3 Best Ways To Get Free Garena Free Fire Diamonds Top Up

How To Get Free Fire Diamonds Top Up For Free, How To Get Free Diamond Top Up In Free Fire, 3 Best Tricks For Free Fire Diamonds Top Up

          Want to get Garena Free Fire Diamonds to personalize fancy character outfits, individual items of clothing, vehicles, weapons, and more, but still confused by the ways to have diamonds in your pocket? Here we go, you arrived at the right place! The Garena Free Fire diamonds, are the most valuable and beneficial currency that can help you purchase a wide variety of cosmetics on offer or other such, allowing you to show off your spendings during matches.

          The most downloaded game in 2019 and got much popularised after the ban of PUBG Mobile was Garena Free Fire is an online-only action-adventure battle royale game, You can get played in a third-person perspective, developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for both android and iOS devices respectively, also known as Free Fire as well as Free Fire battlegrounds.

          Earning a Garena Free Fire diamond is free but not easy yet! The amount you earn is always far lower than other sources, like just outright purchasing it, usually limited to events. In this guide, we’ll detail the methods to get Garena Free Fire diamonds by spending your hard-earned cash.


What Are Garena Free Fire Diamonds and How Do They Work?

           Diamonds are the premium currency in Garena Free Fire that permits you to purchase in-game cosmetic items. Users can use the currency to avail themselves of elite Pass, characters, pets, and more.

How To Get  Free Fire Diamonds Top Up For Free

How to Get Garena Free Fire Diamonds?

          If players want to use in-game currency then they have to spend money which is not at all favorable for most of them. Getting diamonds for free isn’t an easy task; it pushes you to work hard for that, or else an easy way to access the Garena Free Fire diamonds is to buy them.

Below listed are some of the methods to avail of the diamonds.

  • Buy them: the simplest way to get access over your diamonds is to buy them from the in-game shop. This will cost you as little as $0.99 (£0.99) for 100 diamonds, or $48.99 (£48.99) for 5,600.
  • Get membership: The weekly membership will cost around $1.99 (£1.99) and provides about 420 diamonds, while monthly it can cost you $7.99 (£7.99) and provides 1,900 for sure. You can always buy both, and that provides you with an S-VIP badge, means double the diamonds. These are the two different memberships which can unveil you with diamonds upfront, daily diamonds and various exclusive rewards.
  • Level up pass: Level up pass is a new offering that fills your treasure with diamonds, as the name suggests, leveling up. In total, one can receive about 1,600 diamonds while climbing from level one all the way to the level 30. And this pass can only be purchased once per account.

Best Ways To Get Garena Free Fire Diamonds For Free

         Obtaining diamonds for free in free fire is not an easy task and that they would have to complete various tasks. This part of the article deals with some of those methods to get free diamonds.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

             One of the best methods to get your premium currency in Garena Free Fire, just by visiting the Play Store page of Google Opinion Rewards. For a player, it is important to know that the payout and frequency of the survey vary.

Garena Free Fire has over 50 million downloads and is rated 4.3/5. App provides a feature of Play Credits/Balance, where you can complete short and straightforward surveys to earn some diamonds.

2. GPT Apps and Websites

              Countless Get-paid-to (GPT) applications are available online that players can have a tryout. A few of them are Prize Rebel, Easy Rewards, Swagbucks, Poll Pay, and more.

Players must complete offers such as surveys, quizzes, and more. They can later redeem numerous rewards such as gift cards and more.

3. Events

            Multiple events run on the Booyah! Application, these are only dedicated Garena apps for gaming content. Presently, the K.O. Dancing Challenge is going on in the BR title, with an extraordinary prize pool of ₹5000 Amazon gift cards and 15000 diamonds. All you have to do is upload your dancing videos to participate, and win the prizes.

Note: An important note to be paid attention to is the players must never use illicit modded applications like Free Fire unlimited diamond as they are illegal and against the Anti-hack of Free Fire. If found guilty, user accounts will be suspended.


1. What are the methods for obtaining free diamonds in Free Fire?

Below listed are the three methods to get diamonds for free

  • Google Opinion Rewards,
    • GPT Apps and Websites and
    • Participating in events.

2. Is it possible to get Garena Free Fire diamonds for free?

Yes! But getting anything for free isn’t an easy task and that they would have to complete various tasks.

3. What happens if we use illicit modded apps?

Players should never use illicit Free Fire mod applications as they are illegal and against the Anti-hack of Free Fire. If found guilty, user accounts will be suspended.

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