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Set Up OK Google My Device – Google Assistant Setup Guide

OK Google Device Set-Up Tutorial

Lean how to setup “OK Google” on your device, Google Voice assistant “OK Google” & “Hey Google” setup guide.

Day by day Internet technology has continued to grow. Likewise, there has been a lot of technology change in Google’s service. Google’s voice assistant service is one of them. In this service, you can use Google search from your voice. To access it, your device needs some setting called “Ok Google Setup My Device“. If you are interested in this thing, then read this topic until the end

OK Google is the intelligent voice command program of Google Assistant where your device can follow your own voice. You can set up your own voice into Google Assistant setting and run your devices by giving your own voice speech. This is an awesome feature to run any device in the air. There is no need to touch on screen after you set up OK Google in your device.

OK Google” is an essential part of Google Voice Assistant. Where you can simply open Google Assistant by your saying “OK Google” and run it in your device by your voice command. You can Simple use Google Assistant features without touching the device. But in OK Google features you can set up your own voice and run your device by your own voice. After you set up OK Google in your device the smart voice command can’t read to another person’s voice to complete the task they asked.


  • An easy guide to activating Hey Or OK Google On Your Device
  • How to use OK Google on your Android phone
  • A complete guide for ok google set up my device

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant of your device. It’s developed by Google Inc. and it made for home devices & smartphones. This is similar to Apple Inc.’s product Siri & Microsoft Voice assistant “Cortana“. Google Assistant is a system software on all android mobile phones. You can simply run & ask for any help from your voice. You can use Google Assistant on your Smartphone, Android TV, Tablet, Chromebook & Google Home Devices.

Google Assistant Setting

The best part of Google Voice Assistant is the OK Google Features. After you set up it on your device then you can use Google Assistant anywhere by Saying “OK Google”. Let’s know How to set up OK Google My Device. In short, you have been suggested to set up Google Voice. Once it is activated, you can use it by speaking “OK Google” or “Hey Google”.

How to Set up “OK Google” Or “Hey Google”

This is a quick step by steps guide to activate the OK Google voice command on your Device. Follow the introduction and open Google Assistant by Say OK Google. ou can use OK.


  • Android Version 5.0 or higher
  • Applicable RAM 1GB Minimum
  • Google App V6.3 Or above
  1. Update your Google App
  2. Now Open Google App > Click On More > Go to Setting
  3. Click on Voice and Go to Voice Match Give Access your Microphone
  4. Now switch On Access With Voice Match
  5. Agree to Access Your Assistant With Voice Match
  6. You are Set up will be complete, now say Hey Google or OK Google To Activate it.
OK Google Device Set Up Guide

How to use OK Google

This is very easy to use OK Google features after you set up it on your mobile phone. To use OK Gooogle On your Android Device. Just Say Hey Google Or OK Google the Google Assistant will be open instantly. Now say anything or ask any questions for help. You can use OK Google while your phone is lock. Google Voice Assistant Supported on android version 8.0 or above.


This article has made with proper guidance. However, you can setup your device to Google Voice Assistant easily.

We hope you get satisfactory information from this post. We wish that you have got all the information about the OK Google setup. If there is any doubt, you can ask us by comment. For more information like this visit our site Saste Deal regularly.


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