13 Easy Steps To Draw Among Us Character

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Among Us is an online multiplayer social game. The characters are AI-controlled entities and the game takes place in space-themed settings with one or two more roles of being the crewmates and one predetermined imposter. The main goal of these crewmates is to find the importers and kill them before finishing their goal. While the imposter has to find the crewmates and kill them one by one before they succeed in their goal. In this article, we will learn about the among us crew mate character drawing procedure along with detailed steps.

Among Us is one of the games which has gained popularity over the months of this pandemic. As many YouTubers and Twitch streamers were playing it. It has received immense growth and also inspired the meme community.

How to Draw Among Us Characters?

This multiplayer game randomly starts with three people. But it can be played along with four to ten players. These players play their game in one of the four-round maps in the spaceship.

Among Us Character

It is simple and easiest to draw these characters. As they bring life to these crewmates and importers.

Here are some simple steps on how to draw among us characters,

  • If you are a beginner you need to use a pencil.
  • After a complete pencil sketch, you can outline with a red or black mark sketch pen or a marker.
  • You can customize your crewmate’s color and match their clothing according to your choice.
  • To achieve better results, use these shortcut steps which are one of the best hacks to draw a simple Model.

13 Easy Steps To Draw Among Us Character

  1. Firstly draw a U shape upside down on paper.
  2. Add two legs below. Use light strokes for sketching. These crewmates in Among us are small. So don’t make long legs.
  3. To the left side of the first foot extend a line for the turned body. Remember the foot on the left side should be small compared to the right side.
  4. When you are drawing the oval shape on the Among us character’s visor you need to pay attention to drawing the correct oval shape.
  5. After you have drawn the oval shape in the crewmates. Then erase the extended line.
  6. Draw an angled line pack on the right side of the body to add the pack to the among us character back. Don’t draw too wide or else it will look pointy.
  7. Draw an oval-shaped shadow line. Don’t overlap the shape of the among us character.
  8. Line the body lightly and add the shadow lines.
  9. Take your time and draw the final touches with a pen or marker of your choice.
  10. So now you have created a shadow. You can use both Crayola and prang crayons for a better version. Similarly, you can create multiple crewmates using different colors.
  11. Remember to note that you need to color the dark red or brown lower part. body and pack. While you need to color the visor light blue on the top blank. While in the shadow. You need to use dark blue color for a shadow.
  12. You can create your own among us characters and customize them according to the seasons such as spring, Summer, and Halloween.
  13. Now you can add accessories like Crown, cowboy hat, paint mini crew mate, or purple hat. Each crewmate has their own character.


There are twelve different Among us characters you can create. So take your time in drawing each character. After you finish sketching you can mark it and erase the linked lines of the among us character. Hope this solves your puzzle of drawing Among Us characters. Happy gaming!

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