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Games Kharido Free Fire Diamonds Top Up Guide – Garena Top up Center

Games Kharido Garena Top Up Center – How To Get 100% Bonus From Game Kharido

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As we know, Free Fire in-gaming currency is diamond. We already published an article on Free Fire Diamond Hack, in which we explained all about Free Fire Diamond. If you haven’t seen it, then you can check it now. But in this post, we will explain to Game Kharido or Garena Top up Center.

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To get diamond in Free Fire, you have to do Top Up. You can do it in Free Fire Game App or third-party sites like Coda shop, Garena Top Up Center & Games Kharido .com. So Games Khardio com is a Free Fire diamond top up site where you can do diamond top-up and earn a bonus up to 100%.

What Is Games Kharido Com Or Garena Top Up Center

Game Kharido Garena Top Up Center

Garena To Up Center & Game Kharido is a official diamond top-up site developed by Garena Free Fire. You can use this site to do diamond top up of your & your friends. The best thing is you can do diamond top up without login any id. You only need Player ID for doing topup. That means you can do anyone’s Top Up using Garena TopUp Center or

Games Kharido Official Website
Article NameGames Kharido Free Fire Top Up

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Game Kharido provides a 100% bonus for doing top up. That means you will earn double diamond to up from a single price. All the Free Fire Diamond Top Up are available at low prices at the Gamekharido app. Everybody can afford the top up cost & get a double bonus while doing topup. Let’s know how to do top up from Gamekharido com.

How To Do Top-up From Games Kharido

GameKharido is a Garena Top-up center where you can do Free Fire top-up & earn the double diamond bonus. If you want to do Diamond top-up using GameKharido dot com Top-up center, then follow this step-by-step guide.

Official Link:-

  1. First of all, visit the officially Garena Topup center site. (, gameskharido. com or are fake top up site)
  2. Click on Free Fire Diamonds Top Up option.
  3. Select diamonds Top Up amount & enter your Free Fire Player ID.
  4. Now Click On Buy Now option.
  5. Complete your payment process & check back your Free Fire account.
  6. You will see Diamonds & a bonus will be credited to your account.

Note:- So many fake FF top-up site are available on Internet. Kindly verify the site before doing top-up.

How To Get 100% Double Bonus On Games Kharido App Top-up

Game Kharido App offers 100% bonus diamonds on first-time top-ups using Paytm. This offer is available once per player ID. This offer applies to the Facebook login method only.

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Game Kharido, 100% Diamonds, Bonus term available once per an ID. This offer is only applicable if you make a payment using Paytm. If your Free Fire ID is linked with Facebook, then you can get the benefits of this offer.

  1. Firstly open website
  2. Select Free Fire Top-up
  3. Tap on Facebook Login Method
  4. Select on Pay using the Paytm option, choose the top-up value you want to recharge & click on proceed to payment
  5. Now complete the payment process using Paytm
  6. 100% bonus diamonds will be credited to your account

GamesKharido Top-up lists

Followings are top-up lists of site:-

  1. 40 – 50 Diamonds + Bonus 50
  2. 80 – 100 Diamonds + Bonus 100
  3. 240 – 310 Diamonds + Bonus 310
  4. 400 – 520 Diamonds + Bonus 520
  5. 800 – 1060 Diamonds + Bonus 1060
  6. 1600 – 2180 Diamonds + Bonus 2180
  7. 4000 – 5600 Diamonds + Bonus 5600

Gameskharido Diamond Top Up Offers

Gameskharido will be expected to provide the best diamond top-up offer, so you can buy it at a cheap price. It provides 2x diamonds for first-time purchasing from Gameskharido login with Facebook. You also get extra cashback for doing payments using Paytm UPI also.

Game Kharido App Double Diamonds Bonus Top Up

Games Kharido App is an official source to do Diamonds Top Up for Garena Free Fire. On this site, you are able to get so many Top-Up offers. Double Diamond Bonus Topup offer is one of them. In which GameKharido offers 2x diamonds on purchase.

That means if we do 100 diamonds top-up then we will get 200 diamonds. Recently this offer is only applicable for new users. But sometimes it will available for all old users. The new users who have never purchase diamonds from can avail of the 2x diamonds offer now. Old users who have the offer in their account can grab it.

FAQs GamesKharido. In

1. Is Game Kharido Safe For Free Fire Top Up?

Game Kharido now acquires by Garena Top Up center. There so many fake sites are available on the same name; beware of them. Visit the official site for the top-up.

2. How To Do Topup from GamesKharido site?

After you visit the site, you will see so many recharge top-up costs are available there. Choose any top-up value & complete your payment for the top-up.

3. What Is Games Kharido Website or App?

This is Free Fire Diamond top-up site. However, you can buy diamonds & gift diamonds to your friends. Now it’s acquired by Garena Officially.

4. What is official website link of Games Kharido?

Game Kharido Top up center is an official website of Garena Free Fire for diamonds top-up. The official link of Free Fire Top Up Center is


We made this post to give you a guide for doing Free Fire Topup carefully. The best thing is you can earn the extra diamond bonus on each top up from gamekharido site or app. However, you will get a free bonus on each top-up from the site.

I hope this article will be helpful to you. Thanks for reading our post. If you have any queries related to the diamond top-up center, then comment to us below. We consider your problems & try to give you a better solution always.


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