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Free Fire Max APK Download – Every Available Information So Far

Free Fire MAX APK Download:- What is Free Fire Max & How FF MAX Differents from Free Fire? Know everything about Garena FF MAx in this post.

With the disclosure of this exhilarating news of the Free Fire Max launch, myriads of free fire fans are excited to get their hands on Free Fire Max Apk as soon as possible. The game has launched with the hype of having top-notch graphical capabilities to satiate the thirst of its users. The announcement came in recently, and this new version has become the talk of the town, keeping the hardcore player buzzing.

Garena Free Fire comes in the category of highly popular battle royale titles in the mobile gaming industry. Since its launch in 2017, it has been downloaded on millions of users owing to fluid and strategic gameplay. Because of this, many developers thought to take the level up a notch by introducing a better graphics-oriented version of Free Fire known as Free Fire Max. With this game-changing update, you get considerable improvements in audio and visual quality. The game features up to 4K Graphics that might change the quality of the whole game. The players across the globe are embracing this step and want to shift to this successor of Free Fire.

Free Fire Max Download

Leave the worries if you are worried about starting this game from scratch and garner a collection as you had in regular Free Fire. The Free Fire Max is embedded with the continuity feature of your earlier accounts. It means that you can continue your old and beloved gaming accounts of the Garena Free Fire with this update, where you get to experience more refined gaming. Garena has announced the Firelink technology for this purpose which empowers you to use your existing accounts of regular Free Fire in the Free Fire Max.

Release of Garena Free Fire Max

The game has already been released as per the beta testing phase on the Play store and app store of your Smartphones. You can apply to test this game only in mentioned countries. The open beta version of this game is currently available for both iOS and Android phones if you get the official invite from Garena.

The game is said to be still in the testing phase and available in the countries, namely Malaysia, Bolivia, and Vietnam. The testing plan is in the pipeline, and the Garena is gradually inviting players around the world from different regions to test the game out. As per our sources, many popular content creators of the gaming industry will get the beta update. They will be like the game testers hired for the game, which will ensure the seamless working and credibility of the game and point out the bugs. Besides, the player can go to the play store or app store to register for the game.

How to download the Apk if not in Bolivia, Vietnam, or Malaysia?

If you are a gaming-savvy person who wants to get their hands on the Free Fire Max but not in the region, we have a hack for you. You can download any free VPN on your device and set it to the country that is for specific region for this update. Then, you can download the Free Fire apk and OBB file for the game and install it on your Smartphone. Only the Android OS users will be able to take advantage of this method and play the game even when not at max server Free Fire region.

The Garena is making every possible effort to brush up its criticized graphics that needed a serious polish. Its peers like COD Mobile, PUBG (now in India BGMI) have commendable visual graphics. That is why the new Garena Free Fire Max will fulfill this need for polished gaming. The features, updates, events, skins, pets, and other in-game aspects are loads, providing the excitement feature luring the gamers to play this game. And to reach the maximum number of users, the graphics were on the inferior side, ensuring fluid gaming in low-end devices. The Free Fire Max apk when installed on your mobile, will unleash the real improvement of the graphics.

Commendable Features of Garena: Free Fire Max

Below we have enlisted some of its significant features.

  • You will experience the improved UI (User Interface)
  • The game will feature up to the 4K (3840*2160 pixels) graphics settings, which is Super Ultra Graphics.
  • Better controls and minimized touch delay
  • Improved 3D animations in the game
  • Interesting new Avatars, skin, pets, and dresses
  • The colors vividness and visibility improvements

Specs Requirements for Free Fire Max

It can readily run on smartphones with 2GB Ram, but the visual graphics are on low settings. However, here are the minimum specs.

For Android

  • At least 2GB RAM (the more, the better)
  • Android version should be 4.4 or above
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU or higher

For iOS

  • It can run on iPhone 6s with upgraded to iOS 11

But recommended specs to enjoy the seamless gaming experience with Free Fire Max are mention below.

For Android

  • 4GB RAM
  • Android 7 or above versions
  • Octa-core CPU (2 GHz) or above

For iOS

  • The iPhone 7 or above versions would run this game without any problem.


Players all over the world are eagerly waiting for this upgrade, where they can also boast about the graphics of their preferred game. It might bring a huge change in the gameplays and the attitude of the gaming world towards this underrated game.

It brings us to the end of this article elucidating everything about the Free Fire Max game and its availability. Hope! We provided you with the information you wanted.


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