Google Pay Rangoli Bonanza Event – Get 100% Rangoli Stamp Free


Google Pay Rangoli Bonanza Event Chance To Get 100% Rangoli Stamp Free.

Google Pay Rangoli Bonanza Event
Rangoli Bonanza

Rangoli Bonanza Event:- Get Free Google Pay Rangoli Stamp from Rangoli Bonanza. Join in Rangoli Bonanza & Get Free Rangoli Stamp. You also enjoy our Free Recharge Trick Post with this one.

Hello, Freind welcome to Saste Deal in a new post. In this post, you will know about the Google Pay Rangoli Bonanza Event. We already discussed how you get Google Pay Rangoli Stamps in our previous two posts. You can check this post of the Rangoli Stamp Trick here. On 9th November Google Pay has stared an Event Rangoli Bonanza. There is chances to get a Rangoli Stamp for Free. In this article, you will get the idea to get a free Rangoli Stamp from Google Pay Rangoli Event. Before you used three methods to get Google Diwali Stamps 1st is ‘Diwali Scanner’ 2nd is ‘gifting’ & 3rd method is Make Payment using Google Pay. In those cases, you can’t get any Rangoli Stamp. Google Pay is giving rare of Rangoli stamp in those three methods. But in this Rangoli Event, there are other chances to get Rangoli Stamp for free.

Previously we have shared two methods that may help you to get Rangoli Stamp. But there you need to make a transaction for getting Rangoli Stamp. If you didn’t get any Rangoli Stamp Then you can try this Bonanza it’s free. There is no need to do any transaction to join this Rangoli Bonanza.

What is Rangoli Event?

As you, know Google has launched Diwali Stamp Offer here you need to collect 5 Diwali Stamps to claim a reward of scratch card worth Rs.251-1lakh rupees from Google Pay. All Google Pay users have tried all the methods to get 5 Diwali Stamps for claiming Rs.251 reward, but the Rangoli stamp is very difficult to get him.

Google Knows that Rangoli Stamp is very hard getting to all users, so they have launched the Rangoli Bonanza event on 9th November that users will get easily Rangoli stamp. In this event, they released 4000+ Rangoli Stamps daily in order to 4 different periods. This Rangoli Bonanza Event has divided into 4 different periods, in each period they released 1000 Rangoli stamps at once. They contribute 4000+ Rangoli Stamps within these 4 time periods. Here is a high chance to get a Rangoli Stamp who never get a Rangoli stamp. There is no need to do any transaction fo get a rangoli stamp, you have to just participate in this event and get a Rangoli Stamp.

Read all the terms & conditions of the bonanza event. Read the below article on how to get Rangoli Stamp.

How to Get Rangoli Stamps on Bonanza Event time?

As you know Google Pay Started Bonanza event to get Rangoli. Rangoli Stamp is so hard to get out of all stamps. Google Pay makes it easy to get a Rangoli Stamp. They launch this event and released 400+ Rangoli per day at 4 event hours. Per event hour they provide 1000+ rangoli stamps. In this event, you have to just participate in it. If you are on 1st 1000 participated, Then you will eligible for Rangoli Stamps. Let’s us to clarify it by step.

Bonanza Event
Rangoli Bonanza Event
  • Open Google Pay App.
  • Goto Diwali Offer Section and Open it.
  • Scroll down and enter in any currently available Rangoli Bonanza Event.
  • If you are under the first 1000 participated then you will get a Rangoli Stamp.
  • If you don’t win this event period. Then you can try another event period.

Rangoli Bonanza Events Time

There are 5 Bonanza Event Time Per a day. Google Pay Rangoli Bonanza is avail 9th November to 11th November every day.

  1. 1st Rangoli Bonanza Event Is ‘Happy Hour’ it’s time at 12.00 AM. 100 Rangoli stamps available in this event.
  2. 2nd Bonanza Event is ‘End Bird Prize :)’ it’s time at 11.00 AM.
    1000 Rangoli Stamps is available in this event.
  3. 3rd Event time is ‘Hungry Kya?’ it’s time at 01.00 PM.
    1000 Rangoli Stamps is available in this event.
  4. 4th Bonanza Event is ‘Chai Pakoda?’ it’s start time at 05.00 PM.
    1000 Rangoli Stamps is available in this event.
  5. Last Bonanza Event is ‘Time to disco!’ it’s time at 08.00 PM.
    1000 Rangoli Stamps is available in this event.

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