BGMI or PUBG Mobile C1S3 Season Rewards & Missions

BGMI C1S3 All Tier Rewards List:- Now BGMI players just can’t keep their foot down. Because BGMI is now out with the new update ‘BGMI 1.6′ and it will come along with the C1S2. The update has also released the ROYALE PASS M3. BGMI follows a cycle-based season carry out which follows month-to-month based occasional updates. One cycle comprises three seasons along these lines, after the following season, the flow cycle will end and the next cycle will start.

BGMI C1S2 Season Rewards

Cycle 1 Season 2 has already started on September 17th. Even the Royal pass M3 has also got released with colour full outfits and weapons skins. Earlier in the C1S1 season, the information regarding C1S2 had leaked, but that nit the point to discuss now. Because BGMI’s new update 1.6 is out along with C1S2 and royal pass M3. The C1S1 had bought many changes and many rewards in BGMI but the C1S2 has some unique rewards as compared to that of season 1. In this season the player’s tiers have been reset and new tier rewards have been added. Let’s see what tier rewards does Cycle 1 Season 2 has for all the BGMI livers out there.

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Continue reading this article we have everything here for you to know about BGMI C1S2.


BGMI C1S3 Season Rewards & Missions

It has been seen that this season there are in total seven kinds of tier rewards. Let’s see what does it has in total.

C1S2 Tier Rewards Lists

1. Silver-Tier Rewards

Once the players will reach the silver tier in this Cycle 1 Season 2 of BGMI or PUBG Mobile, the players will get and explore the following rewards:

  • 400 silver fragments
  • 15 Supply crate coupon scraps
  • C1S2 Hat
  • 180 AG currency

2. Gold Tier Rewards

When the players will reach the Gold tier in C1S2 they will receive:

  • 600 silver fragments
  • 20 Supply crate coupon scraps
  • C1S2 Set
  • 245 AG currency

3. Platinum Tier Rewards (C1S2 Cover)

When the players will reach the Platinum tier in C1S2 they will receive:

  • 800 silver fragments
  • C1S2 cover.
  • 25 Supply crate coupon scraps
  • 305 AG currency

4. Diamond Tier rewards

The gamers will receive the following 4 rewards when they will reach the Diamond tier:

  • 1000 silver fragments
  • C1S2 Groza
  • 10 Classic crate coupon scraps
  • 370 AG currency

5. Crown Tier Rewards : BGMIC1S2

The rewards present in the Crown tier are the following:

  • 1300 silver fragments
  • 3 rating Protection Card
  • 20 Classic crate coupon scraps
  • 430 AG currency

6. Ace Tier Rewards :BGMI C1S2

Now comes the Ace tier rewards this tier has a lot more rewards for the gamers:

C1S2 Ace Name Tag, C1S2 Ace Master Name Tag and C1S2 Ace Dominator Name Tag, Ace exclusive team-up special effect, Ace, C1S2 Ace Parachute, Master exclusive team-up special effect, and Ace Dominator exclusive team-up special effect, C1S2 Ace Title, C1S2 Ace Master Title (4700), C1S2 Ace Dominator Title (5200), and 1600 Silver fragments.

7. Conqueror Tier Rewards: BGMI C1S2

This one is the last tier of this BGMI C1S2 and has the following hidden rewards within for the players and gamers.

  • 2000 Silver fragments
  • C1S2 Conqueror Name Tag
  • Conqueror exclusive team-up special effect.
  • C1S2 Conqueror Title

As we already said you earlier that this 1.6 update of BGMI has also released the Royal Pass M3 along with C1S2.

This Royal pass has a lot more outfits that the players can experience and if any player purchases the elite pass, then they will get 2 more outfits that are Lone Wolf Set and Deep Friend Set. But you don’t want to buy then don’t worry you can grab some free outfits at rank 35.

This Royal pass also comes with 3 new weapon skins. Out of which 2 skins can be obtained with elite pass and one skin you can get it for free once you reach rank 35.

1. Lone Wolf QBZ and Veggie Parcel M16A4 – can be obtained with elite pass

2. AWM skin – can be obtained for free.

BGMI C1S2 All Missions (Week 1 & Week 2)

After the C1S2 is out and players have RP M3, all the gamers are now busy completing the missions. We have listed all the missions that you need to complete in week 1 and week 2.

1st Week Missons

1. Mission 1– In classic mode, complete 7 matches with your friends.
2. Mission 1.2– In arena mode, complete 7 matches with your friends.
3. Mission 2– In Classic Mode, use an energy drink 20 times.
4. Mission 3- In this mission use M416 in classic mode to kill 20 enemies.
5. Mission 4– In classic mode travel more than 7000m.
6. Mission 5- In classic mode, land on the rooftop of any school for 2 times.
7. Mission 5.2– In classic mode, Land on any rooftop in Ha Tinh (Sanhok) for 2 times.
8. Mission 5.3– In Classic Mode, land on any rooftop in Water Treatment (Miramar) 2 times.
9. Mission 6– In Flora Menace, Use 2000 Nacores in Classic Mode.
10. Mission 7- In classic mode, deal with 500 headshot damages.
12. Mission 8– Make a post in moments.

2n Week Missions

  1. Mission 1: in Classic Mode, destroy 5 tires of vehicles.

2. Mission 1.2: Give likes to your roommates, i.e. total of 14 likes.

3. Mission 1.3: In VS AI, complete 3 matches.

4. Mission 2: In classic mode, you will have to Use 6 Adrenaline Syringe for 6 times.

5. Mission 3: In Classic Mode, using MG3 Light Machine Gun kill 8 enemies.

6. Mission 4.1: In Classic Mode, at Los Leones (Miramar) Finish 12 enemies with SMGs

7. Mission 4.2: In Classic Mode, finish 12 enemies with SMGs at Military Base (Erangel).

8. Mission 4.3: In Classic Mode, finish 12 enemies with SMGs at Paradise Resort (Sanhok).

9. Mission 5.1:  In Arena use M24 to kill 30 enemies.

10. Mission 5.2: In Classic Mode, use M24 to kill 4 enemies.

11. Mission 6: In classic mode, pick Suppressor in 14 matches.

12. Mission 7: As a Squad, eliminate players with vehicles 4 times in classic mode.

13. Mission 8: In Classic Mode at Flora Menace, defeat Robots 5 times.

Final Words

We hope this article was helpful to you, we have mentioned all the tiers, the rewards that you will receive in each tier, and all the missions that you will have to complete in BGMI C1S2.

Do let us know if you are having any doubts or queries in the comment section below. Share it with your friends. Bookmark this page to get more information whenever a new update or mission arrives.

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