Top 5 Best Battle Royale Games Like PUBG Mobile In 2021

Following the PUBG ban by the Indian Government, we present the top 5 battle royale games like PUBG Mobile for android. PUBG is one of the most popular mobile games in 2021. We published PUBG mobile app for android, PUBG Redeem codes and a lot more before the ban. However, similar to PUBG, here are top 5 battle royale games for android similar to PUBG mobile.


1. Garena Free Fire

Source: Garena

Garena Free Fire is a free to play action shooter battle royale game. It’s similar to PUBG mobile and designed to offer players an enjoyable social experience. In this game, the arena is a map of a large island where players are dropped off to fight death until only one player remains. 50 players are dropped from the plane with their parachutes down to the island with nothing but the clothes they’re wearing.  

The aim is to stay in the safe zone for as long as it takes. On the island, players explore the huge terrain and scattered buildings. They look for weapons, armour and health packs. They hide in trenches, prone under the grass, ambush. The ultimate goal is to survive and answer the call of duty. Please get it here.

2. Call Of Duty: Mobile

Source: Call Of Duty

Call of duty mobile is also free to play a game designed exclusively for mobile phones by Timi Studios, a Tencent Games subsidiary. It was released on October 2019. It saw on the largest game launches in history. The game has many features, several playable characters, maps and game modes. In its battle royale mode, it features up to 100 players. Like PUBG and other battle royale games, it’s all about starting the game with little to no resources, entering the battleground, searching for weapons and vehicles scattered on the map, killing the opponents and staying alive until the last minute to win the game. In this game mode, when the 100 players are ready, they board the plane and jump off at their team leaders’ discretion—download link.

3. Hopelessland

Source: HopelessLand Game

One of the PUBG like battle royale game is Hopeless land. It’s a survival mobile shooting game. It can support 121 players, who fight in a one fatal survival game at the same time. It has many features such as flying the helicopter, Asian architectural battlefield background, and ultra-cool shooting feelings with easy operation. 121 players fly to dangerous, hopeless Ireland. All movements like shooting and others are designed with motion capture. Simple operation and smooth control feelings help players dominate in hopeless land.  This is one of the battle royale games similar to PUBG mobile in 2021. You can download it here…

4. Pixels Unknown Battle Ground


For battle royale gamers missing PUBG, this game is basically a PUBG mobile clone with a twist. The game has over 50 million installs, and players get the same survival mode as PUBG. The outstanding optimization for different device models permits almost everyone to play this game.  The battle royale mode puts up to 100 players on a remote island for a deadly fight. While the search for weapons, vehicles and other resources continues, the safe zone is shrinking and opponents are prowling around to make their kill. Therefore the strategic game plan is equally important as shooting skills. The important goal is to stay alive until the end of the game to be the winner. Download Pixels Unknown Battle ground.

5. Grand Battle Royale

Source: Gamespire

Similar to PUBG Mobile is the grand battle royale game. Players are located around the deadly island without weapons in this game, and they have to find and use various weapons and items to eliminate their opponents. The combat zone is a distant island with the dead city in the sea bounded with a mysterious blue zone. Searching and gathering more guns when they randomly appear gives one player advantage over other players.  The main task is to stay inside the safe zone and eliminate all enemies… become the last man standing, and the one who survives to be the true king of the grand battle royale. Download it here


These battle royale games are somewhat similar. When the games start, players have minimal equipment, and they have to collect weapons and other necessities at the arena, which is a remote island. They have to fight and fend for their lives. It winner is the last man standing. Some are played in teams, so the winning team get the credit.

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