10 Best FFXIV MODs 2023 – How To Install FF14 Mods Archive?

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Final Fantasy XIV is quite the MMO, you can expect that most mods are purely textures or UI improvements. This game was introduced on 30 september, 2010. Till now over 20 million players have registered around the world. It is also said that Final fantasy 14 is much better than WOW but also harder to play.


Why Do You Need FFXVI Mods in FF14?

There are a number of free as we’ll premiere mods available for FF14. However each of them has their own role from giving textures, improving the quality of the avatar to customizing it on your own. They also have better graphics that can drive anyone’s attention and play more effectively than before.

In this article, we have come up with the “top 10 must-have mods for FF14”. Before installing them, read about the features they can add to your profile properly to avoid any confusion.

10 Best FFXVI Mods for Every FF14 Player In 2023

10 Best FFXIV MODS For 2023

Followings are the top 10 best Mods for the Finial Fantasy XIV video game. All those mods asre developed with best powerful MOD Framework tools.

1. Face Defined

 The first thing through which people will identify you is utmost the face. So, if you’re someone who wants to improve or add new looks for your face, this mod is for you. It will replace every vanilla textured face with new eye colour and textures irrespective of gender.

Be careful at high population areas because this mod has some disadvantages of performance degradation as well.

2. Alex’s Reshade Preset

 This mod adds best image qualities to your game making it look more attractive than before. It can be also counted as a graphical improvement for your game.

One example of a ReShade preset is “The witch’s moon” which uses the stormschade fork of the preset. Before installing this, make sure that your hardware is up to date.

3. Heavensward SweetFX

This counts in my favorite list because it shows you exactly what FFXIV mods are capable of. These mobs cast their shadows in the game such a way that it makes the game look extraordinary. Even If you’re a beginner Heavensward SweetFX will tell you what mods are about.

4. Custom UI

This mod allows you to customize your layout.

 For some reason it was never really used because it was actually hidden in the gaming files. But this isn’t actually a mod, however you can enjoy its improved features anyway.It’s always good to see someone helping out the community by unlocking hidden features and releasing them for free.

5. Touch of Real

 It is my favorite one and one of the best graphic modpacks anyone can have. These mods basically count as two- for male and female. It is used to update the looks of genders. These mods are must-haves for anyone wanting to improve the way FFXIV looks without burning out your GPU.

6. The Newness

This is one of the graphic mods that comes without any strain on your frame rate compared to weightier mods. It adds more lightning in the world of FF14.

Installing this mod doesn’t affect your performance in the game. Hence it enhances your visual experience to a better extent.

7. HD Summons

 If you are a person who practices evocation as a summon then this mod will make your summon freel vibrant and exciting. It is therefore a beauty upgrade.

After downloading this mod, you can follow the mentioned steps to replace your pets with summons.

  • Go to the text tools.
  • Expand the companions, click on pets list to view them.
  • Export each pet with HD mod.
  • After you finish, again go into the options of text tools.
  • Customize your saved folder with exported mods.

8. Hair Defined

This mod replaces the original hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and beard textures for every race and gender in the game. It has more than one thousand textures in the game. If hairstyles really affect your performance, then you should really go for it to give your avatar a perfect look.

9. HD Buffs Icons

 It will increase the range of buffs and debuffs for your game.

 For those who don’t know what buffs are actually for- they are for status effects, It makes them look more attractive when expanded.

10. Moogle Maps

It is a must have mod for every player because it will replace your usual map and add features that shows where treasure is. Also, it will make your daily hunting experience more convenient by placing monsters right in front of you.

The newest one is V.5.1.0 Shadowbringers – Timeworn Zonureskin Map Locations.

How to Add FF14 or FFXVI Mods?

  1. Firstly, to apply mods you need to close the game completely.
  2. To apply mods you need to download and set up the Ff14TexTools.
  3. Once you finish setting up, pick a mod you want.

Now follow the steps mentioned below to apply for it.

  1. Open “text tools.
  2. Locate the file you want to replace.
  3. Click on the option “Export as DDS”
  4. Now click the “folder” button in text tools to get the file you need to replace.
  5. Simply, replace this file you selected with the downloaded one.
  6. After you finish, return to the text tools and click the option import.

What Is XIV Mod Archive?

XIV Mod Archive is a website where you can get multiple tools for FFXIV MODs. On this site, you will get a number of Final Fantasy XIV Modding Framework to MOD FF14. These tools are not officially authorized to use. You can use the FFXIV MOD Archive at your risk.

XIV MOD Archive link:- https://www.xivmodarchive.com/


Here are some frequently asked questions about FF14 (Final Fantasy XIV) MODs.

1. Why is parsing illegal in FF14?

Firstly, it is a violation of their terms and conditions. It is because using third party software tools will not allow normal players to play the game as before.

2. Why does Reshade lag?

Unfortunately, reshade adds strain to your game. If your computer is weak, it will slow down TS4.

3. What should I do If I don’t like the mod I installed?

Click on the disable button or >>
Select the main menu from the top >>
Go to mods lists >> Turn off the mod you want to uninstall

4. Is sweetfx mod banned?

No, it is not banned. It is perfectly fine and supported in every game.

5. How will ReShade affect your performance?

ReShade is directly connected to the GPU. The faster the GPU, the faster the ReShade will run.


I hope the above mentioned mods and their installing process helped you in your gaming journey.

Research about the safe ways you can get mods to FF14 because they can ban modding If it involves a third software issue. FFXIV Mods involve third parties developers, so It is not suggestable for any player to use them if there are high chances of risk.

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