Fortnite Alien Trees

Fortnite: Where To Find All Fortnite Alien Trees And Destroy Them

Fortnite Alie Trees Location Finder:- Learn how to find Alien Trees & Destroy them in Fortnite Season 7 & Chapter 2. In this post, we clearly mentioned all the guides that will help you to find & demolition the alien trees in the Fortnite game chapter.

Fortnite, an online video game was developed and released by EPIC GAMES in 2017. The game is available in three different modes, Fortnite: Save the World. Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite creative versions are different but they share the same game engine and same gameplay.

The game is now free to play on PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Season 7 of Fortnite chapter 2 has arrived in the form of ‘Invasion’, here comes a challenge to destroy the alien trees which are available in week 6 of the challenge. And you will have to smash or destroy a minimum of five alien trees to win the quest. At the start of the season during the destruction of a spire, purple patches started appearing all over the island. These are the alien trees that are for war with Doctor Slone’s army. Hayseed, one of the NPCs is now concerned about the cross-pollination of alien vegetation. He doesn’t want to take any risk hence he assigns the player in order to destroy the alien trees. Players can simply use their weapons to destroy and break them out. Knowing their location is of utmost importance to complete the challenge easily.

However, in order to earn some extra XP Fortnite players will have to destroy the Alien trees for the quest.

What Are Alien Trees In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7?

Fortnite alien trees are strange-looking palm trees in varieties of color like pink, purple, and blue, and they start appearing all over the island. They mainly appear in the low gravity areas in the 6th week of the season of Fortnite chapter 2. In actual these alien trees are of two types one type is the regular trees with purple leaves. And the other type is the long and thin tree with a skin of blue and purple color. You can destroy any of these two.

How To Find & Destroy Fortnite Alien Trees

This epic quest for week 6 comes from one of the NPCs named Hayseed who is also a farmer informs that the invaders are invading the trees on the Fortnite map. Everything that Hayseed wants is the Fortnite Players to destroy these alien trees, and five of them should be exact. Destroying the alien trees is not the tricky or difficult part of this challenge, what is important is finding these alien trees. Once you are aware of the locations of these alien artifacts you can destroy them with weapons or else with the help of the harvesting tool.


The challenge to destroy the alien trees can only be completed once you know the location of the alien trees. There are many locations where you can search for these alien trees and destroy them. There are many locations from where you can locate the alien trees:

  • HOLLY HACTERY (HOLY HEDGES) which is towards the west side of the island has a number of low gravity areas or biomes, therefore it becomes one of the main locations of Fortnite alien trees.
  • PLEASANT PARK which is towards the south.
  • BONEY BURBS, that is towards the southwest
  • AFTERMATH, in this place you will find most of the alien trees.
  • You can also for purple region ABOVE CORNY COMPLEX to find alien trees.
  • Towards the east side of CORNY COMPLEX one can also find these trees.
  • At the precipice of CATTY CORNER, you can also find some set of trees.
  • And some towards far south of PLEASANT PARK.

 In all these areas look for purple patched areas and you will find some multiple alien trees that look the same as that of palm trees in purple, pink, or blue color.

 You will find many growths in the complete map which will either look like a regular tree with purple leaves or long and thin trees with purple or blue skin emerging from the ground. They function in the same way as the other regular trees so if you will cut them you will get wood in return but the main purpose of these quests is to destroy them and not to chop them. You will find these alien artifacts at any of the purple areas on the Fortnite map.


In order to complete the quest, we need to destroy the alien trees. And we will have to do it fast because all other players are also in hurry to complete the challenge as soon as possible. But don’t try to bump into the places where already players are present it will delay your time.

Look for areas where you can simply find five alien trees. You will have to walk a little to find them. The alien trees tend to appear in a bunch or in a group of three but don’t be afraid you can easily finish the challenge within a minute by using any of your melee weapons or you can use your harvesting tool to destroy/smash them. The size of the trees does not matter, you just need to destroy five of the alien trees to complete the challenge or quest.

Once you finish this quest, you can find another batch of these alien artifacts. These alien trees are present all over the map and new artifacts keep coming every week. Don’t worry the artifacts of every week will be present in their original positions so that no players should miss them.

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