How To Find Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Mewtwo – How To Find Mewtwo?

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Pokemon Go, an augmented reality gaming application, is highly popular among mobile gamers. This gaming application requires you to go out on a pursuit to catch various creatures called Pokemon having specific abilities. One powerful and legendary creature in this game is Mewtwo. Hence, we will shed light on the Pokemon Go Mewtwo’s weaknesses and strengths combined with other associated aspects.

Brief Intro – Mewtwo Pokemon Go

It is a Psychic-type of Pokemon that you could have caught in-game but unfortunately is not available as of normal ones. It looks like a grey-colored cat standing on its two limbs. The two forms are the Regular one and the more powerful Armoured Mewtwo. It is an overpowered creature for which evolution is not available.

Pokemon Go Mewtwo: How To Find It?

How Regular Mewtwo differs from Armoured Mewtwo?

The armor of this upgraded Mewtwo is pretty stunning and stylish. The regular Mewtwo will learn many special moves in RPGs, and the armor is more on the side of the physical attack owing to overpowered armor covering the entire body. If we hop onto their performance on the battlefield, the regular version would do better in attacking but takes more damage in return. On the contrary, the Armoured Mewtwo would perform well in the field while bearing the attacks but at the cost of slower attacking frequency and lower attacking strength.

All this alludes to the fact that armored Mewtwo is best in the Trainer battles and Regular one would fight better in Raid battles of the Pokemon GO game. Be wary of this fact, you should use them accordingly.

Mewtwo Pokemon Go Strength

In the game, Mewtwo is the legendary character which is known for its unmatched powers and abilities to dodge and attack. It was created with genetic manipulation, but there is no compassion integrated into this creature. This character has a whopping max Combat Power (CP) of 4724 coupled with attack points of 300. This attacking ability empowers Mewtwo to give the hard time to other Pokemons in matches. Besides, the defense points are 182, and Stamina is around 214 making this Pokemon great for defense. Many trainers provide the training to Mewtwo to make it learn 5-7 coverage charge moves. These moves work specifically for the majority of counter moves that other Pokemon make to counter Mewtwo’s attack.

Now, we will enlist the list of moves that Mewtwo uses in both the Defense and Offense.

  • Psystrike
  • Confusion (Fast move)
  • Psycho Cut (Fast move)
  • Psychic (Charged move)
  • Shadow Ball (Charged move)
  • Return (Purified)
  • Hyper Beam (Charged move)
  • Focus Blast (Charged move)
  • Thunderbolt
  • Flamethrower
  • Ice Beam
  • Frustration

Mewtwo can utilize these moves in various combinations to strike its opponent or counter their attacks. The strongest moveset of the Mewtwo is Psycho Cut and Psystike.

Pokemon Go Mewtwo Weakness

Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Pokemon that has its weakness against different types, including Bug, Dark, and Ghost. Below, we have enlisted some sets of moves that are effective against the Mewtwo.

  • Hex – Shadow Ball (Chandelure pokemon)
  • Shadow Claw – Shadow Ball (Gengar pokemon)
  • Snarl – Foul Play (Darkrai pokemon)
  • Bug Bite – X Scissor (Pinsir pokemon)
  • Bite – Crunch (Tyranitar)
  • Fury Cutter – X Scissor (Scizor pokemon)

If you wish to catch the Pokemon Mewtwo, the only way is to fight with it in the 5-star raid battles as Mewtwo exclusively appears in those which are only EX Raid Battles. It is not available for all the players as only the player with a proper invite for these specific battles can find Mewtwo.

Mewtwo’s competition – Gengar

Gengar is the Pokemon that is considered to be the best opponent for Mewtwo in battles. It has 1.5m of height and runs with the Raid boss CP of 1420 – 1644. The power of Gengar boosts when it is Cloudy or Windy weather, whereas the Mewtwo prefers Windy weather. This ghost-type Pokemon is of Shadow Genus and has a Capture rate of around 45%, which is tremendously higher than rare Mewtwo, i.e., 3%.

Fast Moves of Gengar

  • Shadow Claw
  • Lick
  • Hex
  • Sucker Punch

Charged Moves of Gengar

  • Shadow Ball
  • Shadow Punch
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Focus Blast

The ultimate and powerful set of moves for Gengar is the Lick coupled with Shadow Ball, making it a nightmare for Mewtwo sometimes. The two Shadow Punch of Gengar is still lower than the single Shadow Ball move. Besides, the Sludge bomb comes in the category where it is only useful against Grass and Fairy types of Pokemon.


In brief, for the pokemon franchise lovers around the world, this game has been the most beloved and sought after. The Mewtwo, considered to be one of the powerful Pokemons, is one highly difficult to capture. Capturing this one would highly escalate the status of any trainer.

It brings us to the end of this gaming article that gives you details regarding Mewtwo and its attacking abilities. For more information, you can subscribe and get the latest informational pieces.


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