5 Best Free iPhone Emulator for Windows

You are in the right article if you are looking for some iPhone emulators for free. Over the internet, you will about tons of iPhone emulators for PC or iPhone emulator APK. In this article, we tried to provide you with some best iPhone emulators available for free and for your windows. Somehow at least once we all might have thought or we can say we must have tried to run a mobile app on the desktop or must have tried to convert the mode of our PC in such a way that it will behave like that of our Android or PC version. Then an Android and iPhone emulator is something that can help us to run a mobile app on your PC or desktop. Basically, it is something that will help you to replicate the hardware of the iPhone to run in other systems.

The app developers mainly use this to check and run their app in mac and windows. But you can’t use the app from the Apple app store directly. You can run them from your Windows PC or PC and access them easily as you run them on your Apple gadgets. With emulators and test systems, you can trial your applications while creating them and investigate them. So, in this article, we will be providing you with some information about how to use the iPhone emulator on windows 10 and the steps to the phone emulator download process so that you will get clear out about everything that you need to know.


Advantages and uses of iPhone Emulator

5 best iPhone Emulator for Windows

1. The main advantage is you can experience the iPhone interface without having the original iPhone in your hand device.

2. While you design and test your developed apps you can find what issues it is facing.

3. It is completely simple to use and the programming process is also really fast.

4. You can even test your app with the developer tools present.

5. Installation process is really easy.

6. It doesn’t require any high-tech processor systems.

7. It is free to use

8. It is furnished with the SDK with the arrival of each new working operating system.

9. They help in understanding XCODE just as iOS advancement.

10. They can be utilized in running numerous gadgets with a solitary iOS gadget.

11. You install and run apps and games the way you do on your apple devices.

12. Mostly these emulators are user-friendly and safe to use.

5 Best Free iPhone Emulator for Windows

We will furnish you with the best iOS emulators that will assist you with running your iOS applications on your Windows 10 PC. iPhone emulators for Windows create an iOS environment so that you can experience the iPhone interface without having the original iPhone in your hand device.  This Virtual innovation upholds iOS applications accessible on Apple Store to run on Windows PC. They permit the Windows 10 Computer to work or act like an iOS gadget.

There are many iPhone emulators which you can avail for free as well as paid.  We tried to collect info on some free iPhone emulators for you all. Hope these will help you to complete your needs.

1. Smart Face Emulator

Emulator Name: SmartFace Emulator

Platform: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10

RAM: At least 8 GB

CPU: At least i5 Processor

Free disk space: 100 GB or more

Price: the free version and premium version

The smart face is mostly used for the purpose of development. That is why the application has not had very many bugs, and it is equipped for running any iOS application both from App Store and other unknown sources. It has some powerful and secured features as well. It is available for both free as well in the premium version. The premium plan starts at $99. It will be really good for you if you download the free version and use it, after that upgrade it to the premium version as per your need. It is a little tricky but easy to use and there is no limit. In addition, to run Smart face perfectly and without any flaws. You will likewise require iTunes introduced on your Windows first. This emulator supports all versions of iOS, iPad, and iPhone.

2. Appetize.io

Platform: Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 | web-based

CPU: At least i3 processor

RAM: At least 4GB

Free disk space: 12 GB or more

Price: Free trial for 100 minutes after that you will have to pay a price of $0.05 per minute.

Appetite.io is an online emulator. Its functionality is something that will make you fall in love with it. According to us, it is completely meant for the developers. Since it is an online platform so it is compatible with all devices, all that you need is a good internet connection and the latest web browser on your computer. It is not that good for those who want to use it to run ios apps on their Windows.

There is no drag and drop feature in it, you need to know codes and you should have a lot of experience. The demo time frame is for 60 seconds which is very little time we guess a longer time frame would have been better. You can play a ton of iOS games on the Windows Operating framework utilizing this iOS emulator. It supports a wide range of iOS forms beginning from iPhone 4 to iPhone 11 and even iPads.

3. Xamarin Test Flight

Emulator Name: Test Flight

Platform: Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

RAM: At least 8GB

CPU: At least i5 processor

Free disk space: 10 GB or more

Price: Free

This is an excellent emulator and has extensive features. It is owned by Apple itself. It is a beta testing administration given by Apple to iOS application designers.

At first, it had support for Android Operating System too, however, when Apple procured TestFlight, the organization killed the help for Android application advancement. Designers need to have Apple engineer certifications to utilize iTunes Connect Portal, which is a fundamental necessity for utilizing this emulator. You can install it on your iPhone or iPad because it is a real ios app.

Once you are done with testing your application all you need to do is a single click so that your app will get uploaded for review. On the off chance that the designers need to test their applications for lower forms of iOS, they should utilize a different emulator. This emulator does not allow you to develop any Android apps. It is available for free usage. It isn’t easy to become familiar with this emulator. You need time to learn about it but once you are done knowing everything about it you’ll not get any issues.

4. App.io

Emulator name: App.io

Platform: Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

RAM: At least 8 GB

CPU:  At least i5 Processor

Free disk space: 5 GB or more

Price: Trial and Paid version

According to us, it is an excellent emulator for Windows. It has a trial version which you can use and if you are satisfied with the trial version then upgrade it into paid to get more benefits. It provides a great environment for app development but the loading time is a little more around 30 minutes.  The download process, install and use is completely simple and easy. It also supports Android phones as well.

5. Air iPhone Emulator

Emulator name: Air iPhone Emulator

Platform: Windows 7 64bit, 8.1 64bit, 10

RAM: At least 8Gb

CPU:  At least i5 processor

Free disk space:  20GB or more

Price: Free

Air iPhone emulator, you can say it is one of the popular iPhone emulators. It is a superb option in contrast to iPadian. It permits you to download and run all the applications in the Apple Store. This option is really great for those who want to try the iPhone apps on their PC.

It can run all most all the applications present in-app store. But you cannot install any unknown application outside the app store. Its functionality is good but it still has some bugs some web browsers failed to run in this emulator. While using it in Windows 10 it shows some technical issues as well. So, it is good to consider it as a temporary ios device, because it is we can’t assume it as a fully functional ios emulator.

Since you have decided which iPhone emulator you want to download for your PC. We will be providing you with the links to download successfully as per your choice and preference. Before downloading make sure your PC qualifies their system requirements.

1. Smart Face Emulator

     Download link

2. Appetize.io

    Download link

3. Xamarin Test Flight

    Download link

4. App.io

    Download link

5. Air iPhone Emulator

    Download link

Final Words

The above iOS emulators are easy to understand and protected to utilize. This load of emulators is really enormous and works well overall. Testing just as running your iOS applications on Windows 10 PC is very simpler now with the assistance of these iOS emulators. So, these were the 5 best free iPhone emulators for PC, that can be used for either capable applications headway and testing or just to assess iOS.

Give us your feedback so that we can improve even more. Also, do share some other Free iOS emulators that you use. We will keep you updated. Share this article with your friends and family so that it will be helpful for them as well. And if you still have any doubts or queries share them with us and we will try to resolve them as soon as possible.

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