step-1: Begin by downloading the game from the link provided above (open the URL in Safari Browser only).
  • Step-2: After it has downloaded, go to the device settings and activate the “Trusted Certificates” option.
  • Step-3: After installing the game, play it and sign in to the PUBG Mobile Beta
  • Step-4: And you are good to go. Enjoy the action.

Note: The standard version of the game does not need to be uninstalled in order to install the beta update. Additionally, gamers that report problems will receive in-game incentives on their accounts.

FAQs – PUBG Mobile Beta

Here are some Frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding PUBG Mobile Beta by most users worldwide.

1. Is Beta PUBG Mobile a Good Game?

Yes, it is an excellent remake of the original PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. You may spend hours playing in several modes that, in many cases, haven’t even made it to the main edition.

2. What Exactly is a Beta Version?

A software which is pre-released, and given to a wide group of users for testing under real conditions (in mobile devices here).

3. Is it Safe to Use the PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0 Apk?  

A straightforward answer for this is yes! However, you must make sure that you are getting it from a secure source.

4. Will The Apk Harm My Device?

NO it won’t, as said above it is safe to use, unless it is compatible with your device’s version.

Final Thoughts

Accordingly, we shared PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5.0 APK file in this post not only for download P. If you experience a parsing issue during installation, but you can also re-download the file and repeat the above steps.

Hope you enjoy the content, as much as I enjoy sharing with you. And you can always share this article with your friends (12 years above) and join them to the play!

Have queries? If yes, feel free to place them in the comments section below. We aim to respond quickly! Why are you here yet? It’s time to grab the Chicken Dinner….!

Happy gaming!


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