Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker 6.1 Full Patch Notes Update Go Live

Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 Full Patch Update Release date, FFXIV 6.1 Patch Notes Download, How To Access FF XIV 6.1 Full Patch

Square Enix has finally released FFXIV: Endwalker 6.1 full patch notes. Previously, it released FF14 6.1 preliminary patches. In this update, Square Enix has introduced more information that was not disclosed with the 6.1 preliminary patch update.

Final Fantasy XIV Full Patch 6.1 notes notably preliminary notes & it will include new main scenario quests and an entirely new raid. Which will bring a new challenge into the gameplay. Let’s know in depth the new features & additional information of the Final Fantasy 14 6.1 patch update.


Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Patch Notes 6.1 Release Date

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Version 6.1 Update Download

Finally, Square Enix has lived the full patch of FFXIV 6.1. In this update, you will see some changes & new features included in the game. In this patch, you will find the new Alliance raiding series, Myths of the Realm, which unravels the mysteries surrounding the Twelve. A host of other additions include new Crystalline Clash PvP content, duty support systems, and more. Which will definitely create a big impact on the game performance.

However, note that the patch update will be accessible to those who have purchased the adjacent expansion packs for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, including A Realm Reborn, Heavensword, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers. As usual the Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 patch update is very big and in-depth. But however, we have summarised it with all the biggest new content and changes.

FFXIV 6.1 Patch Notes Update- New Updates Information:

The most exciting update of ffxiv 6.1 patch notes is that it has introduced a new series of quests that will continue from the expansion.

  1. The biggest update of ffxiv patch 6.1 is the Main story Quests i.e. MSQ with 10 new story missions. It includes “Newfound Adventure” at The Rising Stones and requires “Disciple of War or Magic level 90”. And to begin with the brand new quest lines it needs the players to have completed MSQ Endwalker.
  2. Moreover, a new quest line i.e. Chronicles of a New Era has been included with 4 missions which start with “A Mission in Mor Dhona” at the Old Sharlayan.
  3. The FF XIV 6.1 full patch notes update has included four new role quests along with 4 new missions starting with “Bitter Snow” and requires the completion of the Endwalker questline. Also, the player must be holding Desciple of War or Magic level 90. To play the new quests the following Endwalker roles quests are needed. “A Path Unveiled”- Tank role quest, “To Calmer Seas”- Melee DPS role quest, “Laid to Rest”- Physical ranged DPS role quest, “Ever March Heavensward”- Magical ranged DPS role quest and “The Gift of Mercy”- Healer role quest.
  4. The FF 14 6.1 patch update has incorporated new Game+ for the Endwalker main scenario quest. Many new chapters have been added to it. The final quests of each chapter need to be completed before unlocking.
  5. The FF 14 6.1 patch update Incorporates the Duty Support system, which allows solo players to deal with their party and which duties they wish to enrol. It does permit the players to proceed with their advancement in their main duties.

FF XIV 6.1 full patch notes update Download – New Trials

Test your battle skills with the new trial update in ffxiv patch 6.1, The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria. Here you should overcome an undeniably more dangerous form of the Endsinger. This trial will be accessible whenever you’ve spoken with the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan during the Endwalker main scenario quest. After completing the trial. Use the earned token in exchange for various rewards.

The other new trial is the Ultima’s Bane Unreal trial, where you should battle the Ultima Weapon from A Realm Reborn, yet this time its power has been moved up to match the full could of the Warrior of Light. If you love challenging boss battles then this trial is for you. However, to participate in it, you need to hold Disciple of War or Magic level 90 and an Item Level requirement of 565 and higher.

Final Fantasy 14 6.1 Patch Notes – New PVP mode and Rewards:

A new 5v5 PvP mode called Crystalline Conflict is likewise coming, alongside a new PvP rewards system and various improvements. The PvP activities have likewise been “completely revamped,” the season rewards improved, positions changed, and all positions got balance changes well defined for those game modes.

A new PVP reward system will be applied to all PvP game modes. The system will reward gamers for participating in the series. Every level will gift you with rewards like Trophy Crystals, items, armour, etc.

The PvP-exclusive GARO collaboration armour sets and mounts are back again in ffxiv 6.1 after being in demand. These things were made as a feature of a collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV and GARO. It came back for its old users as well as for the new ones.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 patch: Miscellaneous updates

New dungeons, trials, and quests aren’t the only main feature of this update. There are many more new updates to explore. Below are some of the important highlights of FF 14 6.1 patches. Do have a look at them. It has a lot for both the new and experienced players.

  1. New Alliance Raid dungeon, Aglaia, Has been added to the ffxiv 6.1 patch notes that need the “A Mission in Mor Dhona” quest from the Chronicles of a New Era questline to be completed.
  2. While playing as a different character in quests, the activities on the Hotbar can now be rearranged.
  3. The Operation Archon quest and The Ultimate Weapon main quests have been revised and Updated for Realm Reborn.
  4. In exchange for bicolour gemstones new items are available from Gemstone Trader NPCs in each area.
  5. New finishing items, aquarium fish, Manderville Gold Saucer, Emotes, iLvl 590 gear, venture rewards, etc added.
  6. Now you can create your personalised calling card for your playing character and show them to other players using the new Adventurer Plates system.
  7. For the purchase of land, a lottery system has been implemented.
  8. Players can now purchase a plot of land in Empyreum.
  9. The given price of the plots will no longer change over time.
  10. The players need to remain in a free company for about 30 days to prevent reselling of plots and to get a free company master rank.
  11. Players can try out outfits and accessories before buying them with the new feature called Dreamfit.
  12. New recipes available.
  13. Cards and NPC opponents have been added for Triple Triad.
  14. New prizes are available to purchase Manderville Gold Saucer.
  15. Character portraits have been executed for the battle dialogue during instanced quest battles from the 5.x series.

Conclusion Of FF14 v6.1 full update

I hope the above hand full of important FF XIV 6.1 full patch notes update has been helpful for you. The 6.1 ffxiv update has in-depth patch notes, if you wish to go through those in detail then click here.

The developers of Final Fantasy: Endwalker have not only added new content but they have redeveloped and updated many old contents. The Final Fantasy XIV now have access to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC with the new 6.1 FFXIV updates.

Do let us know what opinions you have for the new ff14 6.1 patch notes update in the comment section below. The whole new adventure is waiting for you. Play now!!

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