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Chegg Subscription Cancellation Support & Guide – Delete Chegg Account

How To Cancel Chegg Subscription

Cancel Chegg Account Subscription:- Chegg is an American Education technology company based in Santa Clara, California. It was founded in July 2005. All of us now are looking for a solution to every problem through the internet. Let it be any medical care requirements or it can be online teaching everything is now available online. We can find teachers and doctors through the internet. Hence many educational companies like Chegg are now flooding over the internet to help students by providing them online tutorials, digital books and they even help the students to complete their difficult homework. Chegg specializes itself by providing students online textbooks, helping them with homework, provides online tutoring, scholarships, and internship.

In order to avail all the facilities, students need to take subscription may be monthly, quarterly, Or annually.

But at any moment because of some reasons, you may also want to cancel the subscription. So hence we will also provide you some steps on how to cancel the Chegg subscriptions and how to reach out to Chegg customer support.

Chegg Account Subscription Cancel

How to get a free trial of Chegg Services?

It is always better to first check the services before getting a full-paid subscription. It will help you to know more about the site and you can completely come across its benefits and demerits and if you are satisfied you can take a complete paid subscription or else you can cancel so that you don’t get charged.

You can either use an alternative way to get a free trial or you can use Chegg’s official offers for a free trial, which they provide from time to time. You can follow the steps below to get an official free trial. All you need to do is to create a Chegg account successfully and you are done to experience a free trial.

1. Open the Chegg website

2. On the right top corner, click on to sign up.

3. Enter your email address

4. Enter password

5. Then click sign up

6. Click student on the next screen

7. Choose from the option if you are in high school or college.

8.  Enter your college name.

9. Select the year in which you are currently in your college.

10. Now click on to create an account.

Now you’ll have a free Chegg account.

How to Cancel a Chegg Subscription and get a refund?

It’s everybody’s personal choice for which they may or may not like some subscriptions. In that case, they can always ask for a cancellation and get a refund.

Below are the steps on how you can cancel your Chegg Premium subscription:-

1. Open Chegg’s website.

2. Sign in to your account.

3. On the top-right corner of the page click on the orange icon and select my subscriptions.

4. Select a subscription and then on the right-hand side select cancel the subscription.

5. Select the reason for your cancellation.

6. Lastly click submit.

7. Now you have successfully canceled your Chegg subscription

After clicking on the submit button you will get your refund within 24 to 48 hours depending upon the region where you live.

About Canceling A Chegg Subscription

1. If you cancel your subscription, you can still use the subscription till the next billing date.

2. If you are a monthly subscriber, then you can cancel the subscription at any time in between.

3. And if you are using a free trial, then you need to cancel the free trial before you get charged and billing begins.

How To Delete A Chegg Account To Cancel Subscription?

Chegg helps students by providing online tutorials and help them to do their homework. But at some point, why canceling the subscription you may get some problems or technical issues because sometimes it does not work at the billing option so the other way to cancel your subscription is by deleting your account or you may want to delete your account because your high schools are now over and you don’t want the services anymore or you may have any other reason. Regardless of the reasons follow the guide below to deactivate your Chegg account.

Delete Chegg Website

NOTE: by permanently closing your account you will lose all your personal information or personal data that can’t be recovered again.

There are two ways to deactivate

1. Through e-mail.

2. Through the web page.

Through E-mail

1. log in to your email account which you used to create the Chegg account.

2. Now compose an email with the email address “[email protected]

3. Make sure to mention the subject of the email as, “Request to delete my account.”

4. Compose an email requesting a cancellation of your account from the company’s database and also mention your reason for the cancellation of your Chegg account.

Through Web Page

1. log in to the official web page of Chegg.

2.  Now sign in to your account.

3. First check if you have any pending transactions or any rental books.

4. Cancel all your subscriptions and return your rented books.

5. Now contact the company agents to finish the account cancellation process.

How do contact the company agents to finish the cancellation process?

Chegg company agents can always help you to solve your problems like deleting your Chegg account or if you need any help regarding your subscription, you can easily reach out to them to seek their support. In order to get Chegg customer support, there are various ways to contact the customer care service. Below are some of the services.

Email: you can email them to seek assistance from the team. They will reply within their working days and will help you with your issues from their end.

Phone: you can reach out to Chegg customer support through phone calls. They will handle your issue make sure you have all the information regarding your account so that it will be easy for them to locate your account and help you.

Live Chat: those who don’t prefer in-person communication can use this method by chatting with the agents on the online platform, and the process will be live so you’ll get real-time assistance.

Twitter: Chegg is available on Twitter as well you can take the advantage of this and can submit your issue to get quick help.

You can take a subscription any time as per your need during your high school or college to get help for your homework or to get books in rentals either physically or through the e-book. And when you are over with your studies and high school you can simply cancel your subscription and delete your account. We have provided you all the steps on how you can log in and how you can cancel and delete your Chegg account easily.

We hope you got all information regarding Chegg and a brief regarding Chegg membership cancellation, which we gave will be helpful for you to solve your queries and doubts. If you still have any doubts do let us know we will love to help and assist you more. Do share this article with your friends so that it may help them as well.

We will be highly pleased to listen to your reviews.


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