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YouTube Promo Codes For US: All You Need To Know About YouTube TV Subscription

YouTube TV Promo Code, Working YouTube TV Promo Codes For US, How To Get YouTube TV Promo Codes, How To Use YouTube TV Promo Code

YouTube TV Promo Codes 2023

Are you wondering how to get free YouTube TV promo codes in the US that work in 2021? Well, if that is the case you have landed in the correct place. Here we have listed detailed information about YouTube TV promo codes, their availability, and the way to use them.

Due to the emerging internet usage among consumers, it has become a hard game for all digital entertainment providers to lock their active customers for a long time. As a result of the heavy competition, many digital broadcasting companies are offering different promotional strategies that help their consumers and thus increases the usage of the company’s products.

Among such strategies launching various promo codes has become quite popular nowadays among online broadcasters. And, Youtube TV is not behind in this game.

Even though YouTube TV has been launched in a few selected areas, it has become the largest broadcast provider having the highest number of subscribers in the US. Due to this, the popularity of using promo code is evolving among US users.

What Is YouTube TV?

Well, Youtube TV is an online television streaming service that offers live TV and video on demand. This means you can watch what you like to see.

What Is Youtube TV & Youtube TV Promo Codes?

Basically, Youtube TV was launched in America for streaming videos but later it included live telecasting service from more than 85 different cable, broadcast, and regional sports networks.

YouTube TV is owned by YouTube, so you don’t have to worry about its authenticity and entertainment. This service can be purchased by anyone belonging to the region where it is available and can enjoy a vast level of entertainment.

YouTube TV brings new streaming strategies for the viewers, which includes the availability of 85+ live TV channels to stream and that too in one single subscription.

This live TV service has changed the way of entertainment consumption among normal viewers and the hassle of cable TV can be left behind while using this service.

Is It Good To Buy Youtube TV Subscription?

Yes, buying a Youtube TV subscription is going to be the best decision you are making for your entertainment. The complete package along with a bunch of exciting offers of Youtube TV subscription will make you satisfied with the decision.

The other exciting services of Youtube TV includes:-

  1. Recommendation of most-watched shows and live-sports
  • Facility to a maximum of 6 accounts for a single subscription price
  • Unlimited space for DVR

Pricing Of YouTube TV Subscription

The pricing of a Youtube TV subscription is about $64.99 per month. The single membership of Youtube TV can be accessed by a maximum of 6 different accounts.

However, the memberships include local NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC streaming services. Along with these, you will get access to regional sports networks, ESPN, and various other entertaining channels.

You will be rewarded with free and unlimited cloud storage space by DVR. On top of this, the subscription neither includes any hidden fee nor any installation appointment or rental service.

However, if you spend some extra money per month, you will become eligible to use premium and sports networks. The possible networks available for the premium version of Youtube TV include SHOWTIME, Fox Soccer Plus, and STARZ.

Compatible Devices For Youtube TV Streaming

Similar to the popular streaming source, namely Youtube, the Youtube TV is also compatible with almost every device. The main goal of this broadcast is to entertain its subscribers no matter from which device they are watching.

This means you can stream any content of your choice, on any platform or device. Fortunately, Youtube TV works hard to add many additional features that enhance the viewing experience of its subscribers.

YouTube TV On Mobile Devices

You can easily stream Youtube TV on your mobile or tablet devices. But one thing you must notice here is the version of your devices.

Generally, smartphones or tablets operating on Android L and iPhone or iPad devices operating on iOS 11 are compatible with Youtube TV.

If you find your device working on the said version then, all you have to do is download the Youtube TV application from the app store of your device and enter the best streaming experience.

YouTube TV On PC

No matter how quality of content your mobile devices provide, it is obvious to say that the streaming experience you get via PC is not comparable with any other device.

While using a PC, you can watch Youtube TV directly from the official website. But if you are a person who likes to watch videos with an excellent viewing experience you can stream it with Google’s Youtube live TV. For this, you must install the newest version of Firefox or Chrome browsers.

YouTube TV Promo Codes August 2023

A promo code is nothing but a series of alphabetical characters that represents a special offer related to a specific product or service. Whenever you tend to purchase products using this code, you have to enter the code at the beginning of the shopping deal.

By doing this, the reward specified to that code will be applied to the purchase you are up to.

Nowadays almost every online store is using various discount codes or promo codes to enhance its sales. In general, these discount codes must be entered before their expiration while finishing the purchase from that particular store.

Similar to these shopping promo codes, Youtube TV also offers useful promo codes that help you get crazy discounts while taking a one-year subscription.

Meanwhile, who don’t like to get amazing discounts for what they have to spend huge money on. Therefore, Youtube TV has introduced these interesting promo codes that encourage people to get entertained with unlimited TV shows and more than 80+ channels.

To minimize your effort of finding working promo codes from various places, we have listed most of the available promo codes of Youtube TV below.

Working YouTube TV Promo Codes For Today

Before using the promo codes, you have to remember that codes will not help you get the whole subscription free of cost. Instead, promo codes will help you reduce the expenses of a Youtube TV subscription.

YouTube is trying to indulge most of the entertainment streaming platforms into one, as it knows it is hard and expensive for someone to maintain multiple streaming services.

Well, here are the promo codes that are currently available on this new platform. You can easily utilize them to get subscription discounts.

LESS55 To Get YouTube TV Promo Codes

This coupon for Youtube TV is useful while taking a subscription plan. With this promo code, you can avail of up to 55% of discount on your purchase. Many are taking the advantage of this code even in 2021.

However, there is no official confirmation about its expiration date. So, if you don’t want to lose this opportunity, we advise you to go and grab this code now!

DVR With Unlimited Storage For Free Youtube TV Subscription

Another Offer from Youtube TV for its customers is the unlimited DVR storage space for a very low cost. This popular offer from Youtube TV is useful to store your recorded TV shows, sports, news, and almost every video that you stream on this platform.

While there is no extra cost for recording shows on Youtube TV, you can watch your favorite shows anytime. This is extremely useful when you missed your TV shows and live performances due to the busy work schedule.

The traditional cable services will charge you for this feature, while Youtube TV is offering it for free with a subscription plan.

Chromecast Offer To Get YouTube TV Promo Code

Every Youtube TV subscriber can access this Chromecast offer which is available even now. This plan offers a premium level streaming experience to all the viewers of Youtube TV that too without any hassle.

You will get a Chromecast device along with this plan for excellent streaming, which is the best collaboration for entertainment lovers.

The cost of Chromecast is $49.99 but you can get it for free with the premium plan of Youtube TV. So, if you are starting with the Youtube TV services, then availing this Chromecast along with the subscription would be a perfect choice for you.

How To Use Youtube TV Promo Code?

This is a step-by-step guide to use YouTube TV Promo Code. If you have a valid YouTube TV Redeem Code, then follow it. This post has shared how you will get a working YouTube TV Promo Code for free subscription.

The first thing you will think about after getting promo codes is the way how to use them. Therefore, we managed to present you with a simple process of using promo codes on the website.

You can follow below mentioned simple process

Step 1: First, you have to visit the official platform of Youtube TV. With the help of a direct link, you will be directed to the homepage of the forum. Once you see the free trial option here, you can click on it to start your subscription process.

Step 2: During the purchase of the subscription plan you will require to sign in using your Google account. New users must enter their USA Zip code, as this platform is currently available only in the USA.

Step 3: After entering all the needed details, you have to opt for a subscription plan that is suitable for you. In case you have a promo code, you can apply for it without going for a paid subscription. You have to apply the code which gives you maximum discount on the price.

Step 4: Finally, you have to wrap up the subscription process by adding your payment details. There are multiple options available for payment, among which you have to opt for the appropriate one for you. Once your payment is processed, you will be ready to access the premium services of Youtube TV.

How To Use Youtube TV’s Free Trial Without Using Promo Code

If you to activate YouTube free trial then follow this article. Note this offer is only for United States.

Free trials are available for almost all the streaming services nowadays. For Youtube TV also you can use a free trial before buying your subscription plan.

However, we have to enter the payment details before taking the free trial. The following steps must be followed to avail free trial of Youtube TV

  • Go to the official page of the Youtube platform
  • Here, choose your favorite plan and click on “start trial”
  • Now, you must enter your payment details.
  • After this, tap on “Proceed”
  • Congratulations! Now you are ready to enjoy your free trial

The reason why you have to add payment details for the free trial is that Youtube TV will automatically deduct the fees for next month.

This deduction will be based on your choice during the selection of a subscription plan. And, if you want to save money from deduction then you have to cancel the free trial subscription on time.

You can cancel the subscription plan easily by going to your member account.

Key Features Of YouTube TV:-

As we mentioned earlier Youtube TV is a continuous entertainer. With this streaming service, you will get unlimited features that help you get a satisfying streaming experience.

Practically, YouTube TV services are popular due to the collective features it offers to its consumers. It would be helpful for you to understand these features

1. Absence Of Periodic Agreement

Most people hardly manage to commit to a single service for a long time. This happens because no one knows what is going to happen with the service in the meantime.

To solve this issue, Youtube TV doesn’t ask for any type of periodic agreement with the subscribers. On top of this, you can disconnect the subscription whenever you find it necessary. There will be no hidden charges for that matter.

2. Multiple Account Usage

One of the best things about Youtube TV streaming is you can watch any live channel on other devices also and that too with a single subscription.

While other streaming networks, like Netflix, limit the streaming on other devices to 4, Youtube live TV offers live streaming on up to 6 different devices.

Surprisingly, you don’t have to share your subscription details with other users as they can log in with their own Google account details. With the help of this feature, you can create sub-accounts for your family members and get entertained continuously.

3. Personalized Access

It is important for any online broadcasting platform to be accessible according to the user’s choice. In this regard, Youtube TV allows users to stream on-demand shows.

This means, you can watch live TV, the upcoming season of TV shows, old shows, and hook to any movie just by searching its name. Fortunately, you can also record your favorite shows to enjoy later with the help of DVR storage.

4. Easy Controllability

The simplest way to control any device is to order it the way it has to perform. With Youtube TV also, you can regulate its functions just by giving it orders.

If you have a Google home speaker or Google best mini, you can control some limited functions with your voice like Pause, Rewind, Play, Recording shows, selecting shows, and Change of channels. You can also use Chromecast for your commands.

5. Compatibility

YouTube TV is compatible with almost all the devices which can run streaming services. However, the devices must be operating with the above-said versions.

Surprisingly, Youtube TV supports apps for smartphones, smart TVs, and various gaming consoles. The platform is trying to be accessible to every single device and thus the list of compatible devices for Youtube TV streaming is expanding continuously.

6. Cost

The most irritating thing about the pricing of subscription plans is the confusion they create with multiple options, which are probably meant to dig deep into your pockets.

In the case of Youtube TV, there are no confusing packages available on the website and it is perfect for people who want to purchase their plans without much stress.

The fact that this site offers every single detail about the subscription plan makes it obvious to consider. However, YouTube TV offers a single plan that is enough for all your streaming needs and this plan will cost as low as $64.99 per month.

7. Dark Mode

Another interesting feature of YouTube TV is its Dark mode. This Dark mode is supportive for both mobile and desktop devices.

While dark mode can help minimize damage to your eyes, this feature shows how considerate this streaming service is about the health of its subscribers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost of a YouTube TV Subscription?

The normal pricing of one month of Youtube TV subscription is $64.99. With this subscription plan, you can watch live TV anytime and it will be enough for all your entertainment needs.

Q. What is the discount for the YouTube TV promo code?

The promo code of Youtube TV, namely LESS55, can be used to get a 55 % discount on the subscription plan. Many have used this code easily, now it is your turn.

Q. How many sub-accounts can be created with a Youtube TV subscription?

As mentioned earlier you can create up to 6 sub-accounts with a single subscription. On top of this, you do not have to share your details with other users of the plan, as they can log in with their Google accounts.

When can I cancel my YouTube TV free trial?

You can cancel your free trial before the end time so that you can save your money from the deduction.

Q. What is the drawback of YouTube TV?

YouTube TV states that it costs less than generic cable TV subscriptions, but at last it costs about $64.99 every month which is undoubtedly heavy for some users.

Conclusion For YouTube TV Promo Codes & Free Subscription

YouTube has become the most popular online video sharing platform today. YouTube TV also rapidly expanding its customer base daily. More than 50 million users have subscribed to YouTube TV so far.

I hope that you learned all the needed information about YouTube TV and its plans. Although YouTube TV has some drawbacks, it is still the best online streaming service available today.

Therefore, we recommend you utilize beneficial features of this platform and share the experience.

To conclude, it is the best streaming purchase in comparison to other available options in the market.

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