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5 Best Google Doodle Games In 2022 – How To Play Google Doodle Game

Hello, friend today we are discussing the world’s biggest search engine, Google feature, doodle. G doodle is the knowledge-giving part of Google. G doodle specifies the Google logo on the Google homepage. Google logo is changing as per the historic incident and the day belongs to which incident. Google doodle also provides games, and today we are discussing that property. Google doodle was established in 1998, and it is working till now. Daily you can see the enhancement in the Google interface or google logo on its home page. Google doodle provides honor to the scientists like Newton, Edison, Nicola Tesla, Ramanujan, C V Raman, and more than nine thousand other scientists.

Google doodle games

These all the above information regards the Google doodle. One of the greatest feature of Google doodle is providing games. Now let us see the top 5 google doodle sports game list

5 best google doodle games
  1. Hurdles
  2. Basketball
  3. Soccer
  4. Cricket
  5. Slalom canoe

This is the top 5 google doodle sports game list. Instead of providing sports game google doodle also provide the information and knowledge full games, and the best part of the Google doodle game is some game is based on the kid programming. Kid programming stands for the programming related to blocks(block puzzle programming). Block puzzle programming is a unique and easy steps programming and google doodle provides the game related to kid programming.

Google doodle provide game for fun and passing the free time, and it also has a good game providing team.

How To Play Google Doodle Game

Let us get a summary of the best google doodle sports game. In a summary of the best google doodle sports game, you can say any age group person can easily play this because of its easy controlling feature. Most of the games do not use many controlling keys for controlling their companion in the game world.

Google doodle use only a few keys like left, right, acceleration, kick, fire such types of keys only, for control. In this way, a kid group of children may also prove him the best player in these games but having a low feature they choose the variety in games and never feel boring. Google doodle provides many of the games, but the question is how you can play the best google doodle sports game as well as all other google doodle games.

Here are a few steps you can play any of the Google doodle games.

  1. Open the Google home page from your chrome or any other browser application on your smartphone.
  2. After opening the Google homepage click on the doodle or search google doodle and click on the doodle
  3. Remember one thing click on only that doodle which you want to play
  4. Wait few seconds, and you can see the game’s tutorial is on your smartphone screen
  5. You can now able to play the Google doodle game

Note: when you click on the doodle from the Google doodle site there is a top google doodle games list, in which you can choose one. And you have an option to search a doodle over a huge list of 2000+ doodles, which are still increasing.

Now let’s start the brief description of the above mention best 5 google doodle sports game


As per its name, it is the game in which your player running and jumping in the game by the jumping key you can play this game. On reading, it might look like it is boring but when you play this game. You can realize, yes it is one of the top 5 google doodle games. It is looking so much good because it is based on a pastime version so might be not much good in graphic design, but it is best in the part of controlling and making fun by playing this game.


As in offline mode, soccer is a good game but in an online game. It has also been one of the Google doodle sports games on top google doodle sports game list. You can’t make a goal in this game. But you can feel the best goalkeeper in yourself. You can move the goalkeeper by the arrow key of the keyboard near the number key. And can block the ball with a single click on the space bar. It is also boring but feels harder than the previous one.


Basketball is the game where you find fun like cricket, and soccer, so you should play it one’s. When you enter the game you have to make a point, but not bypassing and suffer from the opponent. You just need to a goal by click on the mouse or by click on the space bar button. For making, it critical, fanatic and so much hard google doodle adds a time limit. The time limit for one action is 24 seconds which is enough to maintain power pressure to goal in the basket. This also one of the Google doodle sports games.


As per the survey, cricket is the longest follower gaining play in all the other games. But in the digital gaming world in Google doodle, sports games are also the number 1. Because of the celebration of champion trophy 2017, it is created. And it is one of the most famous ICC cricket digital games. Google doodle create it as it need not download as like other google doodle game so, it is also a good choice for the player who wants to play a good cricket game. Those all features making this ICC cricket game the number one in the top 5 google doodle sports game list.

Slalom canoe

This game story is based on a boat driver who drove his boat in a river and the river meander very well which creates difficulty in-game and some obstacles like stone and others also in the the the rivethe r which make this game surprising. If you are really like such type of games must visit google doodle and play it one’s that gives you a very amazing experience for you.

You can control it by moving the boat right and left by clicking the right and left buttons shown on your display. You can also accelerate the boat by holding the right button simultaneously you need to move it. Otherwise, you lose by getting a collision.


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