Skyrim Console Commands Skills, Gold & Items

There is a lot going on with Skyrim. So If you’re someone new it doesn’t start messing around with Skyrim console commands and, and cheats in the game’s developer console instead try to know the steps. You just need to know a few commands so that you can complete all the quests, tele reports.

 So If you’re someone who thought of drastically skipping through some of the game’s busywork I’ve got Skyrim’s commands for you.


Skyrim Player Console Commands

These commands set up the different values for your Dragonborn. Using these commands, you can customize your face, carry weight, and other things as well.

Skyrim Console Commands Items, Skills & Gold
  • Psb: Every single spell and shout will appear in your spellbook
  • Showracemenu: Customizes your character looks
  • Player.additem: Use to modify skills
  • Addshout: Using this command you can give yourself a dragon born ability you like
  • Player.setlevel: Use to up or down a player
  • Sexchange: Changing gander
  • Player Moveto: Using this can lead you to next NFC
  • Player set.scale: Use to change the size of player
  • COC: You get tele reports any specific cell in the city

Targeted Skyrim Console Commands

Using these commands can affect an NPC or item that you select. They’re perfect for unlocking chests, insta killing enemies, and bringing them back to life again.

  • Unlock: Open the console, click on the door or chest you want to unlock, and type “unlock” into the console.
  • Kill : Open the console and click on the target then type this command
  • Lock: You can set locks for specific chests, doors
  • Resurrect: Target the thing you want to rescue
  • Removeallitems: Target a thing and you’ll get their all items including clothes
  • Add to faction: Click on an NPC and use this command to add them to a faction
  • Enable: Undoes the effect pf disabled commands
  • Disable: It is Also known as the ‘I have no mouth and I must scream’ command
  • Setownership: You can be the owner of the targeted item
  • Mark for delete: Marking an item for deletion

Skyrim Toggle Console Commands

These commands are used by people to turn various features of the game on or off. Using these commands you can take screenshots, murders, walk on mountains and walls.

  • Tfow: Used for turning off the fog of war on your map
  • Tai: Toggles Alt On and Off
  • Tcl: Using this command will let you walk on walls, mountains as if you’re completely like a ghost
  • Tfc: Great for screenshots. It essentially leaves your body in the air
  • Tdetect: It is used for switching commands for stealing, murdering.
  •  ™: It can Toggle all the game menus. Allows you to take screenshots.

Other Skyrim Console Commands 

These are the ends and odds of Skyrim’s commands.

  • Csb: Clears the drops of blood on screen that appears after fight
  • Help: Every single command will be listed on your screen
  • qqq: You can quit the game without going through monkeys
  • Fov: This is used to set the field of view (max 180)

How To Use Skyrim Console Commands?

To enable the console commands, you just need to hit the tide like (~) key and enter the one you wish to inappropriate form, a few of which I’ve mentioned above. Also, there’s a plus point that you can turn on once in a row too.CTRL+F is your friend in Skyrim.


Keep in mind that many of these consoles require NPC and reference numbers while some of these consoles can cause glitches in your game so be careful to save your game first. Rest, read the details given about each command at the side to avoid any inconvenience.

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