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Trace Stolen Phone:- Today we’ll show you how to trace a lost or stolen phone for free without going to the police anywhere in the World. A phone can be stolen anytime and a lot of us start searching and wondering while discovering that our mobile phone is missing. That is when we start to rewind our minds to try and remember, “Where could I have lost it, in the restaurant, in the cab, or where? This is the moment when we start to think about all the important data the phone carries. Millions of phones get stolen every year and never get recovered. It is very easy to find your phone through IMEI without going to the police.


What is IMEI & How To Find It?

(International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15 unique number found in every mobile phone and serves as an identity certificate for your phone.  It is usually found printed behind the battery segment of the phone or in the settings menu on smartphones. GSM networks use the IMEI number to identify valid devices, and can stop a stolen phone from accessing the network in that country. Even if the thief changes the sim, the phone will not access the network. The phone is also traced with a IMEI number Therefore, the most important thing you can do for yourself is that each and every time you buy a new phone, find the IMEI number and store it someplace safe separately from your phone. Your phone may only have two IMEI’s if it’s a dual-sim phone. This means that it still has one modem but is registered to two networks.

IMEI Under Battery

How to find the IMEI number on android

Here are a few ways to check your IMEI on android;

Type *#06#
The easiest method is to type *#06# on your dial pad and the IMEI will pop up on the screen.  

How To Check IMEI

Check the phone settings
This option is about checking the IMEI in your phone settings. Go to “phone settings”, scroll down to the “about phone” section and you’ll find your IMEI. This may be different depending on the type of your phone.

Find the IMEI number on the back of your device
The other option is to look for the IMEI number on the smartphone surface. It can be as a print on the backside of the phone for those with no removable back cover. Or it can be on the back of the phone when you remove the battery for those with removal back covers. Also, you can get the IMEI on the tray of the SIM card, on a few phone brands

Device box
IMEI number is also found on the device box.

How To Find IMEI of a Phone

In a case where your phone gets lost or stolen when you didn’t store your IMEI number, you can still get it if you had synchronized your android with Google account. You can access your IMEI number through the Google dashboard website. Google always registers every device’s IMEI number after syncing. You only need to sign into google account through the same account you synced phone, then you have to click on android, (localizer Vos appareils) to get a list of the device registered.

Track mobile phone using Google dashboard website

How to find the IMEI on iphone

1.Type *#06#
Same like Android, type *#06# on your dial pad and the IMEI will pop up on the screen.  

2. Check Device Settings
Go to settings>General> About. Scroll down to find the IMEI number.

On the device
In some iPhones models, the IMEI number is engraved at the back of the device

In some iPhone you can check the IMEI number on SIM card tray.

The other option is to check your IMEI number on device packaging; normally the IMEI is always printed on the packaging. Whichever option you choose to get your IMEI number, ensure that you record it at a secure place except in your mobile phone itself as this is the number which will help trace your phone in case of theft. As a caution, do not share your IMEI number with people.    

Apple ID Account
Log into the Apple ID account of the phone whose IMEI you need. Scroll to the section “devices” and select that device, you will see the IMEI pop up on the screen

What to do when your phone gets lost or stolen

If you lost your device and you want to get it back then just follow the procedure below to get it back. Once stolen, just E-mail your IMEI No. to [email protected] with details as stated below:

Copy the Email-ID:- [email protected] & mail like this format is mention bellow

Your name:__


Phone model:_


Last used No.:_

E-mail for communication:_

Missed date:_


After your mail sent it may take a long time to get a response. If you didn’t get any response then resend the mail again. There are 100% chances to get back your stolen or lost device. Your Mobile will be traced within the next 24 hours via a complex system of GPRS and internet, You will find where your handset is being operated and the new user’s number will be sent to your email. After this, you can inform the Police of the details you got.

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