Redmi New Price List 2020

Mi & Redmi Phones Price Hike – New Mi Price List 2020

Xiaomi Redmi Price List In India

Due to Coronavirus, it seems a large effect On Market & Inflation On Economy. Due to this Economic disaster crisis, so many Brands companies get a heavy loss & this the only reason to hike their product price. The Smartphone manufacturing Company Xiaomi India has some changes in its brand MI Redmi series smartphones. You will see major changes in the new price list of Mi Redmi Phones. The price increases more than Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 on the new list.

India Govt Declared 21 Days Lock down to whole country. All the offline & online store like Amazon & Flipkart are stopped to selling Mobile Phones. From the previous report every day Xiaomi Redmi brand has sell 1 million units of phones. In those 21 days Lock down there is no doubt that Xiaomi loss heavily.

New Price List Of Xiaomi Mi & Redmi Brands 2020

Mi & Redmi is the Most Popular brand of smartphone manufacturing company Xiaomi in India. For the Coronavirus lockdown & market disaster, Xiaomi has changed the price of Mi & Redmi Mobile Phones. Yesterday on 1st April 2020 Xiaomi India announced the new price list of those popular brands. Their new price is so higher than the previous price list. there are some new price & old Price list of Xiaomi Redmi & Mi Phones.

Redmi New Price List 2020
Model NamesOld Price New Price
Mi A3 (4GB+64GB)Rs.11,999Rs.12,999
Mi A3 (6GB+128GB)Rs.14,999Rs.14,999
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (6GB + 64GB)Rs.14,999Rs.16,499
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (6GB + 128GB)Rs.16,999Rs.17,999
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (8GB + 128GB)Rs.18,999Rs.19,999
Redmi Note 9 Pro (4GB + 64GB)Rs.12,999Rs.13,999
Redmi Note 9 Pro (6GB + 128GB)Rs.15,999Rs.16,999
Redmi K20 (6GB + 64GB)Rs.19,999Rs.21,999
Redmi K20 (6GB + 128GB)Rs.22,999Rs.24,999
Redmi K20 Pro (6GB + 128GB)Rs.24,999Rs.26,999
Redmi K20 Pro (8GB + 256GB)Rs.27,999Rs.29,999
Redmi Note 8 Pro (6GB + 64GB)Rs.14,999Rs.15,999
Redmi Note 8 Pro (6GB + 128GB)Rs.15,999Rs.16,999
Redmi Note 8 Pro (8GB + 128GB)Rs.16,999Rs.17,999
Redmi Note 8 (4GB + 64GB)Rs.10,499Rs.10,999
Redmi Note 8 (6GB + 128GB)Rs.12,999Rs.13,999
Redmi Note 7 Pro (4GB + 64GB)Rs.10,999Rs.10,999
Redmi Note 7 Pro (6GB + 64GB)Rs.12,999Rs.12,999
Redmi Note 7 Pro (6GB + 128GB)Rs.13,999Rs.13,999
Redmi 8 (4GB + 64GB)Rs.7,999Rs.8,999
Redmi 8A Dual (2GB + 32GB)Rs.6,499Rs.6,999
Redmi 8A Dual (3GB + 32GB)Rs.6,999Rs.7,999
Redmi 8A (2GB + 32GB)Rs.6,499Rs.6,999
Redmi 8A Dual (3GB + 32GB)Rs.6,999Rs.7,499
Redmi 7A (2GB + 16GB)Rs.5,999Rs.6,499
Redmi 7A (2GB + 32GB)Rs.6,199Rs.6,699
Redmi Go (1GB + 16GB)Rs.4,499Rs.4,999
New Mi Redmi Price List

Xiaomi has increased so many Redmi brands phone Prices in India but there are no price changes on any Redmi Note 7 Pro variants. Redmi K20 Pro (8GB + 256GB) variant price has increase additional Rs.2,000 before it was Rs.27,999 now it changed to Rs.29,999. You can price changes on all Redmi & Mi Models but Redmi Note Pro price still unchanged.

Final Word

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