8 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Vital in 2021

Over the years, there has been a rapid decrease in the effectiveness of traditional marketing tactics. The digital boom has led to a decrease in the attention span of the average consumer. These days, people expect brands to convey maximum information in the shortest possible time. In such a situation, video marketing is the only path to appealing to one’s target group.

Video marketing

The scope of video is immense, and it is worth the effort to invest in the planning and preparation of video content. If you are unsure about leaping to the digital world, here are eight facts that will change your mind.


Video Captures Attention

Studies show that the attention span of the average individual has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds. With the easy availability of diverse content, internet users are spoilt with options. In such a situation, video is one of the best ways to capture the viewers’ attention.

Videos appeal to an individual’s visual and audio senses and have a major impact. They are known to hold the attention of viewers five times better than still images. With intro-making tools, you can plan your video content to capture the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds. This is especially important for brands that are keen to promote a product to a potential customer.

Video Boosts Conversions

Before making a purchase, consumers are often unsure of a product. When product usage is demonstrated with a video, the viewers get a realistic view of the product and its features. That way, they can take a call on whether the user is comfortable for them. 55% of modern consumers watch the video of a product before making a purchase.

From a brand perspective, having a video on a product landing page helps to retain a viewer for longer. The more time people spend on your website, the easier it will be for you to lure them into a purchase. While preparing your brand website, you must understand that the average consumer is not keen on reading complex descriptions. By conveying the information through video, you get better conversions.

Attract New Customers

The scope of video is ever-evolving, and it is the perfect medium to reach new customers. These days, most social media platforms allow targeted marketing. Depending on your target audience and marketing budget, you can display your social media videos to potential customers. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are the most popular for attracting new customers.

If your videos are interesting or add value to the customer, they will feel tempted to watch them. They will then take notice of the product placements and subtle product mentions. That way, when they need to purchase an item in your business genre, they are likely to prefer your product.

Increasing Demand for Video

The scope of video marketing is diverse, and the demand is increasing across multiple sectors. As a result, video has started replacing traditional communication mediums. For example, items that need assembling post-purchase usually come with user manuals. These manuals have language constraints, and not everyone is comfortable with such documentation.

Videos demonstrate the setup and simplify the work of the customer. That is why customers prefer video and switch their loyalty towards brands that use video. The easy access to smartphones and the availability of cheap internet access have further accelerated this trend. The average internet user prefers short video content. Such content is easily consumable and can be watched on the go.

Video Builds Trust

Trust and customer relations are at the core of every marketing initiative. With video, you can lay the foundations of a relationship of trust with your customers. When brands capitalize on this, it can steer the success story of a brand.

As a brand, you must understand that a video is a powerful tool for evoking certain emotions in the viewer. This prompts people to engage with the brand and gets them excited about your products. YouTube is the most popular platform to promote videos and gain the credibility of your target group. With appropriate video editor tools, brands can create videos to promote their products conversationally and come off as convincing.

With a rise in digital fraud cases, people are skeptical about trusting brands. In such a situation, engaging video ads, video testimonials from satisfied customers, and behind-the-scenes videos are some ways of winning customer trust.

Search Engines Prefer Video Content

A look at Google and other top search engine reveal that video is the most preferred form of content. Thus, when a landing page or blog has an accompanying video, it is ranked higher than a page without a video. This makes the page better discoverable, and it is likely to get higher web organic traffic.

Moreover, when a webpage has a video, the viewers will be engaged and spend a long time on the page. The search engine interprets the higher view time as relevant content and shows the video to more people.

Videos Aid Explanation

With video, brands find it easier to explain concepts and product workings. You can leverage animations to explain product operation and the different use cases. When people understand the working of your products, they will be tempted to purchase from you.

With video, you can explain complex industry subjects in layman’s terms. You can also offer your take on current affairs topics that are relevant to your business genre. That way, people will start seeing you as industry experts, and this will boost your sales.

Video Encourages Shares

Video is the most shared form of social media content. When your followers enjoy your video, they will feel tempted to share it with their peers. That way, they will act as representatives of your brand in their respective circles. Such word-of-mouth marketing will get you positive publicity and boost your digital brand image.

Engaging and quirky video content has a high chance of getting noticed in the digital world. Considering the manifold advantages of video, the present is the best time to jump into the video revolution.

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