How To Get Skin Gold Pirate AKM on PUBG Mobile or BGMI

How To Get AKM Golden Pirate Skin For Free, Unlock The Seven Season Golden Pirate All Level Waspon Skin

If you are in search of Gold Pirate AKM Skin in PUBG Mobile or BGMI at this moment then you are along a good path. This article will help you find the info you are searching for and also we will be sharing the steps following which you can acquire this newest AKM weapon skin.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale-style shooting game. This game is well-known for its realism. It’s evident in the armament, which includes comprehensive specs.

PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, continues to provide skins for guns. It’s only for show. As a result, using skins on weapons has no influence on the weapon’s stats.

PUBG Mobile continues to release weapon skins with a distinct theme each season. Starting with the pre-installed weapon skin set, or providing its own weapon skin.

The Gold Pirate AKM skin is also available on Battlegrounds Mobile India, so Indian gamers don’t have to worry. I guess there is no need to tell what BGMI is, cause it’s already the viral game now in India.


Gold Pirate AKM Skin Available on PUBG Mobile & BGMI

PUBG Mobile released the Gold Pirate AKM skin yesterday (17/8). AKM is transformed into a sumptuous Assault Rifle (AR) loaded with gold in this latest weapon makeover. As we all know, gold is synonymous with pirates. In pursuit of wealth, they combed the seas. There was a lot of jewelry, luxury products, and, of course, gold inside.

In the form of weapon skins, PUBG Mobile now has pirate-style money. This gold-themed pirate weapon skin can be found in AR 7.62, specifically AKM. Because this AR weapon causes lethal damage, it features a gold-coated body.

From the Gold Pirate AKM skin or other designations Of The Seven Seas, there are three degrees of shape, ranging from the basic appearance to the advanced look to the ultimate form.

The ultimate form of AKM does not just have a gold look on the skin. On the body of the AKM, however, the pirate pattern and the pirate ship’s steering handle may be seen. You’ll also receive special features with this golden pirate AKM skin. This AKM’s death effect, notification during elimination, and last emote are just a few examples.

How to Get Skin Gold Pirate AKM

How To Get Free AKM Golden Pirate Skin

PUBG Mobile’s Lucky Spin, you may get this Gold Pirate AKM skin. From August 17 through September 6, 2021, this property will be available. There are several skin-related things available. The Gold Pirate AKM skin, as well as the Black Rose outfit set, Reptilian Lurker costume set, and other things, are all available.

  • Lucky Spin costs only 10 UC for the first spin each day, and 60 UC for subsequent spins. This offer is available every day.
  • Then you’ll get a 10% discount from the initial 600 UC to just 540 UC if you buy 10 drawings at once. However, this is insufficient to obtain the Gold Pirate AKM skin.

How to Access the Lucky Spin in PUBG or BGMI?

This is a pretty straightforward process, all you need to do is…

  1. Grab your mobile and open the game.
  2. Let the game load, as this is a huge one it takes time.
  3. Now when you are on the main screen of the game, you can see a scrolling icons menu at the bottom right.
  4. There you can find the lucky spin.
  5. Just click on it and you will be taken to the Lucky Spin area.
  6. Now spend those UP of yours wisely.

Note: To acquire the AKM pirate gold skin, you must first raise your Lucky level to 200 points. You can upgrade to the next level of view by doing so next. So, if you have a sufficient number of UC, go ahead and try out the fortunate spin event.

List of Lucky Spin Prizes in PUBG – August 2021

There are more amazing prizes at the August 2021 Lucky Spin in addition to the main prize, the Seven Seas AKM skin. Here’s the complete list:

#1 Rare Items

  • Classic Crate Coupon Scrap

Silver Coins (x3/x6).

#2 Epic Items


Black Rose Hat,

Black Rose Eyepatch.

#3 Legendary Items


Black Rose Set,

The Midas Touch,

Reptilian Lurker Set,

Futuristic Hive Backpack,

The Seven Seas AKM (Lv.1).


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