10 Best Red Dead Redemption 2 Mods In 2023

Best Red Redemption 2 MODS, How To Use Red Redemption 2 MODS, Download Best Red Redemption 2 MOD for Free In 2023

Who doesn’t like to play video games? Nowadays everybody likes to spend their time playing exciting video games. Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption 2 is on the top list of all the video games that are creating till today. Considering everything from story to gameplay Red Redemption 2 is just awe-inspiring.

Although Red Dead Redemption 2 has only been available for a short time on PC. The modding community has wasted no time in cracking the game open and creating some excellent stuff. It’ll be fascinating to see what they come up with in a year. But they’ve already gotten off to a fantastic start.

Before you download the game keep in mind that it’s safe to use these mods only when you are offline and it is confirmed from Rockstar. You may get ban if you use any of the Red Dead mods online. Never try to use these mods to cheat your opponents; use them when you are the only player.


How to use MODS in Red Redemption 2?

Since you all know the Mod of Red Redemption 2 way will be very interesting and best way to get something new. The process of downloading and installing the Red Redemption 2 Mod can be little confusing, but don’t worry we have made it easy for you. Follow the steps below to download and install the Mod easily without any mistake:

  1. Open the given link and download the zip file
  2. Then click on slow download
  3. After that the file will start downloading.
  4. Once downloaded , select the file and then drop it in the Red Dead Redemption 2 catalog.
  5. Lastly open the game and enjoy.

10 Best Red Dead Redemption 2 MODS

Here are some of the greatest Red Dead Redemption 2 mods available right now. We wish you luck while you play!

10 Best Red Redemption 2 MODS

We have collected the 10 best Red Redemption 2 Mods for you. These Mods are 100% free & safe for your systems. Let’s explore all Mods.

1. Skip the Opening Act

You’ll appreciate and enjoy the massive opening act if you’re playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for the first time. This is because the first act introduces you to the characters and establishes a connection between you and the tale.

On the other hand, if you’re returning to RDR2 after a long break, not being able to bypass the first act is a pain. Don’t worry, since Red Dead Redemption 2 modifications are being developed to address these difficulties.

To put it another way, after downloading this mod, the game will automatically begin after the first act. This patch creates a saved file in RDR2’s folder for your convenience. You’ll need to load it to bypass the first act.

2. Horse Key Mod

Nothing is more humiliating than mistakenly taking the incorrect horse and having to deal with the wrath of someone who wants to rip your teeth out. The T key in My Horse Key is assigned to your own horse’s binding.

Once you’ve selected the one you want, press T to ensure that you’re always on your horse, and only your horse.

The E key will continue to operate as before. So let’s hope the mod creator figures out a way to modify the delivery mechanism so you don’t mix up the two keys by accident or habit. Nonetheless, it’s a significant step forward.

3. Photorealistic ReShade

There are numerous Red Dead Redemption 2 graphics modifications to test in 2023, but Photorealistic ReShade is one of the best.

The inclusion of several excess features in this Red Dead Redemption 2 mod has no effect on the game’s performance. Rather, it improves the colors, tone mapping, shadows, and sharpness of the image. In brief, after downloading this mod, you can upgrade Red Dead Redemption 2’s existing visuals.

4. Hunting Wagon Mod

It’s pointless to start a pet and animal collection company if you don’t have the proper transportation.

Hunting Wagon adds a programmed mechanism that spawns at your camp and can be monitored via radar or a map.

Holding the Stow key near the wagon allows you to store pelts and animals in the rear, which is convenient for outdoor adventures.

But be cautious. If you die or reload, you’ll lose anything you put in the wagon, and there may be a rare collision bug. ThreeSocks3 should keep updating this immersion patch to fix these difficulties, hopefully.

5. Blink or Teleportation Mod

The landscape in Red Dead Redemption 2 is massive, and although riding a horse or walking across the countryside is a lovely way to take in the sights, it takes a long time. The Blink (Teleportation) mod is useful since it allows you to teleport to any location you choose with a single button press.

However, keep in mind that it only works inside the player character’s field of view, which means you may only teleport to areas that are visible to them.

6. Arthur Morgan as the Joker

Arthur Morgan’s face will be given a fresh layer of facial paint imitating the legendary Batman villain. Joker, after installing this face re-texture mod.

 In the Batman world, there have been numerous Jokers, but this mod depicts Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the character—a.k.a. the melancholy, debate-provoking Joker.

This Red Dead Redemption 2 Joker mod should suffice if the game isn’t bleakly philosophical enough for you.

7. TheyKeepComing Mod

They Keep Coming is a gameplay mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 that has virtually nothing to do with the game. However, if you’re searching for something fresh to do in a game that you’re not quite ready to abandon, it’ll suffice.

The mod places the player in Saint Denis’ cemetery. Allows them to set up traps and mount weapons, and then generates waves of attackers until the player is slain. If you wish to compare stats with others, it even maintains a note of the highest score.

8. The Longer Days Mod

If the Illumination Power mod isn’t enough to compensate for the game’s restricted illumination, there’s also the Longer Days mod, which increases the day cycle’s hours.

If you spend long weeks out on the land, cooking and camping far from the protection of a hotel or base camp, this mod will come in handy. Of course, the longer the light shines, the more you can do. Whether you’re gathering orchids in a swamp or hunting bears in the mountains.

9. Hot Air Balloon Mod

You may summon a hot air balloon anyplace and ride it up into the sky using this mod. It’s unquestionably superior to the view from the back of a horse. The most recent version of the mod includes inertia and better controls as well as controller compatibility if you’re using a gamepad to play Red Dead Redemption.

10. Better Keybinds Mod

Many players choose to utilize the W, A, S, and D keys instead of the mouse or other key bindings when interacting with in-game menus. And the Better Keybinds Mod was created with this in mind.

Summing up

We have introduced you to the best Red Dead Redemption 2 Mods now it’s your turn to try them out and have fun. It’s damn sure that you will enjoy these mods. If you have any queries you’re most welcome to our comment section. Stay tuned for further updates.

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