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Do you interested in checking Fortnite Players wins, KD, Kills & many more stats? All right! We have done this work for you. In this post, we shared Fortnite Status Checker, in which you can track any player’s leaderboards. Using this Fortnite tracker tool, you can find a player’s all in-gaming items, Outfits, Emotes & others.

Fortnite is an all in one experience. Players are made to drop on an island and compete to be the best player or best team who made through. It’s like an action game with the motto of survival.

            Fortnite can be played on many devices like Consoles, PCs, Mobiles, and others. The ranking is always different for players of different devices.

            Ranking is essential for a Fortnite player, especially when he is in need of selling his account. Yes! You read it right. You can sell your Fortnite account to other users worldwide. However, the cost of an account depends on your account’s ranking, which depends on the status of your account.

            Battling your way through 99 other players and getting ranked is not an easy task. People will always forget about ranking while playing. But when it comes to selling the account, it is the sole ranking that matters.  Let’s explore the latest online Fortnite Tracker to find any player’s status.

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Why Use Different Checkers for Fortnite?

Tracking your stats can help you keep track of how well you have worked, and the leaderboards give you the motivation to keep going.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to enjoy the game while moving up the board because having fun is why we play Fortnite.

Fortnite Stats Checkers

You can track & check game stats of any player by using Fortnite Status Checker. You can easily find rank, win stats, KD & Kills of a player with this tool. Here are some status’ that decides the overall status and ranking of your Fortnite account,

Fortnite Status Checker
  1. Fortnite Player KD Status,
  2. Win Status,
  3. Players Stats.

It’s always difficult to calculate all these upon your own. Here in this article, I have provided you with some tools to calculate your account value.

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1. Fortnite Player KD Checker

Fortnite Player KD or Fortnite Kill/Death ratio is an essential element that contributes to your ranking. KD ratio compares the number of times you killed an enemy and the number of times you got killed.

How to Find Out KD in Fortnite?

One can easily calculate the KD by using Fortnite itself! To do this, go to the ‘Career’ tab and click on ‘Profile.’ Where you can see the number of kills and matches. All you have to do is divide the number of kills by the number of games. This gives your KD value.

Or you can visit many sites available out there and calculate your KD. Here are some sites that can be useful,

To find out a player’s KD, use one of the following services:

Fortnite Tracker service –

This provides a vast amount of analytical and statistical data about the game account. To determine the KD, you just need to enter your nickname in the search field and get the results.

Fortnite Stats service –

Visit the site and determine the ratio of kills and deaths by just entering the nickname and fetch for results.

2. Fortnite Win Checker

When 100 players are together in a rivalry, you have a great chance of getting more wins. You will have the liberty to kill your enemies with headshots and shotguns.

But the point to be noted is they too have the same chance of doing that. What if you are getting killed many times before getting more kills or with only a few kills? How is this going to affect your account value?

How to Find Out Wins in Fortnite?

It’s challenging to remember results from all the matches and calculate your Win percentage. But some websites can help you with this. You can easily find the Win report of a player with the Fortnite Wins Status Check tool. Go to the win status check website & track any Fortnite Player ID.

Find Your Fortnite Stats –

Visit the site, enter your Epic username, and get the results; they also give your overall stats.

They even have a leaderboard where you can find yourself with some other random players and see your position.

3. Players Stats Checker

Player stats are an overview of your entire journey at Fortnite. It has information regarding your wins, kills, matches, the time you played, account rank, other such.

How to Find Out Player Stats in Fortnite?

You can visit the following websites and find your overall stats,

Fortnite Tracker: Check Your Stats –

Fortnite Stats & Leaderboards-

Both the sites work the same. Visit the site, enter the Epic username, track your results, and pen them down.

Now the question is, what if your stats are not good enough or not as you expected, and you want to improve them.

How To Improve Your Player Stats And Climb The Leaderboard?

You can follow these strategies to climb the leaderboard, and there are chances that you can even get to the Top10 list.

1. Be Consistent

You need to be regular and keep winning games to maintain or improve your rank. Losing a match will cause you a loss of time and effort you kept for the game, and it takes hours to get the same rank again.

2. Choose A Good Landing Site

The landing site always decides your fate! It is always good to land at a suitable landing site that can provide you with ammo and other things and a good number of kills.

3. Practice

This is just like people say, ‘Practice Makes Man Perfect.’ Keep on playing more matches and improve your skills.

4. Select High Altitudes

Try to be at high altitudes most of the time because you can easily track other players from heights. You can try building a Tower!

            This session is for those players who wanna sell their account and get profits from it. Before selling, let’s find out how much your account is worth.

How Much Is My Fortnite Account Worth?

The worth of a Fortnite Account Depends upon the user who’s buying. However, I recommend to find out the estimated pricing of your account and later sell it.

Their pricing system is the best from my experience! And they are certified for it.

How To Sell A Fortnite Account?

After knowing the worth of your account, you can just sell it at websites by following the steps of the particular site you are using. Or you can take a screenshot of it, approach someone who is willing to buy it, and make the sale.

Final Thoughts

These sites will only give you an overall estimating, but not the exact cost. As I have mentioned above, the value of a Fortnite account depends on account stats and the person who is buying it. If you have any query related to Fortnite Status Tracker, then comment below.

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