Warframe Promo Codes October 2023 – Free Weapon & Glyph Code

WarframeFree Codes 2023, Free Glyphs Redeem Code: This will sound like a warning, but honestly, Warframe is one of the highly addictive games introduced until now. Always being pulled so many different ways makes Warframe can be considered as a challenging game for new players to even think about starting it.

Even after playing for a few hours, it is somewhat hard to figure out what missions you should complete and what items should be your primary target to collect.

No offense, for better or worse, this is a game that you will surely need a wiki to play, as most of the information about where exactly to find specific crafting components or blueprints isn’t directly provided in-game, which means you will need a wiki or you should play hard honestly.

But, the fact that makes the game even more impressive is the management’s free stuff. For the player’s satisfaction and contentment, Warframe management has introduced promo codes.

These Warframe Promo Codes can help you to redeem open items like glyphs, boosters, and much more exciting stuff.

If you are contemplating some working promo codes to redeem in Warframe, you have arrived in the correct place. Here we are willing to provide some of the best promo codes of Warframe currently working.

Before I provide the promo codes, I would like to explain about it shortly, because there might be new players who recently started playing Warframe.


What are Warframe Promo Codes?

Warframe is an action-packed third-person Science Fiction game with millions of players across the world and various regions. This is one of the several successful Sci-Fi games available on Steam.

Warframe Promo Codes 2023

The game features many items such as Glyphs, Boosters, Weapons, and many other things often distributed to the players for free through promo codes. This helps in making the game more loved by the players, even though the game is challenging.

The Warframe Promo Codes are unique that unlock in-game items. These codes are provided through various resources such as Twitter and can be unlocked through their website or the game. Unfortunately, the Promo Codes have an expiry date and will not work once it is expired. So, you must redeem it before it expires.

However, some of the codes are also specific to the account or specific to the platform. Hence, they don’t work for all accounts or platforms. In the lists, you will get Free Warframe glyph codes, Boosters Promo Codes & Warframe Weapons Codes.

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Valid Warframe Promo Codes For October 2023

If you want latest working new codes for 2023 edition then check bellow:-

As I said before, Warframe Promo Codes can be collected from various sources that I am willing to talk about later. I’ve collected some of the best codes using different sources and arranged them in a list for you here. Just go through the list below, pick one of the codes, and redeem it. I’ll show you how to redeem it. Meanwhile, most of the codes nowadays only offer glyphs. However, few sources report that some of them still provide rewards other than glyphs, like weapons and boosters.

Working Warframe Glyph Codes, Latest working free Warframe Weapons & Glyph Promo Codes for Xbox & PlayStation (PS4 & PS5). New Weapons & Glyphs Codes Update:-

Warframe free redeem codes for today 5th October 2023

Warframe Items & WeaponsCodes:-

ItemCode Link
Syandana, Palette, & Affinity BoosterRedeem
Golden Hand DecorationRedeem
Warframe Weapons redeem CodeRedeem
Warframe Tennocon 2023 Drops Redeem Code Redeem
Free Warframe Redeem Codes 2023BWANA
Free Glyphs Redeem Code 2023 Warframe DEEJAYKNIGHT
Warframe Skins Redeem Code WFSKINS

Warframe Glyph Codes

  • Tennocon2023 – Tennocon drops code
  • GLYPHRWDMAY – Glyph Promo Code
  • CHAR
  • GARA
  • H3DSH0T
  • SHUL
  • VAMP6X6X6X
  • FacelessBeanie – Free Glyph Code


Latest Pokemon Go Promo Codes

Fortunately, the year 2023 is aboutover, but as of now, there are no promo codes available (since the codes were introduced not long ago) that’ll help you get free items.

Earlier, there were many item codes available. But, at present, the majority of the item promotions are done in collaboration with Twitch. Unfortunately, the Twitch Prime users are the ones who get the maximum benefits, which sounds unfair for non-users.

However, I hope that if you know about some useful item codes for Warframe, you won’t forget to leave them in the comment segment below.

More Glyph Codes 2023

  • AlainLove: AlainLove Glyph
  • AlexanderDario: AlexanderDario Glyph
  • Amprov: Amprov Glyph
  • AngryUnicorn: AngryUnicorn Glyph
  • AnjetCat: AnjetCat Glyph
  • AnnoyingKillah: AnnoyingKillah Glyph
  • AshiSogiTenno: AshiSogiTenno Glyph
  • Avelna: Avelna Glyph
  • Aznitrous: Aznitrous Glyph
  • BigJimID: BigJimID Glyph
  • BrazilCommunityDiscord: BrazilCommunityDiscord Glyph
  • Bricky: Bricky Glyph
  • Brozime: Brozime Glyph
  • BurnBxx: BurnBxx Glyph
  • Bwana: Bwana Glyph
  • CephalonSquared: CephalonSquared Glyph
  • CGsKnackie: CGsKnackie Glyph
  • ChacyTay: ChacyTay Glyph
  • Char: Char Glyph
  • Cleonaturin: Cleonaturin Glyph
  • CohhCarnage: CohhCarnage Glyph
  • CopyKavat: CopyKavat Glyph
  • Cpt_Kim: Cpt_Kim Glyph
  • DanielTheDemon: DanielTheDemon Glyph
  • DasterCreations: DasterCreations Glyph
  • DayJobo: DayJobo Glyph
  • DebbySheen: DebbySheen Glyph
  • Deejayknight: Deejayknight Glyph
  • DeepBlueBeard: DeepBlueBeard Glyph
  • DeuceTheGamer: DeuceTheGamer Glyph
  • DillyFrame: DillyFrame Glyph
  • DimitriV2: DimitriV2 Glyph
  • DjTechLive: DjTechLive Glyph
  • DkDiamantes: DkDiamantes Glyph
  • DNexus: DNexus Glyph
  • Eduiy16: Eduiy16 Glyph
  • ElDanker: ElDanker Glyph
  • ElGrineerExiliado: ElGrineerExiliado Glyph
  • Elnoraeleo: Elnoraeleo Glyph
  • Emojv: Emojv Glyph
  • EmpryeanCap: EmpryeanCap Glyph
  • ExtraCredits: ExtraCredits Glyph
  • FacelessBeanie: FacelessBeanie Glyph
  • FashionFrameIsEndGame: FashionFrameIsEndGame Glyph
  • FeelLikeAPlayer: FeelLikeAPlayer Glyph
  • FloofyDwagon: FloofyDwagon Glyph
  • FromThe70s: FromThe70s Glyph
  • FrostyNovaPrime: FrostyNovaPrime Glyph
  • Frozenballz: Frozenballz Glyph
  • Gara: Gara Glyph
  • GermanCommunityDiscord: GermanCommunityDiscord Glyph
  • GlamShatterSkull: GlamShatterSkull Glyph
  • Golden: Golden Glyph
  • GrindHardSquad: GrindHardSquad Glyph
  • HappinesDark: HappinesDark Glyph
  • H3DSH0T: H3DSH0T Glyph
  • Homiinvocado: Homiinvocado Glyph
  • HotShomStories: HotShomStories Glyph
  • Hydroxate: Hydroxate Glyph
  • Iflynn: Iflynn Glyph
  • Ikedo: Ikedo Glyph
  • InfoDiversao: InfoDiversao Glyph
  • IWoply: IWoply Glyph
  • JoeyZero: JoeyZero Glyph
  • Joriale: Joriale Glyph
  • JustRLC: JustRLC Glyph
  • K1llerBarbie: K1llerBarbie Glyph
  • KavatsSchroedinger: KavatsSchroedinger Glyph
  • KingGothaLion: KingGothaLion Glyph
  • Kiwad Kiwad Glyph
  • Kr1ptonPlayer: Kr1ptonPlayer Glyph
  • LadyTheLaddy: LadyTheLaddy Glyph
  • LeoDoodling: LeoDoodling Glyph
  • LeyzarGamingViews: LeyzarGamingViews Glyph
  • L1feWater: L1feWater Glyph
  • LiliLexi: LiliLexi Glyph
  • IISlip: IISlip Glyph
  • LynxAria: LynxAria Glyph
  • Macho: Macho Glyph
  • MadFury: MadFury Glyph
  • Makarimorph: Makarimorph Glyph
  • McGamerCZ: McGamerCZ Glyph
  • McMonkeys: McMonkeys Glyph
  • MHBlacky: MHBlacky Glyph
  • MichelPostma: MichelPostma Glyph
  • MikeTheBard: MikeTheBard Glyph
  • MissFwuffy: MissFwuffy Glyph
  • Mogamu: Mogamu Glyph
  • MrSteelWar: MrSteelWar Glyph
  • NoSympathyy: NoSympathyy Glyph
  • OddieOwl: OddieOwl Glyph
  • OriginalWickedFun: OriginalWickedFun Glyph
  • OrpheusDeluxe: OrpheusDeluxe Glyph
  • PammyJammy: PammyJammy Glyph
  • PocketNinja: PocketNinja Glyph
  • PostiTV: PostiTV Glyph
  • Pyrah: Pyrah Glyph
  • ProfessorBroman: ProfessorBroman Glyph
  • QTCC: QTCC Glyph
  • QTCC2: QTCC2 Glyph

Active Glyph Promo Codes For Warframe

  • RagingTerror: RagingTerror Glyph
  • Rahetalius: Rahetalius Glyph
  • RainbowWaffles: RainbowWaffles Glyph
  • RebelDustyPinky: RebelDustyPinky Glyph
  • Relentlesszen: Relentlesszen Glyph
  • ReyGanso: ReyGanso Glyph
  • Rippz0r: Rippz0r Glyph
  • Ritens: Ritens Glyph
  • RoyalPrat: RoyalPrat Glyph
  • RustyFin: RustyFin Glyph
  • R/Warframe: r/Warframe Glyph
  • Sapmatic: Sapmatic Glyph
  • SarahTsang: SarahTsang Glyph
  • SerdarSari: SerdarSari Glyph
  • Sharlazard: Sharlazard Glyph
  • ShenZhao: ShenZhao Glyph
  • Sherpa: Sherpa Glyph
  • Shul: Shul Glyph
  • SillFix: SillFix Glyph
  • SkillUp: SkillUp Glyph
  • Smoodie: Smoodie Glyph
  • Sn0wRC: Sn0wRC Glyph
  • Strippin: Strippin Glyph
  • StudioCyen: StudioCyen Glyph
  • TaticalPotato: TaticalPotato Glyph
  • Tanchan: Tanchan Glyph
  • TBGKaru: TBGKaru Glyph
  • TinBears: TinBears Glyph
  • TeaWrex: TeaWrex Glyph
  • TennoForever: TennoForever Glyph
  • TheGamio: TheGamio Glyph
  • TioMario: TioMario Glyph
  • TioRamon: TioRamon Glyph
  • TotalN3wb: TotalN3wb Glyph
  • ToxickToe: ToxickToe Glyph
  • TrashFrame: TrashFrame Glyph
  • Triburos: Triburos Glyph
  • UnrealYuki: UnrealYuki Glyph
  • VAMP6X6X6X: VAMP6X6X6X Glyph
  • Vamppire: Vamppire Glyph
  • Vernoc: Vernoc Glyph
  • VoidFissureBR: VoidFissureBR Glyph
  • Voli: Voli Glyph
  • VoltTheHero: VoltTheHero Glyph
  • VVhiteAngel: VVhiteAngel Glyph
  • Wanderbots: Wanderbots Glyph
  • WarframeCommunityDiscord: WarframeCommunityDiscord Glyph
  • WarframeRunway: WarframeRunway Glyph
  • WarframeWiki: WarframeWiki Glyph
  • WideScreenJohn: WideScreenJohn Glyph
  • Woxli: Woxli Glyph
  • Xenogelion: Xenogelion Glyph
  • Zarionis: Zarionis Glyph
  • Zxpfer: Zxpfer Glyph

What are Platinum Warfare Codes?

Unfortunately, there are no promo codes created that you can redeem to get free Platinum. However, Platinum discount codes are available. If you come across websites that promise to provide free Platinum codes, don’t believe them. They are fraud and scam. Don’t trust them and never use your login information on such fake websites.

How To Redeem Warframe Promo Codes?

The following are the steps to redeem codes through the website.

Redeem Warframe Promo Code

Step-1: Visit the Promo Code Redemption page which is on the Warframe website.

Step-2: Copy one of the active promo code from above and paste it into the redeem box on the Warframe website.

Step-3: Finally, click on Submit. If you haven’t logged in, you will be prompted to login via a dropdown menu. But, if you are already logged in, the code will be redeemed directly.


1. How To Use Warframe Redeem Code?

Warframe Promo Code is used to unlock in-game items such as boosters or weapons for free. If you have a valid promo code for Warframe then you can redeem it at Warframe Official Redeem Page. Promo codes has an expiration date please check your code is working or not.

2. Ho To Get Warframe Promo Code?

Promo codes are sometimes sent to users via mail for an event or brand collaboration. You can check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & other social handles of Warframe for Redeem Code giveaways.


Warframe is a very intriguing game. The free stuff makes it even more enjoyable. You can get some fascinating free rewards through the Warframe promo codes. These are all the working codes for you.

Just visit the official website and retrieve them soon. Make sure you retrieve the codes before they expire. Or else, you will miss out on the rewards.

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