FD Double Diamond Top Up

Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up – Get 100% 2x FF Diamonds Bonus

If you are also one of those Free Fire lovers. Who are looking for ways and websites for how to do double diamond top-ups in Free Fire. Then you are on the right page and place. Below in this article, we have mentioned some easy and trusted methods to get double diamonds for free fire 2021. Learn this article if you want to know about Free Fire Diamond Hack. Let’s dive into the main topic to get 2x diamonds on your top-up.

Free Fire 2x Diamond Top Up Bonus

Free Fire Diamond Top Up

Garena Free Fire is one of the topmost and highly played games in India. Its gameplay and in-game resources are awesome and mostly loved by the players. To use those in-game items or resources you need to buy them using the game currency that is diamonds. Pieces of Stuff like a gun, gun skin, dresses, characters, and many more resources can be purchased using these diamonds.

And to get those diamonds you will have to purchase them with your real money. Which is not so much pocket-friendly to all because of the high price. Free fire double diamond top-up is a possibility for individuals who need more free fire diamonds without spending genuine cash on them. There are free fire diamond top-up websites and gift cards accessible for players and clients.

Players think purchasing the diamonds from the official website of free fire is the only safest option even if it costs high. But why pay more if you have some legal website to get double diamonds against what you pay for. So, in this article, we will mention some 100% legit-trustworthy ways to get free fire diamonds at 50% off. Read the article completely so that you won’t miss any steps. Let’s explore the ways.

Gameskharido.in Topup Center For Free Fire Double Diamond Top-up Bonus

If you will top up directly from the website of free fire then you will get 100 diamonds for ₹80. But if you want to get double the amount of diamonds in your account with the same price whenever you buy. Then Game kharido is one of the most trusted websites as it has been created by Garena Free fire itself. It is being used by many players to do Free Fire double diamonds top-up 2021. You can use it. However, if you are going to fill your game wallet with diamonds then you can use this site. They do run many exclusive offers for their customers who top-up for the first time. You can check the plans and buy accordingly.

Steps to Follow to top-up through Gameskharido official website:

Follow the steps given below for easy-going.

  1. Visit the website GamesKharido.in
  2. A pop banner may appear, close it.
  3. Click on the free fire icon, and sign up with your free fire ID or Facebook.
  4. After getting signed in, choose the plan you want to buy.
  5. Lastly, at the payment gateway. Pay through any availble online payment mode and enjoy 2x dia,onds.

Note: To get 2x diamonds top up bonus player must be login with the same Facebook account as that lanked in your Free Fire account. This offer is applicable once per Free Fire account so do a bigger diamond top up to get more bonus Diamonds.

Moreover, it is safe and trustworthy to purchase diamonds. Because it is an official website to top up. So rather than buying directly from Free Fire. This website is created by Garena Free Fire.

Free Fire Special Airdrop Offer To Get Diamonds

Getting double diamonds with the same price available in free fire is a great deal. But what if you get Diamonds for free or for 95% off. It sounds interesting, isn’t it? Everyone wants diamonds to buy in-game resources or products. So better than buying diamonds directly from free fire. Buy from Free Fire Special airdrop to get diamonds at a very low price.

It may also happen that you may get Guns skins crate, emotes, Gloo wall, or pets rather than diamonds. We need diamonds to buy, but if you get the products, guns, characters itself it is awesome. If you still want diamonds then play the game continuously. You can get anything out of 21+ special airdrops available.

Play classic matches continuously for 3-4 days. You will and get free 299 diamonds with a ₹10 airdrop offer or ₹29 special airdrops with free 299 diamonds. The tips and tricks we provide are 100% working. The special airdrops can appear any time or after any game and will be available to you for 24 hours. If you are buying airdrop to get free fire double diamonds then it will be sent to your vault within 48 hours.

Free Fire Diamond Top up on Amazon Pay Offer

Want to Buy Free Fire diamonds for up to 50% off, or want cash backs with every diamond purchase. You can get cashback through two ways either buy diamonds directly from Free Fire using Amazon pay or buy google play cards or codes at about 50% off.

Buying Google Play recharge code using amazon pay is a good option to get codes and cards for up to 50% off. Follow the steps given below to buy Google Play recharge or redeem code to get free fire diamonds 2021 for free.

Steps to buying Google Play Recharge Code and Vouchers:

  1. Open Your Amazon App or Amazon.in Website.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on 3 lines in the upper left-hand corner.
  4. Then click on Amazon Pay.
  5. After that scroll down, there you will see a ‘Google Play Recharge’ icon.
  6. Click on it. There you will get explored to many of the ongoing offers. Like cashback offers, free Fire elite pass offers, and many more.
  7. Select your desired option.
  8. Then select the amount to buy the recharge code.
  9. Then you will be dragged to the payment gateway, Complete the payment with any of the available options.
  10. After that you will get a redeem code, copy the code to the clipboard. Or click on redeem now. You will automatically be directed to the Google Play store and the balance will get added.

However, once you will buy and redeem the code. You will get cashback in the Amazon pay balance within some time. Now use this Google Play balance to buy Free Fire top-up Diamonds 2021.


1. What do you mean by double diamond in free fire 2022?

It simply means you will get double the amount of diamonds for what you pay. For example, if you will buy 500 diamonds you will get 1000 diamonds in your vault.

2. How to get double Diamonds in Free fire top-up?

You can get double the amount of diamonds you paid for through Game kharido or you can also get up to 50% off through Amazon pay and Google Play store.

3. How to get 100 diamonds in Free Fire for free?

Either buy 50 diamonds through Game kharido and you will get it’s double that is 100 diamonds. Buy 100 diamonds through Amazon pay and get up to 50% cashback into your account.

Final Words:

We know a lot of players must have waited for this kind of article where you can get free fire diamonds 2021 for free, double diamonds in free fire, Double Diamond Top-up FF, Double Diamond Top Up Website in Free Fire, Double Diamond Top Up Free Fire Game. Above we have mentioned all trustworthy and legitimate ways to get more diamonds in your vault.

Share this article with your friends and bookmark this page. We will update this page if any new ways come up. Ask us your queries and doubts in the comments section below. Do share this article with all those free-fire lovers out there.


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