PUBG Mobile & BGMI C1S1 Royale Pass Mission – Unlock Free Rewards

BGMI & PUBG Mobile C1S1 Royale Pass Mission & Unlock Rewards, How To Get Free BGMI Elite Plus Royale Pass In C1S1 Season, How To Upgrade PUBG Royal Pass For Free:-

People play mobile games to keep themselves busy or some play as their mode of passion. Among them, one of the most famous is PUBG, which was introduced in the month of June. Since then everyone from children to adults started playing PUBG in their leisure time.

Every player of PUBG has a thing in himself to excel in the game he is playing. To keep up their performance well, they keep themselves updated with new rewards/prizes that PUBG has announced. Similarly, In this article, I’ve come up with “PUBG Mobile New C1S1 Royale Pass Details Price & Rewards” with each list of rewards.


PUBG Mobile & BGMI New C1S1 Royale Pass Details Price And Rewards

A piece of great news for all the PUBG players is that the developers of this game have decided to give up its royal pass system by rebooting its seasonal system.

PUBG & BGMI C1S1 Royale Pass

Krafton has updated that they will soon Royal Pass updates will come in the form of Cycles from next season. Each cycle will consist of two or three seasons which means that Krafton will launch two different Royal Passes for BGMI within two months.

This time the Royal Passes will have 50 tires instead of 100 and their quality of rewards will remain the same. Both C1S1 (Cycle1 Season1)& C2S2 (Cycle2 Season2) will have a different set of rewards. The price of normal RP will be adjusted to 360UC while elite RP will be adjusted to 960UC for each season.

Now let’s see the process…

How To Get a PUBG Mobile & BGMI C1S1 Elite Plus Royal Pass?

  • Step-1: Install the PUBG app, If you haven’t in the PUBG 1.5 beta version.
  • Step-2: Click on the Royal Pass updates once you get into the lobby. You should have at least some coins which you can earn by playing the game to claim rewards from Royal pass.
  • Step-3: Now get into RP Activity Pack Gameplay.
  • Step-4: Click On UC
  • Step-5: Upgrade your Royalpass and click on the purchase 600 option, If you want you can go more.
  • Step-6: After you click on the Ok button, you can collect your rewards.

Before following these steps If you don’t know what you will collect after getting your C1S1 Elite Royal Passes, have a look below.

What Will You Get In C1S1?

  1. Tidal Wargod Mask
  2. Tidal Wargod Set
  3. Dusk Camo Soldier  MIBA4
  4. Tidal Wargod SCAR-L
  5. Tidal Wargod Ornament
  6. Tidal Wargod Helmet
  7. Night Stalker Set
  8. Night Stalker Cover
  9. Hahahaha
  10. Neon Hopper 2 Seat motorcycle

In M2

  1. Marine Predator Cover
  2. Marine Predator set
  3. Wavebreaker cover
  4. Wavebreaker set
  5. Marine Marauder UZI
  6. Marine Marauder M24
  7. Shell thrown motorcycle with sidecar
  8. Marine Predator grenade
  9. Lapies Barrier Backpack


It will be interesting to see if Krafton introduces a faster level-up system for the next season. But this time enjoy every benefit of each reward you collect from Royal Passes. Well, you will get new Royal Passes through youtube videos or many different links. Many gamers on YouTube do a giveaway to other players. Now go and start claiming your rewards from Royal Passes before the time is up.

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